Places to visit near Ahmedabad – Bookmark these awesome road trips

Ahmedabad, the vibrant city in the western state of Gujarat, boasts a rich and diverse landscape that captivates the senses with its unique blend of natural beauty and urban charm. From the lush greenery of its gardens and parks to the bustling streets and towering skyscrapers, Ahmedabad offers a dynamic mix of sights and sounds that reflect the city’s rich cultural heritage and modern vibrancy. To fully immerse yourself in the experience and explore the places to visit near Ahmedabad, without the hassle of parking or depending on availability every time you want to step out, book a car rental in Ahmedabad.

With a rental car, you can easily visit nearby attractions such as the serene Sabarmati Riverfront, where you can enjoy a leisurely stroll along the river promenade and witness the city’s skyline come alive with lights at night. Another must-visit place near Ahmedabad is the stunning Sarkhej Roza, a complex of architectural marvels showcasing Islamic and Hindu architectural styles. Additionally, you can drive to the tranquil Kankaria Lake, a popular recreational spot with a zoo, toy train, and an amusement park. Exploring these nearby places at your own pace with the convenience of a rental car will enhance your experience of Ahmedabad and its surrounding attractions.

Why is Ahmedabad an ideal starting point for road trips? 

Road trips from Ahmedabad are an excellent way to explore the beautiful and diverse landscapes of Gujarat and neighbouring states. The city’s central location and well-connected highways make it an ideal starting point for road trips. By embarking on a road trip, travellers can immerse themselves in the local culture, sample delicious local cuisine, and discover hidden gems off the beaten track. 

Savaari’s Curated Roadtrips from Ahmedabad

  1. Mehasana – The rediscovered gem of Gujarat
  2. Dwarka – India’s submerged ancient city
  3. Pavagadh – An offbeat hill station
  4. Silvassa – A slice of Portuguese history
  5. Sawai Madhopur – Adventure meets tradition
  6. Saputara  – Land of the Snake God
  7. Jaisalmer – The El Dorado of India
  8. Chittorgarh – The souls of pride and bravery
  9. Diu – All in one beachcation
  10. Polo Forest– An abandoned city rediscovered
  11. Bikaner – The culture paradise
  12. Kachchh – The greenest of the desert state
  13. Kumbhalgarh – Of cuisine, culture, and craft
  14. Statue of unity – World’s tallest statue & pride of India
  15. Surat – Land of diamonds

Mehasana – The rediscovered gem of Gujarat

The place is famous for one of the oldest Indus Valley civilisations in Loteshwar, Gujarat. The place offers a chance to dive deep into the pre-historic sites and imagine what the forgotten world looks like. One also gets the opportunity to appreciate the spectacular architecture from the Solanki time. One can also visit the recently excavated 2nd-century monastery in this hidden city of wonders. 

Why do we recommend visiting Mehsana?

Ahmedabad to Mehsana weekend getaway

This place holds a bit of joy for everyone, whether you are a religious person, a periodic buff or just someone who likes a good wellness vacation. The place is low-key and specially curated for people who like to tickle their minds. This is one of the easily accessible places to visit near Ahmedabad for family outings or just a weekend getaway.

Why should you travel to Mehsana by road?

Embarking on a road trip from Ahmedabad to Mehsana offers a delightful journey through the vibrant landscapes of Gujarat. As you leave the bustling streets of Ahmedabad, the open road beckons with the promise of adventure. The drive takes you through scenic stretches of the Gujarat countryside, where you’ll witness vast fields of vibrant green, swaying palm trees, and traditional villages bustling with local life. The journey is dotted with roadside dhabas serving mouthwatering Gujarati delicacies, allowing you to savour the region’s authentic flavours. Along the way, you may stop at historical sites like the Sun Temple in Modhera or explore the quaint towns of Patan and Siddhpur, known for their architectural wonders. Finally, reaching Mehsana, you’ll be greeted by its warm hospitality, rich heritage, and serene ambience that sets the stage for an unforgettable road trip experience.

A trip to Mehsana is ideal for?

  • People who are interested in historical sites, religious trips and friendly short-distance road trips.
  • You are seeking a serene and picturesque destination
  • Looking for a religious holiday

Dwarka – India’s submerged ancient city

Dwarka, situated in Gujarat, is an important pilgrimage site and holds both religious and archaeological significance. It is one of India’s seven holy towns and is believed to be the ancient kingdom of Krishna mentioned in the Mahabharata. The city, which was once a fortified area at the meeting point of the Gomti River and the Arabian Sea, is said to have submerged after Krishna’s death. Scholars and archaeologists are actively searching for evidence to confirm the existence of this legendary lost city, known as Dwarka.

