Hyderabad to Ooty Road Trip – Distance, Time and Useful Travel Information 

In the scenic setting of the Nilgiri Hills of southern India, Ooty charms you with its lush tea gardens, misty roads, and colonial charm. This beautiful hill station, also known as Udhagamandalam, welcomes travellers with its cool climate and serene landscapes. Explore its historic sites, indulge in aromatic teas, and embark on nature walks amidst its abundant beauty. For a comfortable ride from Hyderabad to Ooty, book a Savaari car rental and relax while you travel.

Hyderabad to Ooty by Cabs

Table of Contents

  1. Why travel from Hyderabad to Ooty?
  2. Travelling from Hyderabad to Ooty by car
  3. Best Time To Visit
  4. Popular Routes from Hyderabad to Ooty
  5. Hyderabad to Ooty Best Route
  6. How to Reach Ooty By Train
  7. How to Reach Ooty By Flight
  8. How to Reach Ooty By Road
  9. Attractions in Ooty for Sightseeing
  10. Savaari Recommends – Popular Places to Eat in Ooty
  11. Hotels and resorts – Accommodation in Ooty
  12. Highway updates

Why travel from Hyderabad to Ooty?

Going from Hyderabad to Ooty offers an easy escape from a hectic city life where one can relax in the peace of nature. The weather is cool in Ooty, providing a relaxed break away from the hot sun; this makes it an ideal place for one who wants to rejuvenate and unwind. Furthermore, Ooty has calming scenery and several things families can do while on vacation. With Savaari’s Hyderabad car rental, you can make your trip to Ooty an ideal holiday location for anyone looking forward to shared moments and long-lasting memories.

Travelling to Ooty from Hyderabad by car

The well-maintained roads along this route ensure a smooth and enjoyable drive, allowing travellers to get lost in the unfolding natural beauty. As you travel through these roads leading to Ooty, you will pass small villages, rolling hills or lush greens, finding many opportunities to stop and marvel at serene views of lakes, mountains or valleys. The journey from Hyderabad to Ooty by road allows you to stop and experience the changing terrains, on-route sightseeing, and even enjoy local tea at roadside vendor shops. Booking a taxi service in Hyderabad with Savaari promises you the utmost comfort and a pleasant drive to the Queen of Hills. Let us help you discover the best routes to travel by car from Hyderabad to Ooty.

Important Highway information – Hyderabad to Ooty Highway

Highway Name   National Highway
Alternate Name  National Highway 44
Highway Number  NH 44
Distance  830 KM
Starting Point  Hyderabad
End Point  Ooty
Highway Quality  Good

The best time to visit Ooty

Like many other hill stations in India, the best time to visit Ooty is typically from October to March, when the weather is pleasantly cool, with an average temperature ranging somewhere around 15 to 20 degrees Celsius. During these months, Ooty’s lush greenery is at its prime, making it ideal for outdoor activities such as trekking, boating, and exploring beautiful landscapes. It is best to avoid the monsoon season, spanning from June to September, owing to the heavy rainfall in the region, which can make sightseeing and outdoor activities challenging. Also, the summer months, from April to June, can be relatively warm. This makes visiting during the cooler months, particularly during September to November and February, the best time to visit Ooty.

Popular Routes from Hyderabad to Ooty

Route 1: Distance and Time taken from Hyderabad to Ooty via NH44, NH275, NH 766 and NH 181

Hyderabad to Ooty Route 1

The distance between Hyderabad and Ooty via NH44, NH275, and NH766 is approximately 850 kilometres, and the journey typically takes around 15 hours by car. This route is considered the shortest and most efficient way to travel between the two destinations. Traffic on this route is generally smooth, with regular flow, making it the fastest option. Book an Innova taxi from Hyderabad for luxurious comfort on the road. It is also advisable to check live maps and traffic updates for the latest information on road conditions and any potential delays.

The driver suggested pit spots to take along Route 1

Along the route 1 suggested for Hyderabad to Ooty, there are various attractions that visitors might like to visit. Here’s what our local drivers suggest:

Mudumalai Tiger Reserve
Mudumalai Tiger Reserve

1. Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain Park, Bangalore

The Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain Park in Bangalore is renowned for its captivating musical fountain show. While travelling in the evening time, the park offers a delightful experience with synchronized water, light, and music performances. Surrounded by lush greenery and well-maintained gardens, the park provides a relaxing environment for visitors of all ages to enjoy the evening shows.

2. Regional Museum of Natural History, Mysore

The Regional Museum of Natural History in Mysore is a prominent institution in the city that educates visitors about the natural world. It is a beautiful place to explore the flora, fauna, and geological history of South India. A fun place to explore if travelling with children as the museum features life-sized models of animals, dioramas, and interactive displays that explain ecological relationships and environmental conservation.

