Unusual experiences in Bishnoi village

Ride through the village on a camel safari

Beyond the village boundaries, camels await to offer a different vantage point. As you sway on camelback, the desert unfolds its secrets. From rare wildlife like blackbucks to captivating sand dunes, the desert tells tales of endurance and beauty.

Experience timeless art through hand block printing lessons

The rhythmic tapping sounds lead to the artisans' realm, where creativity comes alive. Using carved wooden blocks, artisans stamp beautiful patterns on fabric. This age-old technique preserves the unique cultural identity of the region.

Enjoy encounters with the Great Indian Bustard and blackbucks

The vast desert isn't just sand and heat; it's a canvas of nature where the Great Indian Bustard—a regal, endangered bird—and swift-footed blackbucks play their parts. Watch in awe as the Bustard and the blackbucks, with their elegant antlers, gracefully dart across the landscape.

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Delve into traditions inside the cozy huts of Bishnoi village

The 'Dhani' huts, with their rounded shapes and thatched roofs, dot the landscape. Constructed primarily from local materials, these huts are perfect examples of sustainable architecture—cool in summer and warm in winter.

Relax by a campfire near Guda Bishnoi Lake

As twilight descends, a campfire beckons, casting a golden hue over smiling faces. Under a canopy of stars, stories come alive—of past sacrifices, age-old traditions, and the eternal bond between the Bishnois and nature.

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