Things to Do in Chennai – A Complete Travel Guide

Chennai, the capital city of the state of Tamil Nadu is spread across an area of around 1189 square kilometers on the Eastern Coastal Plains. The city has two major rivers flowing through it, the Cooum or Koovam River through the center and the Adyar River to the south. The city has a coastline spreading across around 25 km. Book a Chennai car rental service with a customized itinerary to explore the city at your own pace and convenience.

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  1. Things to do in Chennai
  2. Places to do in Chennai
  3. How to plan a trip to Chennai
  4. About Chennai
  5. Places to stay in Chennai

Things to Do in Chennai

Things to do in Chennai during the Summer

Activity Description Location
Walk through the Government Museum This museum is home to a wide variety of art, archaeology, anthropology, and natural history exhibits, including ancient sculptures, paintings, and artefacts.
Entry Fee: Indians – Rs. 15  and Foreigners – Rs. 250 
Timings: 9.30 AM to 5 PM (Closed on Fridays)
Egmore, Chennai
Spot constellations at the Birla Planetarium This popular planetarium offers daily shows on a variety of scientific and astronomical topics, as well as a science exhibition. It has an astronomy gallery that maintains a huge collection of fine paintings and celestial models of renowned astronomers.
Entry Fee: For Adults – Rs. 60 and Children – Rs. 30
Timings: 10 AM to 5:45 PM
Kotturpuram, Chennai
Explore the Snake Park Located in the Guindy National Park, this small park is home to a variety of snakes, including cobras, vipers, and pythons. It also has a small zoo with other animals such as deer and jackals.
Entry Fee: Rs. 15 for Adults and Rs. 10 for Children 
Timings: 9 AM to 5:30 PM (Closed on Tuesdays)
Guindy, Chennai
Visit the Anna Centenary Library This is the largest library in the city, with a collection of over 600,000 books and a variety of other resources. It’s a great place to escape the heat and spend some time reading or studying.
Entry Fee: Rs. 50 to Rs. 250 
Timings: 9 AM to 8 PM
Kotturpuram, Chennai
Stroll through the Semmozhi Poonga This botanical garden is home to a variety of plants, flowers, and trees, as well as a small lake and a children’s park. It’s a peaceful and beautiful place to spend a summer afternoon.
Entry Fee: Rs. 15 for Adults and Rs. 10 for Children
Timings: 10 AM to 6 PM
Teynampet, Chennai
Local attraction in Chennai

Things to do in Chennai during Winter

Activity Description Location
Enjoy walks on the Marina Beach This is the longest natural urban beach in India and a popular spot for evening walks and picnics. Chennai has some beautiful beaches, which are perfect for a leisurely walk or a picnic. Chennai
Explore history at Fort St. George This historic fort was built by the British in 1644 and now houses the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly and the Secretariat.  It has given space to the historic monuments of St. Mary’s church under its cloud. The Flagstaff at the Fort is one of the tallest structures in the country. 
Entry Fee: INR 100 for foreign tourists and INR 5 for Indian visitors (only the museum)
Timings: 9 am to 5 pm (except Friday)
Rajaji Road, Chennai
Soak in the nature of Muttukadu Muttukadu is one of the tourist places near Chennai at the backwater of the Bay of Bengal. This place offers a relaxing aura in nature with fun-filled activities for its visitors. Apart from this, the beach at Muttukadu draws a sizable crowd during trips to this area. Get a glimpse of various species of birds at the backwaters during the migratory season.
Price: Rs.300 to 900
Timings: 9 AM to 6 PM
East Coast Road
Spend a day at the Amusement Park Loved by children and adults alike, the park is one of the most interesting places to visit in Chennai. Get up and close with goats, ponies, and sheep at the Petting Zoo. Interact with the Statue Man dressed in the traditional Chola empire dress. Try thrilling rides like Tornado, Viking, and Wave Swinger. 
Entry Fee: Adults INR 600, Children INR 500.
Timings: Every 11:00 AM – 7:30 PM
East Coast Road, Chennai.