Why do we recommend visiting Dwarka?

Ahmedabad to Dwarka roadtrip

Visit Dwarka for its religious significance, as one of India’s seven holy sites and the ancient kingdom of Krishna. Explore its rich history, delve into captivating legends, and witness the revered Dwarkadhish Temple. Enjoy the picturesque coastal landscapes and pristine beaches, and experience the warm hospitality of the locals. Dwarka offers a holistic journey blending spirituality, history, natural beauty, and cultural immersion.

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Why should you travel to Dwarka by road? 

Embark on a scenic road trip from Ahmedabad to Dwarka, where vibrant fields, charming villages, and serene landscapes await. Experience the authentic charm of rural Gujarat, make a stop at the revered Dwarkadhish Temple, and immerse yourself in the beauty and culture of the region.

[A detailed road trip guide from Ahmedabad to Dwarka]

A trip to Dwarka is ideal for?

  • Spiritual getaway. Dwarka is one of the char dhams.
  • For people who love solving mystery.
  • Gateway to other attractions: Dwarka serves as a gateway to other notable destinations in Gujarat. You can plan excursions to places like Somnath, another important pilgrimage site, the Rann of Kutch, famous for its white salt desert, and Gir National Park, the last abode of the Asiatic lions.

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Pavagadh – An offbeat hill station

The peacefulness of Pavagadh is a breath of fresh air after the crowds of Ahmedabad. The lush green hill station perfectly balances out the heat. The main attraction here is the Mahakali temple, which interestingly holds particular importance for both Hindus and Muslims as there is a dargah on top of the temple.

Why do we recommend visiting Pavagadh?

Ahmedabad to pavagadh road trip

The place is unreal, with a beautiful green landscape covering the hilltops. The ‘Udan Khatola’ or the ropeway is something that has received a lot of praise and amusement. Along with the pilgrimage to Pavagarh, one can experience the thrill of trekking to the hilltop.

Why should you travel to Pavagadh by road? 

A road trip from Ahmedabad to Pavagadh is a short and comfortable one with the added touch of the hilly landscape to drive through. The winds and smells of the greens open your lungs, and you get to forget all the city worries behind. It’s like a mini main character moment you get on a road trip without exhaustion.

A trip to Pavagadh is ideal for?

  • People who like trekking, nature enthusiasts and pilgrims.
  • Interested in archaeology and the origin of things.
  • Day-trippers from nearby cities: Pavagadh’s proximity to cities like Vadodara makes it an ideal destination for day trips. If you are in the vicinity and looking for a short excursion, Pavagadh provides an excellent option to explore history, spirituality, and natural beauty in a single day.

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Silvassa – A slice of Portuguese history

Silvassa, the capital of Dadra and Nagar Haveli, is a sylvan paradise named from the Portuguese term “silva,” which means “wood.” It is located between Maharashtra and Gujarat and contains 72 villages as well as various Roman-Catholic churches that bear witness to the Portuguese reign during the historical period.

Why do we recommend visiting Silvassa?

Ahmedabad to Silvassa by road

Silvassa, with its Portuguese past, lush green Western Ghats, and the gorgeous banks of the Daman Ganga River, entices visitors with wildlife reserves, beaches, and water sports. Silvassa is well-known for its exotic resorts, lush flora, manufacturing businesses, and tax-free alcoholic beverages. It is also a sanctuary for individuals looking for handcrafted and unique items such as Warli paintings and paper bags.

Why should you travel to Silvassa by road?

A road trip to this magnificent site through the well-maintained roads makes way to the sleepy town with tall trees lining the roads, lush green forests and quaint, sylvan surroundings, exotic resorts and industries. The pristine beauty and tranquil environment of Silvassa will enchant you with the best of your senses.

