Teas of India

A Flavourful Journey

Masala Chai is black tea blended with aromatic spices like ginger, clove, and cardamom. Evolved from India's diverse culture, every family boasts of its unique recipe. A staple in Indian households, it's a symphony of flavors.

Masala Chai

India's Everyday Elixir

Native to Assam, this black tea is renowned for its malty flavor. Loved globally, Assam tea is not just about taste; it boosts mental alertness and may help prevent certain cancers.

Assam Tea

Bold and Brisk

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More than just a tea, Green tea is a health booster. Whether enjoyed pure or flavored with fruits, it's loaded with antioxidants. A sip can instantly uplift your mood and rejuvenate you.

Green Tea

Nature's Elixir

Popular in Ladakh and Sikkim, Butter Tea combines tea leaves with yak milk butter and salt. A favorite of Himalayan nomads, it's a unique creamy concoction that warms the soul.

Butter Tea

Himalayan Delight

A blend of green tea leaves, saffron, cardamom, and rose petals, Kashmiri Kahwa is an exotic tea from the valley. Best enjoyed on a chilly day, it is a perfect balance of flavor and warmth.

Kashmiri Kahwa

Winter's Warm Embrace

A global favorite, Nilgiri tea is aromatic and dark. Hailing from the Western Ghats, it's perfect as an iced tea. Not just flavor, it's also beneficial for oral health and weight management.

Nilgiri Tea

The Blue Mountain Brew

Known globally, Darjeeling tea offers varieties from black to oolong. It's aromatic, thin-bodied, and soothing. Besides its unique flavor, it aids in preventing gastric ulcers and obesity.

Darjeeling Tea

The Champagne of Teas

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