Things to do in Chennai with Family

Activity Description Location
Meet traditions at Shri Ashtalakshmi Temple The Ashtalakshmi Kovil is a Hindu temple, which lies on the shorelines near Elliot’s beach, in Chennai, India. The temple is dedicated to the goddess Lakshmi, and her eight primary forms – the Ashtalakshmi – the giver of all eight forms of wealth, namely, offspring, success, prosperity, wealth, courage, bravery, food, and knowledge. 
Timings: 6.30 AM to 12 PM
Besant Nagar, Chennai
Have a fun day at the Muttukadu Lake  Muttukadu Lake is a wonderful place to take your family for some water sports and boating. These charges depend on the duration of the ride and the type of boat you choose. It is a truly wonderful place to relax and enjoy yourself with beautiful sunsets.  Muttukadu, Tami Nadu
Visit the Eliot Beach Though a less crowded beach than Marina, Eliot has its catch. Now named Besant Nagar Beach, it attracts people because of its serene beauty and clean brown sands. The Schmidt Memorial is a huge draw of Elliott Beach which was built in remembrance of a Dutch sailor, Karl Schmidt. This white built-up has given an extra tip to the beach for recognition. Besant Nagar, Chennai
Take photos at the Royapuram Fishing Harbour The place offers one of the best photographic locations while fishermen throw their nets, pile up the fish and organize them in local markets. The best thing about this place is the people who shout at the top of their voices trying to be the best bidder.
Entry Fee: Free
Timings: Always Open
Chennai Port

Things to do in Chennai with Friends

Activity Description Location
Pay your respects at the Madras War Memorial One of the most famous places in Chennai, the war memorial is a tribute to the martyrs during the Second World War. Take a walk in this surreal place and its well-maintained gardens. See the Stone of Remembrance and Cross of the Sacrifice. Visit on days like Army Day and Vijay Diwas to see special homages paid for by the forces. Nandambakkam, Chennai.
Enjoy the views at Nettukuppam For the photography enthusiast, this is like a double treat where one can click some memorable pictures. This is one of the most famous beaches in Chennai which is visited by a huge number of people all around the year.
Entry Fee: Free
Timings: 6 AM to 11 PM
Have an adventurous day at Covelong Beach It has been a rising star in terms of providing activities like watersports with windsurfing and swimming as the highest chosen option. People opt for Beach camping with a bonfire on the sands here. At the same time, this place is most popular for fishing and this activity has been going on for generations while attracting thousands every day. South Chennai

Things to do in Chennai for Couples

Activity Description Location
Go on a date to the Breezy Beach Lying in the quiet suburbs of Valmiki Nagar, this charming beach provides the perfect seaside escape away from the other busier beaches. Enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset at the beach. Go for long walks amidst the soothing sounds of the waters. Try street snacks like sundal and idlis from the restaurants & shacks on the beach. Shop at the nearby Thiruvanmiyur market.  Valmiki Nagar, Chennai.
Admire the Cholamandal Artist Village This place is famous for bringing modernity to artistic creation. The well-decorated interiors are embarked with interesting art and craft with two galleries, an open-air theatre, a bookstore and a craft shop on the premises. 
Entry Fee: INR 20 for adults and INR 5 for children
Timings: 9 am to 6:30 pm
Injambakkam, Chennai
Explore the Prakasam Salai One of the most iconic places to visit in Chennai is this magnificent structure which was built in 1795. It is an archaeologically important site and a major tourist attraction. This huge red brick structure and its impressive Roman-style architecture can be seen from a distance 
Entry Fee: Free
Timings: Monday-Friday: 10:00 am-5:00 pm, Saturdays till 2:00 pm, Sunday closed.
George Town, Chennai.
Get inspired at Vivekananda House A place to get inspired and relish a new knowledgeable experience will bring any individual to Vivekananda House where they can get a good tour of Swami Vivekananda’s life. His utmost significant teachings can be received by visiting the gallery, meditation room, and Vivekananda Park. 
Entry Fee: Rs.10 per adult and Rs.5 per child
Timings:10:00 AM- 12:30 PM, 3:00 PM- 7:30 PM
Neelam Basha Durgapuram, Chennai

Offbeat things to do in Chennai

Activity Description Location
Spend a day at the Connemara Public Library readers or scholars doing research work, one could easily get lost in this enchanting world of books as they immerse themselves in their favourite activity.
Timings: 9 AM to 7.30 PM
Entry Fee: None
Egmore, Chennai
Catch the waves at Akkarai Beach It is an enthralling seafront in Chennai which is famous for its luxuriant greenery and serene expanses. The beach is less crowded and therefore very clean and tranquil. Take a long walk on the beach enveloped in the cool sea breeze and soothing sounds of the water. Children can spend time in the play area. Visit the beach house for a family getaway. Injambakkam, Chennai
Learn about nature at the Crocodile Bank It houses alligators, gharials, muggers,  snakes, sea turtles and water birds on its premises. There are around 2500 creatures within the boundaries of the Bank and one can spot crocs as well as gharials basking themselves on the edge of the water body during the day.
Entry Fee: INR 35 for adults, INR10 for children below 10
Timings: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm (except Monday)
Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu

Places to Visit in Chennai

Chennai has something to offer to all kinds of travelers. Here are some things that you can do while you are in the City of Temples.