A trip to Silvassa is ideal for

  • Birdwatching at the Karnala Bird Sanctuary.
  • Adventure Seekers: Silvassa offers opportunities for adventure activities like trekking, hiking, and water sports. The Dudhni Lake, located nearby, is a popular spot for boating and jet skiing. The hilly terrain around Silvassa is suitable for trekking and hiking enthusiasts.
  • Relaxation Seekers: If you’re looking for a peaceful and serene getaway, Silvassa provides a tranquil environment. The city has several resorts and hotels with beautiful surroundings, where you can unwind and rejuvenate amidst nature.
  • Family Vacationers: Silvassa is a great destination for a family vacation. There are amusement parks like Vandhara Gardens and Bal Udyan, where children can enjoy rides and entertainment. The calm and safe atmosphere of the city makes it a suitable choice for families.
  • Food and Shopping Enthusiasts: Silvassa offers a range of local cuisine and traditional handicrafts. Travelers who enjoy exploring local markets can visit places like Kilvani Road Market and Dadra Nagar Haveli Emporium to shop for traditional crafts, textiles, and local specialties.

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Sawai Madhopur – Adventure meets tradition

Also called “The Gateway of Ranthambore”, it is the alluring city of Sawai Madhopur. It is located between the Aravali and the Vidhyanchal Range the in the northwest of India. It is a pilgrimage destination, the Ranthambore National Park and, of course, history. A lesser-known fact is that the town was initially called ‘Ranthambore’, but the name was changed to Sawai Madhopur after Maharaja Sawai Madho Singhji I. It is perfect if you want to go on a trip with people with different interests.

Why do we recommend visiting Sawai Madhopur?

Ahmedabad to Sawai Madhopur places to visit with family

The city is adorned with beautiful architecture and intriguing sites of historical importance. Moreover, the town’s location just outside the Ranthambore National Park makes it ideal for nature lovers travelling from Ahmedabad. Apart from soaking in the culture of Sawai Madhopur, one can also enjoy fun activities like biking, camping, jeep safari and much more at the National Park.

Why should you travel to Sawai Madhopur by road? 

The road trip from Ahmedabad to Sawai Madhopur is one you shouldn’t miss. It gives you the whole experience of being on one with breathtaking spots to take a break in, which one would miss if not for the drive, like the Zanzari waterfall, Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace, Lake Pichola and Maharana Pratap Museum.

A trip to Sawai Madhopur is ideal for 

  • Wildlife Enthusiasts: Sawai Madhopur is a haven for wildlife lovers, especially those interested in observing tigers in their natural habitat. Ranthambore National Park is one of the best places in India for tiger sightings, and it offers thrilling safari experiences.
  • Nature Writers and Researchers: The unique ecosystem and biodiversity of Sawai Madhopur attract nature writers, researchers, and conservationists. The region provides an opportunity to study and document the flora and fauna, contributing to ecological research and conservation efforts.
  • Family Vacationers: Sawai Madhopur can be a great destination for family vacations. Children can learn about wildlife conservation, experience thrilling safaris, and enjoy the outdoors. The destination offers a blend of education, adventure, and relaxation, making it suitable for family trips.

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Saputara  – Land of the Snake God

Saputara is a quaint little hill station along the Western Ghats in Gujrat. Interestingly, ‘Saputara’ literally translates to ‘snakes’, and the tribal community here worships snakes, especially around the time of the Indian festival Holi. The landscape is made of completely untouched mountains, enriching waterfalls and all shades of green in the forests.

Why do we recommend visiting Saputara?

Spiritual places to visit near Ahmedabad - Saputara

Saputara is the only hill station of Gujrat and is an abode for a tribal community which worships the Snake God. It is as close to nature as you can possibly get. It is also a great place to visit if tribal culture, art, tradition and history interests you. Saputara also has a lot of options for adventure sports.

Why should you travel to Saputara by road? 

A road trip to this spectacular site affords a breathtaking glimpse of the massive Sahyadri Ranges. Not only this, the lovely setting provides a relaxing atmosphere. The road trip also offers wonderful stops on the way, such as the Zanzari waterfalls, Siddhivinayak and even Amul Chocolate and sweet house.

A trip to Saputara is ideal for 

  • If you like cultural and historical getaways
  • Amazing views make you happy. 
  • Adventure junkies who are into trekking & rock climbing
  • Photography enthusiasts
  • Learning & connecting with tribes, history and culture.

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Jaisalmer – The El Dorado of India

Also called the “Golden City”, it is the pride of Rajasthan. It earned its name because the city is decorated with spectacular sand dunes and forts and palaces subsumed with golden honey sandstone. When the sunlight hits the yellow hues of the ancient havelis, it looks nothing short of what El Dorado must look like.