3. Mudumalai Tiger Reserve

Mudumalai Tiger Reserve, located at the tri-junction of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Karnataka is a renowned wildlife sanctuary. It is part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and is home to a rich diversity of flora and fauna. The reserve is famous for its population of Bengal tigers, as well as other wildlife such as elephants, leopards, and various species of deer and birds. 

Popular places to eat along this route 1  where our customers usually stop

  1. Cube Stop, Hobli: One of the most famous and preferred highway restaurants to find decent food and also a variety of options. The washrooms are also highly rated making it a good food option to consider on the way. People stopping at this junction mostly offer ildi, dose and wada.
  2. Ambara Andhra Restaurant, Bangalore: Ambara is one of the best places for meals on the highway. They offer vegetarian meals on banana leaf along with other continental options. A review about the restaurant by Nandhini says, “This is one place where we love to eat while travelling from Hyderabad to Ooty.”
  3. Paris Restaurant, Bangalore: Paris restaurant has been around for a while and is known for its amazing food quality. The restaurant has a wide selection of non-vegetarians and is a preferred choice for regular travellers. When there, try their chicken gravy with rice. 
  4. Kamat Lokaruchi Veg Restaurant: Ramanagara: Just off the forest area of Ramnagara is a simple restaurant called Kamat Lokaruchi. The place offers sumptuous veg meals and is known for its high food quality.

Route 2: Distance and Time taken from Hyderabad to Ooty via NH44 and NH340

Hyderabad to Ooty Route 2

The distance from Hyderabad to Ooty via NH44, NH340, and NH648 spans about 955 kilometres, with the journey typically lasting around 18 hours when travelled by car. This route is renowned for being the shortest and most effective way to connect these two destinations. Traffic along this route is less, ensuring a swift and efficient travel experience. It is also recommended that you stay updated on live maps, traffic alerts or roadblocks, and real-time information regarding road conditions and possible delays.

The driver suggested pit spots to take along Route 2

The second route mentioned in the blog also offers scenic views and pitstops to enrich your travelling experience. Here is all you can visit on the road.

Lumbini Gardens, Bangalore
Lumbini Gardens, Bangalore
  • Lumbini Gardens, Bangalore: Lumbini Gardens is a serene and picturesque public park located on the banks of Nagawara Lake in Bangalore. It is best known for its lush greenery and well-maintained pathways, which offer to be the best rest stop while driving through the city roads. The garden also offers a boating facility on the lake, where visitors can enjoy pedal boats, family boats, and even a coffee boat. 
  • Mysore Palace, Mysore: Mysore Palace, also known as Amba Vilas Palace, is a stunning example of Indo-Saracenic architecture located in the heart of Mysore. This royal residence of the Wadiyar dynasty is a magnificent blend of Hindu, Muslim, Rajput, and Gothic styles, featuring intricate carvings, vibrant stained glass, and opulent decorations. The palace is especially captivating during the annual Dasara festival when it is illuminated with thousands of lights. 
  • Bannerghatta Forest Road, Bangalore: Bannerghatta Forest Road is a scenic route that winds through the lush greenery of the Bannerghatta National Park, located on the outskirts of Bangalore. This road offers a tranquil escape from the city, providing a gateway to the diverse flora and fauna of the national park. Along the route, visitors can experience the rich biodiversity of the region, with opportunities to spot wildlife such as deer, elephants, and various bird species.

Popular places to eat along this route where our customers usually stop

  1. Gowdru mane, nati style family restaurant, Bangalore: Gowdru style food is a true delight when it comes to visiting these locations in the south. TYe their noti style chicken, meals or biryani. The place also offers a clean and homely ambiance which is perfect for a lunch stop.
  2. Sipayi family restaurant, Maddur: For good homely veg or non-veg meals, this is the best place to take a break and enjoy homecooked meals. A review by a regular customer says,”We love stopping here for a quick bite and the portions are perfect. The place is also frequently visited by tourists.”

Hyderabad  to Ooty Road Condition via Route NH44

Due to its efficiency and speed, this route via NH44 is the preferred choice for travellers travelling from Hyderabad to Ooty. The road conditions are generally well-maintained, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride for most of the journey. Standard highway tolls are charged along the route, but there are usually no major road closures or disruptions, allowing for uninterrupted travel. For added convenience, Savaari’s Hyderabad to Ooty cab service is an excellent option to make your trip comfortable and hassle-free. 

Most preferred route from Hyderabad to Ooty by Savaari customers

The route on NH44 is the most preferred route for travellers from Hyderabad to Ooty, as this is the fastest route, offering maximum comfort in terms of rest stops, road conditions, and connectivity. 

