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Mehsana holds a bit of joy for everyone, whether you are a religious person, a periodic buff or just someone who likes a good wellness vacation. It is low-key and specially curated for people who like to tickle their minds. This is one of the easily accessible places to visit.


Visit Dwarka for its religious significance, as one of India’s seven holy sites and the ancient kingdom of Krishna. Explore its rich history, delve into captivating legends, and witness the revered Dwarkadhish Temple.


Pavagadh is unreal, with a beautiful green landscape covering the hilltops. The ropeway is something that has received a lot of praise and amusement. Along with the pilgrimage to Pavagarh, one can experience the thrill of trekking to the hilltop.

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Also called the “Golden City”, it is the pride of Rajasthan. It earned its name because the city is decorated with spectacular sand dunes and forts and palaces subsumed with golden honey sandstone. The narrow lanes surrounding the Palace are swamped with colourful stalls and houses.


Silvassa, with its Portuguese past, lush green Western Ghats, and the gorgeous banks of the Daman Ganga River, entices visitors with wildlife reserves, beaches, and water sports. Silvassa is well-known for its exotic resorts, lush flora, and manufacturing businesses.


Saputara is the only hill station of Gujrat and is an abode for a tribal community which worships the Snake God. It is as close to nature as you can possibly get. It is also a great place to visit if tribal culture, art, tradition and history interests you.


Every stone in this city is trying to tell a part of the intense history of Chittorgarh. The Chittorgarh Fort is a view to behold in itself. It transports you back in time, and you end up feeling like you’re part of a Bhansali film. You are sure to be transported in times of chivalry and love.


Diu has so much to offer to the people to visit. There are beaches where you can swim, relax and sunbathe, and they also have heritage sites, forts, museums and culture. There are caves and temples and everything else you can think of on an island.

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