Why do we recommend visiting Jaisalmer?

Places to visit near Ahmedabad by road - Jaisalmer

The lively city of Jaisalmer provides a unique experience. The narrow lanes surrounding the Palace are swamped with colourful stalls and houses of people who have lived there for generations. The place also provides the rare experience of a sand dune safari in India and entering what looks like another world away from everybody else. The Tanot Mata Mandir is a must-visit from Jaisalmer. In the war of 1971, a lot of bombs were thrown at the Tanot Mata temple, but, interestingly, none of them blew, and you can visit the temple with the live bombs in it. Jaisalmer is one of the most visited tourist attractions near Ahmedabad by Indian & foreign tourists.

Why should you travel to Jaisalmer by road?

The road trip from Ahmedabad is beautiful. It starts off with wide highways had buttered roads and ends in the golden embrace of Jaisalmer. Taking a road trip also lets you take your time and stop at spots that you would have missed otherwise, like Dandi Kutir.

A trip to Jaisalmer is ideal for?

  • Family Travelers: Jaisalmer’s blend of history, culture, and outdoor activities make it an excellent destination for families. Children can enjoy camel rides, explore the fort, witness cultural performances, and engage in fun-filled desert activities suitable for all age groups.
  • Stargazers: You want to go stargazing away from the rest of the world. Here is list of best stargazing places in & around Jaisalmer
  • Photographers and Artists: Jaisalmer’s golden sand dunes, intricate architecture, vibrant markets, and colorful cultural events provide ample opportunities for photographers and artists to capture stunning visuals and draw inspiration from the unique landscapes and local traditions.
  • Food Enthusiasts: Rajasthan is famous for its delicious cuisine, and Jaisalmer is no exception. Travelers who enjoy culinary adventures can savor authentic Rajasthani dishes like dal baati churma, gatte ki sabzi, and ker sangri. The local street food, sweets, and traditional Rajasthani thalis are a delight for food lovers.
  • Wildlife and Bird Watching Enthusiasts: Jaisalmer’s proximity to the Desert National Park and other wildlife sanctuaries offers opportunities for wildlife enthusiasts and bird watchers to spot unique desert species, including the Great Indian Bustard and other migratory birds.
  • Desert Safari

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Chittorgarh – The souls of pride and bravery

The city of Chittorgarh is one of the most stirring pages of history lessons in India. Located in the state of Rajasthan, Chittorgarh will forever be known as the land of pride, bravery and passion. The city has borne witness to a lot of violent attacks by the royal Rajputs who ruled over Chhittor, the most infamous one being by Sultan Alauddin Khilji, who was enamoured by the beauty of Rani Padmini.

Why do we recommend visiting Chittorgarh?

Offbeat places to visit near Ahmedabad - Chittorgarh

Every store in this city is trying to tell a part of the intense history of Chittorgarh. The Chittorgarh Fort is a view to behold in itself. It transports you back in time, and you end up feeling like you’re part of a Bhansali film. By adding Chittorgarh to your places to visit near Ahmedabad list, you are sure to be transported in times of chivalry and courtly love.

Why should you travel to Chittorgarh by road?

The road trip to Chittorgarh is picturesque. There are so many attractions on the way that you just can’t miss, like the Dandi Kutir, Dharoi Dam, Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace, city palace and Bagore ki Haveli. Stop at all these historical locations on the way and have a historically packaged road trip!

Trip to Chittorgarh is ideal for

  • Cultural and Festive Celebrations: Chittorgarh celebrates various festivals with great zeal and enthusiasm, including the famous Meera Mahotsav and Teej festival. Travelers interested in experiencing the vibrant culture, traditional music, dance performances, and local festivities would find Chittorgarh an ideal destination.
  • Solo Travelers and Backpackers: Chittorgarh offers a unique and offbeat travel experience. The city is less crowded compared to other popular tourist destinations in Rajasthan, providing solo travelers and backpackers with a chance to explore at their own pace, connect with locals, and experience a more authentic side of Rajasthan.
  • Architecture and Art Lovers: The architecture of Chittorgarh Fort and its surrounding structures showcases the grandeur and artistic excellence of the Rajput era. The intricate carvings, ornate temples, majestic gates, and impressive structures like Vijay Stambh (Tower of Victory) and Kirti Stambh (Tower of Fame) are a treat for those who appreciate art and architecture.
  • Spiritual Seekers: Chittorgarh is home to several temples and sacred sites that hold religious significance. The Meera Temple, Kalika Mata Temple, and the Kumbha Shyam Temple are popular destinations for spiritual seekers and devotees. The serene and spiritual ambiance of these places offers a tranquil retreat.
  • Photography Enthusiasts: With its magnificent fort, beautiful landscapes, and stunning architectural details, Chittorgarh provides ample opportunities for photographers to capture breathtaking shots. The play of light and shadow, the vibrant colors, and the intricate designs make it a paradise for photography enthusiasts. Feel like main character of the movies.