Places to visit in Chennai

Here is a quick list of the best places to visit in the city:


  • Parthasarathy Temple – This is a sixth-century Hindu Vaishnavite Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It has icons of five forms of Vishnu – Yoga Narasimha, Rama, Gajendra Varadaraja, Ranganatha, and Krishna as Parthasarathy.
  • Vadapalani Andavar Temple – This is a 19th-century Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Muruga. According to the sthalapurana, when a devotee of Lord Muruga, Annaswami Nayakar was worshipping the Lord, he experienced divine power entering his body and inspiring him to speak surprising things later found to be true. His utterances were labeled ‘arul vakku’ (‘God blessed statements’) and could cure diseases, provide jobs, solemnize marriages, and more.
  • Kapaleeshwarar Temple – This is a seventh-century Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. There are many mythological stories associated with this temple and it is one of the must-visit places.
  • Other Hindu religious places to see – are the Marundheeswarar Temple, Ekambareswarar Temple, Kalikambal Temple, Thirumala Thirupathi Devasthanam Temple, Ashtalakshmi Temple, Shree Chandraprabhu Jain Naya Mandir, Mangadu Kamakshiamman Temple, Adeeswar Temple, etc.


  • Marina Beach – This is one of the best outing places. It is the longest beach in India and the second-longest beach in the world. While swimming in the waters is prohibited, the panoramic views are mesmerizing.
  • Besant Nagar Beach – Named after the first woman President of Indian National Congress, Annie Besant, this is an arch-shaped beach and one of the most popular places to visit for couples.
  • Kovalam Beach – This beach is along the Coromandel Coast and is one of the best tourist places in India. The highlight of this beach is the availability of water sports activities like jet skiing, paragliding, parasailing, etc. This makes it one of the places to visit with friends.
  • Other beaches that are also an ideal picnic spot are the Breezy beach, VGP beach, Santhome beach, Thiruvanmiyur beach, Palavakkam beach, Kasimedu beach, etc.

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  •  Santhome Church – This is a 16th-century church is also known as St. Thomas Cathedral Basilica and National Shrine of Saint Thomas. It is believed that St. Thomas, one of the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ had lived in this place during 52-72 A.D.
  • St Mary’s Church – This was built in the 17th century by the East India Company. It is popularly known as the Westminster Abbey of the East.
  • Velankanni Church – This is one of the most famous religious tourist places. Around one million people visit this Shrine every year.
  • Other churches like the Armenian Church, CSI Holy Cross Church, St. Andrews church, Descanso church, etc.
  • Other places to go – include Dakshina Chitra, Guindy National Park and Snake Park, Royapuram Fishing Harbor, Birla Planetarium, Madras War Memorial, Valluvar Kottam, Connemara Public Library, Prakasam Salai, etc.

Popular places to visit near Chennai

Chennai is well-connected to surrounding cities and states making it a good starting point for many interesting locations.

Weekend Getaways from Chennai

Here are some tourist places near Chennai for quick reference.

1. Tirupati

Tirupati, located in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, is 3 hours away from Chennai. It is considered one of the most important pilgrimages and is home to the Tirumala Venkateshwara Temple. Take a road trip from Chennai and enjoy your sojourn in Tirupati.

2. Mahabalipuram

Located at a distance of around 60 km from Chennai, Mahabalipuram is one of the most interesting places to visit around the city. It is known for its temples, monuments, architectural marvels, and golden sandy beaches.

3. Tranquebar

A tiny beach town 270 away from Chennai is best known as the Danish town of India. With beautiful shores and brilliant architecture across the town, Tranquebar is best known for its scenic beauty. Temples, churches and museums, one can see mixes of the Danish, British, German, and French colonies that once made Tranquebar their home.

4. Pondicherry

Located 160 km from Madras, a tiny coastal town with just about a million people living in harmony, Pondicherry is certainly a place that deserves your time. Artsy and ‘too-French’ in design, this beautiful town has some of the cleanest beaches in India, the quirkiest cafes, and the serene Auroville.

5. Ooty

The most popular and favorite hill station of South India, Ooty is a land of lush tea gardens, hilly landscapes, and sparkling lakes and waterfalls. With beautiful estates and pleasant weather, Ooty makes for a perfect holiday destination. This beautiful tourist hotspot is best explored by taking a road trip from the city.

There are many other getaways near Chennai. Ensure that you research well.

Entertainment places in Chennai

Here are some fun places in the city:

  • Hit the dance floor at Hell Freezes Over
  • Unwind at the Dublin Pub
  • Play like a child at the Express Avenue gaming arcade
  • Have a blast at the VGP Universal Kingdom
  • Go bowling at Fun City
  • Visit the amusement park Dash-n-Splash
  • Relax while boating at Muttukadu

Shopping in Chennai

Chennai is the shopping center of South India with some suburbs being exclusive shopping districts. The city offers handicrafts, eco-friendly products, international brands, and a wide range of options for all kinds of shoppers. For street shopping, you can consider Thyagaraya Nagar and Pondy Bazaar, Ranganathan Street, Sowcarpet, Ritchie Street, Parry’s Corner, Pantheon Road, Besant Naga, Burma Bazaar, or Moore Market. If you are looking for malls, then you can consider Phoenix Mall, Express Avenue, Ampa Skywalk, Abirami Mega Mall, Spencer Plaza Mall, etc.

