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Mumbai to Ahmedabad - A Trail of Diversity and Development

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Frequently used route

Mumbai – Vapi – Surat – Vadodara – Ahmedabad

530 km

10 hours


Enchanting Pit Stops

Known for its industrial areas and natural beauty


Famous for its diamond cutting and delicious food


Historical city with ancient architectural sites


A cultural hub with rich heritage


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Grab a Bite

Ahura Restaurant, Mumbai Highway – Famous for its Parsi cuisine. Surti Locho, Surat – A must-try for local Gujarati snacks. Mandap, Vadodara – Offers traditional Gujarati thali.


Ahmedabad, a city where traditions blend, With modern vibes, a cultural trend. From Gandhi's legacy to textile mills, In this metropolis, history thrills.

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The residence of Mahatma Gandhi

Sabarmati Ashram

A popular recreational center

Kankaria Lake

A magnificent example of Indo-Islamic architecture

Adalaj Stepwell

Explore the ancient heritage and markets

Old City

Places to visit in and around Ahmedabad

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Agashiye, The House of MG – A fine dining experience in a heritage hotel. Vishalla – Offers a rustic village-themed dining ambiance. Manek Chowk – A bustling street food market at night.

Places to eat in Ahmedabad

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Modhera Sun Temple

Hidden Gem Alert

An architectural marvel dedicated to the Sun God

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Gujarat’s gateway to the past

Gujarat houses over 200 sites of this ancient era, predominantly clustered around three significant destinations: Lothal, Surkotada, and Dholavira. If you’re passionate about exploring the depths of history and the intricacies of ancient societies, the Indus Valley trail in Gujarat is an ideal itinerary for your next adventure.

An Indus Valley civilization road trip

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