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Diu – All in one beachcation

Diu is a small island located near Veraval. It was home to a Portuguese colony and is now a very popular tourist destination for the people in Gujrat, and maybe one of the reasons could be that alcohol is legal here. The beaches in Diu are the reason some people have endearingly named it“mini-Goa”. Diu is the closest beach places to visit near Ahmedabad for people living in & around the city.

Why do we recommend visiting Diu?

Diu has so much to offer to the people to visit. There are beaches where you can swim, relax and sunbathe, and they also have heritage sites, forts, museums and culture. There are caves and temples and everything else you can think of on an island.

Why should you travel to Diu by road?

The road trip from Ahmedabad to Diu starts off with comfortable highways, and you will be following the coastline as soon as you start to get tired. Driving beside the sea and having control of which spot to stop at and for how long is just the cherry on top.

Trip to Diu is ideal for

  • Food and Culture Explorers: Diu offers a unique fusion of Gujarati and Portuguese cuisine. Travelers interested in culinary experiences can savor the seafood delicacies, Portuguese-inspired dishes, and the famous Diu wines. The local markets and street food stalls are also great places to taste traditional Gujarati snacks and sweets.
  • Solo Travelers and Peace Seekers: Diu’s laid-back atmosphere, tranquil beaches, and serene landscapes make it an ideal destination for solo travelers or those seeking solitude. The island offers a sense of peace and tranquility, allowing visitors to relax, unwind, and enjoy the natural beauty at their own pace.
  • Weekend Getaway Seekers: Diu’s accessibility and compact size make it a popular weekend getaway destination for nearby cities like Ahmedabad and Surat. Travelers looking for a short break from the urban hustle can enjoy the beaches, historical sites, and the overall relaxed vibe of Diu.

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Polo Forest– An abandoned city rediscovered

The Polo Forest tells the story of a lost city in India called “Polo”, meaning ‘Gate’. It is located on the border of Gujarat and Rajasthan. The forest was abandoned by the people who lived there a very long time ago, and no one knows why. Adivasi settlements, their lives rooted in their connection to the forest, from whom you might learn to listen to the deep hum of the world that envelops these scattered whispers of human constructions. Polo forest is one of the more offbeat places to visit near Ahmedabad.

Why do we recommend visiting Polo Forest?

day trip to polo forest from Ahmedabad

The stories of this hidden place are difficult to ignore. Some people also believe that there are temples built inside the deep jungle where priests still go and perform the pujas and the rituals. The place was rediscovered recently, and you can be one of the few people who get to visit the unadulterated forest.

Why should you travel to Polo forest by road?

The road trip from Ahmedabad to this land of mysteries is short and filled with greenery. It is the perfect adventure to have in a single day of being away from the city. The place is new, and in the jungle, it is better to visit with a reliable vehicle.

Trip to Polo forest is ideal for

  • Offbeat Travelers: Polo Forest is relatively less crowded compared to mainstream tourist destinations. Making it an ideal choice for offbeat travelers seeking tranquility and a break from the bustling city life. The peaceful surroundings and the opportunity to explore lesser-known historical sites create a unique and authentic travel experience.
  • Birdwatchers and Wildlife Enthusiasts: Polo Forest is home to a diverse range of bird species, making it a paradise for birdwatching. The forested area attracts both resident and migratory birds, offering opportunities to spot and photograph them. Additionally, wildlife enthusiasts can encounter various species of animals, including leopards, hyenas, antelopes, and reptiles.
  • Nature Lovers and Trekkers: Polo Forest is nestled amidst the scenic Aravalli Hills. And offers a lush green environment, dense forests, and picturesque landscapes. Nature enthusiasts can explore the diverse flora and fauna, go for nature walks, and engage in trekking activities in the surrounding hills. The tranquil ambiance and serene natural beauty make it an ideal destination for those seeking a connection with nature.

