Who wore it better?

Ambani Wedding Edition vs. Indian Locations

Radhika Merchant, glowing in her lehenga, looked like she just walked out of the Mysore Palace itself. We're talking minty freshness with a dash of pretty pinks, so close to the palace's vibe that you'd think the walls were her fashion muse.

Radhika Merchant and the Elegance of Mysore Palace

Anant Ambani's get-up was nothing short of a standing ovation to the Red Temple's architectural genius. Bold, vibrant, and regal - it was like history met high fashion and they decided to throw a party!

Anant Ambani and the Red Temple's Majesty

Shloka Ambani's outfit is nothing short of a dazzling chandelier, reminiscent of Jaipur Sheesh Mahal's magical ambience. Just as a couple of candles illuminate thousands of reflections within the mahal, her attire sparkles, embodying the architectural ingenuity of India's past.

Shloka Ambani - Reflecting the Sparkle of Sheesh Mahal 

Isha Ambani's ensemble, evocative of the cherry blossoms in Shillong, brings a touch of nature's beauty to the fashion forefront. The soft hues and flowing fabrics are a testament to the serene and blossoming landscapes of Shillong.

Isha Ambani - Blossoming Like Cherry Blossoms

Even Mark Zuckerberg couldn't resist the Ambani wedding charm! Swapping his iconic T-shirt and jeans for something more vibrant, his attire reminds us of the lush landscapes of Jim Corbett National Park.

Mark Zuckerberg - From Silicon Valley Casual to Jungle Chic

Who knew the Taj Mahal could strut down the aisle? Ivanka Trump's white lehenga with its delicate patterns and ethereal charm is giving us serious Taj vibes. The intricacy is a page straight out of Shah Jahan's diary - but with a modern twist.

Ivanka Trump & The Ivory Elegance of the Taj Mahal

Sadhguru's not just about wisdom, folks! His blue and white shawl is a spitting image of the City Palace's vibrant murals. It's like he wrapped himself in the palace's essence and walked out blending spirituality with royal swagger.

Sadhguru & The Artistic Aura of City Palace, Jaipur 

Next up, Nita Ambani's sari is giving us Indore's Lal Bagh Palace vibes with its grandeur and poise. The sari's intricate work and regal aura are so on point; you'd think it was woven from the palace's golden threads.

Nita Ambani's Sari - Lal Bagh Palace's Chic Twin 

Rihanna performed in a green and pink number that was screaming "Dzukou Valley of Nagaland." The outfit's vibrant yet serene, just like the valley itself. If Mother Nature needed a brand ambassador, Rihanna's got the job!

Rihanna - Dzukou Valley in Human Form

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