Alternative means of travelling from Hyderabad to Ooty that could suit different purposes

How to reach by Train?

While there are no direct trains connecting Hyderabad to Ooty, you can opt for an alternative train route. The nearest railway station to Ooty is Mettupalayam Railway Station, located approximately 50 kilometres away from the main city centre. From Hyderabad, you can board a train to Coimbatore Junction, which is well-connected with regular train services to both locations. From Coimbatore Junction, you can take a connecting train to Mettupalayam. Once at Mettupalayam, you can hire a taxi or take the famous Nilgiri Mountain Railway, also known as the Toy Train, to reach Ooty, enjoying the breathtaking views of the Nilgiri Hills along the way. 

Train Name Train Number Departure Arrival Duration
Hyderabad to Coimbatore 12734 – Narayanadri Express  12:45 PM 04:30 AM 15 hrs 45 mins 
  12789 – Rameswaram Express 01:40 PM  07:15 AM 17 hrs 35 mins
  22692 – Bangalore Express 05:50 PM  05:15 AM 11 hrs 25 mins 
Coimbatore to Mettupalayam 56145 – Passenger Train 05:15 AM 06:30 AM 1 hr 15 mins 
  66602 – MEMU    06:00 AM 07:30 AM 1 hr 30 mins 
  56147 – Passenger Train 7:45 AM 9:15 AM 1 hr 30 mins
  66608 – MEMU 8:20 AM 9:45 AM 1 hr 25 mins
Mettupalayam to Ooty Nilgiri Mountain Railway (Toy Train) 7:10 AM 12:00 PM 4 hrs 50 mins
  Nilgiri Mountain Railway (Toy Train) 9:10 AM 2:25 PM 5 hrs 15 mins

Are you looking to book a train ticket from Hyderabad to Ooty? Check out the updated train schedule here.

How to reach by Flight?

Ooty does not have its own airport, and the nearest airport is Coimbatore International Airport (CJB), approximately 90 kilometres away from Ooty. From Hyderabad, you can take a flight to Coimbatore, which typically takes around 2 hours. Upon reaching, you can hire Savaari’s Coimbatore airport taxi to Ooty. The trip ranges around 3 hours from the airport. Alternatively, you can travel by the Nilgiris Mountain Railway from Mettupalayam to Ooty for a unique and memorable journey.

How to reach by Road?

Ooty is a popular destination for bus travel. Many bus services operate between Hyderabad and Ooty, providing a convenient and budget-friendly mode of transport. The journey by bus takes approximately 15 – 16 hours, depending on traffic. 

To catch a bus to Ooty, you can go to the Hyderabad MGBS Bus Station. The tickets cost somewhere around Rs 3000- 4000. From there, buses depart regularly to Ooty. The bus journey ends at the Ooty Bus Stand, located centrally in the town. Upon arrival, you can easily find taxis or auto-rickshaws for local transportation or to reach your accommodation.  However, for a comparatively less travel distance, the bus tickets are quite expensive. 

You can visit online travel portals or inquire at the Hyderabad MGBS Bus Station for the most up-to-date information on bus schedules and ticket bookings. Whether by train, flight, or bus, travelling from Hyderabad to Ooty offers a scenic journey through the landscapes of southern India, culminating in the serene beauty of the Nilgiri Hills. Upon arrival, you can also hire a reliable Savaari Ooty taxi for your transfer to your hotel.

Price comparison for choosing different travel means 

Means of Transportation Time Taken Price
Hyderabad to Ooty by Train No direct train No direct train
Hyderabad to Ooty by Bus Approximately 15-16 hours Rs 2500 – Rs 3000
Hyderabad to Ooty by Flight No direct flight No direct flight
Hyderabad to Ooty by Cab Approximately 15 hours Starting from Rs 11, 000

Cab service is the way to go since there are no direct flights or trains between Hyderabad and Ooty. Choosing a reliable car hire company like Savaari gives you freedom and privacy at a pocket-friendly cost. This is the best way to make travel stress-free and comfortable, with a local chauffeur taking you through beautiful views. It also gives you the liberty to choose to take a detour on the way to explore a diverse range of cultures and explore local cuisines. Use Savaari Car Rental to enjoy your road trip from Hyderabad to Ooty and get the best out of it. Drive on this route and experience stunning landscapes and rich cultural mixtures while enjoying a comfortable ride in your privately hired cab.

Attractions in Ooty for sightseeing

Ooty, a small town in the Nilgiri Hills of southern India, is a charming hill station renowned for its lush greenery, scenic vistas, and pleasant climate. Here are some must-visit attractions for sightseeing in Ooty:

1. Botanical Gardens: Explore the vast landscapes of the Government Botanical Garden, which is home to a diverse collection of exotic plants, flowers, and trees. This is a place to marvel at the vibrant flower beds, stroll through the well-manicured lawns, and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding hills.