Bikaner – The culture paradise

Also known as one of three great kingdoms of Rajasthan, Bikaner is the cultural paradise of India. Famous for hosting the camel festival every year, Bikaner has an abundance of architecture, cultural and historical marvels. It is also famous for its food, especially the nankeens.

Why do we recommend visiting Bikaner?

Place to visit near Ahmedabad, Food lover's paradise - trip to Bikaner

Bikaner is a certain old-school charm to it, with the burst of bright colours on brown and yellow hues being a sight to behold. There are Old Forts and temples, and if you have a bucket list of road trips, it is surely incomplete without Bikaner.  

Why should you travel to Bikaner by road?

When travelling from Ahmedabad to Bikaner, the journey is alongside deserts and plain lands. There is lots to look forward to on the way, like Patan Patola Heritage, Bindu Sarovar, Mt Abu and Nakki Lake.

Trip to Bikaner is ideal for

  • Camel Safari and Desert Adventure Enthusiasts: Bikaner is located on the edge of the Thar Desert, providing ample opportunities for camel safaris, desert camping, and experiencing the desert way of life. Travelers can enjoy riding camels through the sand dunes, witnessing mesmerizing sunsets, and camping under the starry night sky.
  • Food Lovers: Bikaner is famous for its delectable culinary offerings. The city is known for its savory snacks and sweets, including Bikaneri bhujia, rasgulla, and kachori. Food lovers can indulge in authentic Rajasthani cuisine and explore the local street food stalls and sweet shops.

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Kachchh – The white sand desert of India

Kachchh is the largest district of Gujarat and is known for its unique culture and rich history. Rann of Kachchh is home to various indigenous communities such as the Rabaris, Kachchhi Maldharis, and Meghwal. The district is also famous for its handicrafts, including intricate embroidery, mirror work, and bandhani textiles. The Rann of Kachchh, a vast salt marsh, is also located in this district and is a popular tourist attraction, especially during the Rann Utsav festival held annually. The festival is something one shouldn’t miss. Rann of Kachchh is a place that is visited from Ahmedabad in the month of October to February.

Why do we recommend visiting Kachchh?

Kachchh is a unique and fascinating destination that offers visitors a glimpse into the rich culture and heritage of Gujarat. From its beautiful handicrafts and textiles to its traditional cuisine, Kachchh is a treat for the senses. The Rann of Kachchh, one of the largest salt deserts in the world, is a breathtaking natural wonder that should not be missed. The Rann Utsav festival, held annually from November to February, is a celebration of Kachchhi culture and a great opportunity to experience the region’s music, dance, and food. Overall, a visit to Kachchh is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that should be on every traveler’s bucket list.

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Why should you travel to Kachchh by road?

Driving through the deserts of Rajasthan is a whole different experience. The kind of control you have over your time and how to spend it is incredible. You can also make stops at Pragmahal Palace, Aaina Mahal and Hillgarden on the way.

[A detailed road trip guide from Ahmedabad to Kachchh]

Trip to Kachchh is ideal for

  • Cultural and Art Enthusiasts: Kachchh is renowned for its rich cultural heritage and traditional art forms. Travelers interested in experiencing the vibrant culture of Gujarat can immerse themselves in the local traditions, witness folk dances like Garba and Bhujia, and explore the intricate handicrafts, such as Bandhani (tie-dye), Ajrakh printing, and embroidery. Visiting artisan villages and attending cultural festivals like the Rann Utsav provide opportunities to engage with the local art and crafts.
  • Adventure Seekers: Kachchh offers various adventurous activities. Travelers can explore the White Rann on camel safaris, experience off-roading in the desert, go on wildlife safaris in the Little Rann of Kutch, play with the clouds on hot air ballon or participate in water sports like kayaking and boating in the Mandvi beach area.
  • Eco-Tourists and Responsible Travelers: Kachchh’s efforts towards sustainability and preserving its natural resources make it an attractive destination for eco-conscious travelers. Engaging in responsible tourism activities, supporting local artisans and communities, and staying in eco-friendly accommodations contribute to the sustainable development of the region.

