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Coastal Journey: From Pondicherry's French Elegance to Chennai's Urban Vibrance

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Frequently used route

Pondicherry - Marakkanam - Mahabalipuram - Chennai

150 km

4 hours


Enchanting Pit Stops

Ancient fort sitting on the shore

Alamparai Fort

Famous for viewing sunrise and sunsets

Mahabalipuram Lighthouse

An 8th-century temple, sitting on the shore of Bay of Bengal

Shore Temple

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For authentic South Indian meals

Hotel Guru, Marakkanam

Offers delicious seafood

Moonrakers, Mahabalipuram

Great for a quick snack or coffee break

Babu's Café, Mahabalipuram

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In Chennai's warm embrace, waves tell timeless tales, Golden sands underfoot, where history unveils. A city where ancient shores and modernity prevail.

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The world's second-longest urban beach

Marina Beach

A specimen of Dravidian architecture

Kapaleeshwarar Temple

A glimpse into colonial history

Fort St. George

Known for its ancient rock carvings


A serene beach known for its fishing activities

Covelong Beach

Places to visit in and around Chennai

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Saravana Bhavan - Famous for its South Indian fare Dakshin - A fine dining experience of South Indian cuisine Bombay Lassi - Known for its sweet lassi and quick bites

Places to eat in Chennai

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Hidden Gem Alert

A museum of art, architecture, and culture

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The gorgeous beaches of


Chennai is much more than just its heritage. The city lies along the Coromandel coast, which makes it privy to some of the prettiest beaches in the region with glorious blue-green water lapping at its busy shores.

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