Temple hopping in Chennai

Chennai is also known as the City of Temples. Whether you are a religious tourist or someone who appreciates architecture and art, opt for a tour of the temples in the city. If possible, get a guided tour and learn about the history and mythology surrounding each temple.

Places to eat in Chennai

Chennai is synonymous with delicious food. Here are some places that you can eat in the city.

Street Food

  • George Town, Sowcarpet – for some lip-smacking North Indian snacks
  • Anna Nagar – for local street food
  • Mount Road – for samosa lovers
  • Burma Bazaar – for Burmese food


  • Eden, Besant Nagar – Indian and Continental cuisine
  • Dindugal, Thalappakkati, Besant Nagar – for some amazing biryanis
  • Southern Spice, Nungambakkam – South Indian food (fine dining)
  • Nair Mess, Triplicane – for South Indian meals
  • Benjarong, Alwarpet – Thai food and some pan-Asian dishes

How to plan a trip to Chennai

How to reach Chennai?

Chennai is connected to all important cities via a network of highways and well-maintained roads. Here are some ways to travel to the city:

By Train

You can take a train from almost all corners of the country to reach Chennai. You can avail a local taxi in Chennai to go around the city with ease.

By Road

Chennai is well-connected with most cities in the region. You can reach the city from the following cities with ease:

  • Bangalore to Chennai – 335 km (via NH75 and Vellore – Chennai Road)
  • Hyderabad to Chennai – 626 km (via NH16)
  • Madurai to Chennai – 462 km (via NH38)
  • Coimbatore to Chennai – 507 km (via NH544 and NH79)
  • Mysore to Chennai – 472 km (via Bengaluru – Chennai Highway)

If you want to explore Chennai with the guidance of a local driver, the best option is to directly book a cab service in Chennai for a hassle-free and enjoyable experience

By Flight

Chennai International Airport, formerly known as Madras Airport is an international airport that serves the city. There are flights from around the country and major parts of the world to the city. You can book a Chennai airport taxi for a convenient ride to your hotel in the city.

Best Time to Visit Chennai

Winter is the best time to visit the wonderful city since the weather is more pleasant allowing travelers to move around during the day without worrying about the sun. The temperature ranges from 22 to 31 degrees C during the winter months of November to February. Summers (March to June) can be relatively hotter with temperatures ranging from 26 to 38 degrees C. Rains can be harsh due to the proximity to the sea.


Before the arrival of the British in 1639, Armenian and Portuguese traders were living in the San Thome area of what is now present-day Chennai. On arrival, the British built a fort and factory in a fishing village called Madraspatnam. Madras was a shortened name of this village. By 1801, the English had started controlling most of South India with Madras as their administrative and commercial capital. The name of the city was changed to Chennai in 1996.

The name Chennai is derived from the name of a Telugu ruler, Damarla Mudirasa Chennappa Nayakudu, father of Damarla Venkatapathy Nayak, a Nayak ruler who served as a General under Venkata III of the Vijayanagar Empire from whom the British acquired the town in 1639.

Known facts about Chennai

Here are some interesting facts –

  • Chennai has many names – the Gateway to South India, the City of Temples, the City of Flyovers, the Banking Capital of India, Detroit of India, the Healthcare Capital of India, the Cultural Capital of South India, the IT hub of Tamil Nadu, Automobile hub of Asia, and the birthplace of the South Indian film industry.
  • The second-longest beach in the world is present here– Marina Beach.
  • Bharatanatyam is a popular dance form.
  • There are two ports – the Ennore Port and the Chennai Port (one of the largest artificial ports in India)
  • With a plethora of advanced medical facilities, Chennai has become the medical capital of India, attracting a large number of tourists seeking the best medical treatment in India. Click here to know how Chennai is contributing to India’s medical tourism industry.
  • As of 2019, the city had a green cover of around 19%.
  • The city is home to the oldest prison in India.
  • The Vandalur Zoo is the largest public zoo in India. It is also the first public zoo in the country.

Places to stay in Chennai

  • Grand Chennai by GRT Hotels, Sir Thyagaraya Road
  • Nestlay Rooms Oragadam (Hostel), Goutham Nagar Extension Vallam Village
  • Red Lollipop (Hostel), Ramakrishna Mutt Road
  • Kriyates The Palms Villa, Off Periyar Salai and Neelathiri Street
  • YWCA International Guest House, Close to Egmore Railway Station

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