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Kumbhalgarh – Of cuisine, culture, and craft

Kumbhalgarh is a historic fort located in the Rajsamand district of Rajasthan, India. The fort was built in the 15th century by Rana Kumbha and is famous for its impressive walls, which are over 38 kilometres long and are said to be the second-longest continuous wall in the world, after the Great Wall of China. The fort is situated atop a hill and offers stunning views of the surrounding Aravalli Range. Kumbalgarh is also home to several temples, including the famous Kumbalgarh Temple, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Visitors to Kumbalgarh can also enjoy wildlife safaris in the nearby Kumbalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary, which is home to a wide variety of animal and bird species.

Why do we recommend visiting Kumbhalgarh?

Place to visit near Ahmedabad - Kumbhalgarh

The destination offers a unique blend of history, culture, and nature. In addition to the impressive Kumbalgarh Fort, with its expansive walls and stunning hilltop location, there are several other places to visit near Ahmedabad. One such place is the serene Sabarmati Ashram, where Mahatma Gandhi lived and practiced his principles of non-violence. Another popular attraction is the intricate and beautifully carved Adalaj Stepwell, a historical stepwell that served as a gathering place for locals and a resting spot for travelers.

Additionally, the Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary is a calm and picturesque haven for birdwatchers. It is home to a diverse range of avian species, offering a delightful experience for nature enthusiasts. In this region, travelers also have the opportunity to explore the UNESCO World Heritage site, Rani Ki Vav. Known for its exquisite stepwell architecture, Rani Ki Vav is adorned with intricate carvings that showcase the region’s rich cultural and historical heritage. The combination of cultural and historical richness, along with the natural beauty of the surroundings, makes this destination ideal for travelers seeking a fulfilling and diverse experience.

Why should you travel to Kumbhalgarh by road?

Embark on a captivating road trip from Ahmedabad to Kumbhalgarh, where the desert and greens alternate, showcasing India’s diverse landscapes. Explore the enchanting town of Udaipur, known as the “City of Lakes,” with its majestic palaces and vibrant bazaars. Don’t miss the architectural marvel of Modhera Sun Temple, famous for its intricate carvings. This road trip near Ahmedabad is a perfect blend of adventure and cultural immersion, revealing the wonders of the region.

Trip to Kumbhalgarh is ideal for

  • Cultural and Heritage Explorers: Kumbhalgarh provides insights into the rich Rajasthani culture and heritage. Travelers can explore the local markets, interact with the locals, and learn about the customs and traditions of the region. The vibrant colors, handicrafts, and traditional attire of the locals add to the cultural experience.
  • Weekend Getaway Seekers: Kumbhalgarh’s proximity to major cities like Udaipur and its calm and serene environment make it an ideal destination for a weekend getaway. Travelers looking for a short escape from the city can enjoy the historical and natural attractions of Kumbhalgarh.
  • Nature Lovers and Hikers: Kumbhalgarh is situated amidst the lush Aravalli Hills and offers stunning natural beauty. Travelers who enjoy nature walks, hiking, and panoramic views will find the surrounding landscapes and the nearby Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary captivating. The sanctuary is home to a variety of wildlife, including leopards, antelopes, and various bird species.

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Statue of Unity – the World’s tallest statue & pride of India

The Statue of Unity near Ahmedabad is a remarkable monument paying tribute to Vallabhbhai Patel, India’s visionary leader. Standing at 182 meters, it’s the world’s tallest statue. Set amidst scenic surroundings and offering panoramic views, it symbolizes national unity. Explore the exhibition hall and museum to learn about Patel’s contributions. Nearby, the Sardar Sarovar Dam adds to the captivating experience.

Why do we recommend visiting the Statue of Unity?

Statue of Unity - Places to visit near Ahmedabad

We recommend visiting the Statue of Unity for several reasons. Firstly, it is an architectural marvel and holds the distinction of being the world’s tallest statue, standing at an impressive 182 meters. Secondly, it is a symbol of national unity. And pays homage to Vallabhbhai Patel, a key figure in India’s independence movement. The statue’s location amidst scenic surroundings, including the picturesque Narmada River, offers breathtaking views. Additionally, the exhibition hall and museum provide an opportunity to learn about Patel’s life and contributions. Visiting the Statue of Unity is an awe-inspiring experience that combines architectural grandeur, historical significance, and natural beauty.

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Why should you travel to the Statue of Unity by road?

As you drive towards the Statue of Unity, you can make a pit stop at Vadodara, known for its architectural gems like the Laxmi Vilas Palace and the Sayaji Garden. Another suggested pit stop is the Sardar Sarovar Dam, a magnificent engineering marvel on the Narmada River, where you can admire the panoramic views and learn about its significance. These pit stops enhance your journey by providing insights into Gujarat’s history, culture, and natural beauty. Finally, reaching the Statue of Unity itself, you’ll be greeted by the awe-inspiring monument, offering a profound experience that pays tribute to Vallabhbhai Patel and symbolizes national unity.

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Trip to the Statue of Unity is ideal for

  • Family and Group Travelers: The Statue of Unity is a family-friendly destination that offers a unique experience for travelers of all ages. It serves as an educational opportunity for children to learn about India’s history and leaders while providing a memorable experience for the whole family or travel group.
  • Patriotically Inclined Travelers: Visitors with a sense of national pride and patriotism will find the Statue of Unity to be a significant destination. It stands as a testament to the unity and strength of the nation, invoking feelings of admiration and respect.
  • Spiritual and Reflective Travelers: The statue’s location on the banks of the Narmada River. And its connection to Vallabhbhai Patel’s legacy may attract spiritual and reflective travelers. The peaceful ambiance and scenic surroundings create an atmosphere conducive to introspection and contemplation.

Surat – Land of diamonds

Surat, located in the state of Gujarat, is a bustling city that offers a unique blend of history, culture, and modernity. Known as the ‘Diamond City of India,’ Surat is a vibrant hub of trade and commerce. Travelers visiting Surat will find themselves immersed in a tapestry of experiences, from exploring historical landmarks to indulging in culinary delights. Surat is well-connected to Ahmedabad, making it one of the most convenient places to visit near Ahmedabad.

Why do we recommend visiting Surat?

Surat offers a delightful combination of cultural heritage, natural beauty, and historical landmarks, making it a fascinating destination for travelers. Its proximity to Ahmedabad makes it an ideal addition to your itinerary, allowing you to explore the diverse attractions of Gujarat. Surat is renowned as a major textile and diamond hub. Surat is a paradise for food lovers. The city is famous for its street food, particularly lip-smacking snacks and sweets. From savoring delectable Surati Undhiyu and Locho to indulging in the famous Surat Sweets, the culinary experiences in Surat are diverse and delicious.

Why should you travel to Surat by road?

Traveling to Surat from Ahmedabad by road offers a convenient and enjoyable experience. The road journey allows you to soak in the scenic beauty of Gujarat’s landscape, pass through charming towns and villages, and explore attractions along the way. You have the flexibility to make stops at interesting places, indulge in local delicacies, and discover hidden gems. The freedom to plan your own itinerary & travel at your own pace adds a sense of adventure and discovery to your trip. Plus, traveling by road provides a cost-effective option. It allows you to fully immerse yourself in the journey, creating lasting memories along the route.

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Trip to Surat is ideal for

  • Food Enthusiasts: Surat is a haven for food lovers. Travelers who enjoy culinary adventures can indulge in the city’s famous street food, including Surati Undhiyu, Locho, Ghari, and the delightful Surat Sweets. The city’s diverse and flavorful cuisine offers a gastronomic experience worth exploring.
  • Textile and Fashion Enthusiasts: Surat is renowned as one of the major textile and diamond centers in India. Travelers interested in textiles, fabrics, and fashion can explore the bustling textile markets. They can witness the intricate craftsmanship, and shop for a wide variety of textiles, sarees, and traditional garments.
  • Shopaholics: Surat is known as a shopper’s paradise. The city is famous for its textile industry, including silk, cotton, and traditional embroidery. Travelers can shop for textiles, sarees, dress materials, and intricately designed jewelry, making it an ideal destination for those who love shopping and exploring local markets.
  • Weekend Getaway Seekers: Surat’s proximity to major cities like Ahmedabad and Mumbai makes it a popular choice for a weekend getaway. Travelers looking for a short break from their routine can enjoy the city’s attractions, and culinary delights. And they can explore nearby attractions such as the serene beaches of Dumas and Ubharat.
  • Business Travelers: Surat is a major commercial and industrial center in Gujarat. Travelers visiting for business purposes can take advantage of the city’s well-developed infrastructure, trade opportunities, and connectivity to various other parts of Gujarat and India.

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