2. Ooty Lake: If you are looking for a quiet, leisurely boat ride on the tranquil waters of Ooty Lake, this is a place to be. Surrounded by eucalyptus trees and lush greenery, this lake is a complete package for a fun evening. The lake also offers opportunities for picnics, horseback riding, and enjoying scenic views of the surrounding landscape.

3. Doddabetta Peak: Trek to the highest point in the Nilgiris, Doddabetta Peak, for breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys and tea estates. The observation tower atop the peak offers stunning panoramic views of Ooty and its surroundings.

4. Tea Plantations: Ooty is famous for its tea estates, which are spread across the landscape of this hill station, such as the famous Doddabetta Tea Factory and Tea Museum. Here, you can learn about the tea-making process, stroll through the lush green plantations, and sample freshly brewed tea at local tea stalls. If you wish to know the tea varieties available in India, check out this detailed post on the Tea-Licious journeys we have compiled to inspire tea lovers like you.

5. Nilgiri Mountain Railway: This is one of the most iconic spots and a UNESCO World Heritage-listed site. This Mountain Railway is also affectionately known as the Toy Train because its size and appearance are toy-like compared to a regular train. Enjoy scenic views as you wind through the beautiful valleys, dense forests, and charming hillside villages on this iconic train ride.

6. Ooty Rose Garden: Another must-visit gem to admire the beauty and charm of thousands of fragrant roses is the Ooty Rose Garden. It is one of the largest rose gardens in India. This garden is known for its well-manicured lawns, vibrant flower beds, and ornamental bushes, and it captures memorable moments amidst the colourful blooms.

7. Avalanche Lake:  Avalanche Lake is one of the most scenic spots in Ooty. Surrounded by lush forests and rolling hills, this tranquil lake offers opportunities for fishing, boating, and nature walks amidst pristine wilderness.

Make the most of your trip to Ooty by creating the perfect itinerary and planning to visit all the best places in the hill station.

Savaari customer recommendations – Popular places to eat in Ooty

In Ooty, exploring food is a delightful journey with a variety of dining options offering diverse flavours and cuisines. Here are some must-visit eateries in Ooty to treat your taste buds:

1. Earl’s Secret

2. Nahar’s Sidewalk Café

3. King Star Restaurant

4. Shinkow’s Chinese Restaurant

5. Place To Bee

6. Nahar’s Nilgiri Restaurant

7. Willy’s Coffee Pub

8. Ascot Multi Cuisine Restaurant

These eateries in Ooty offer a delicious array of dishes. Right from traditional South Indian delicacies to international cuisines, this food will make your trip to the Queen of Hill Stations a memorable one.

Hotels and Resorts in Ooty

Ooty has resorts and hotels to fit all travellers’ budgets. Here is a compilation of the best Savaari customer-verified places to stay in Ooty.

Hotel Name Hotel Address
Taj Savoy Sylks Road, Ooty, Tamil Nadu 643001 +91 423 2225500
Club Mahindra Derby 9-49, Baikey Road, Ooty, Tamil Nadu 643001 +91 423 2441538
Sterling Ooty Elk Hill  No. 25 Ramakrishna Mutt Road, R.K. Puram, Elk Hill, Ooty, Tamil Nadu 643001 +91 9486043683
Fortune Resort Sullivan Court 123, Selbourne Road, Ooty, Tamil Nadu 643001 +91 423 2441415
Sinclairs Retreat Ooty Gorishola Road, Ooty, Tamil Nadu 643001 +91 423 2441418
Savoy Hotel Ooty 77, Sylks Road, Ooty, Tamil Nadu 643001 +91 423 2225500
Glyngarth Resorts  Golf Club Road, Thalayathimund, Ooty, Tamil Nadu 643001 +91 423 2233100
Fortune Retreats Belmont Terrace, Tiger Hill, Ooty, Tamil Nadu 643001 +91 423 2441301

Download our Savaari car Booking app for a smooth and pleasant journey.

Nearby road trips from Ooty

There are plenty of road trips near Ooty which offer beautiful vistas, winding roads, and charming stays in nearby locations. The road is home to waterfalls and lush tea plantations. The surrounding areas also provide a treasure trove of natural beauty still waiting to be explored. Whether you are looking for a serene trip or some offbeat exploration, Ooty has much to offer to all visitors.

Location Approximate Distance from Ooty Best Time to Visit
Ooty to Coonoor 20 km Year-round
Ooty to Kotagiri 29 km Year-round
Ooty to  Avalanche 22 km March to May
Ooty to Mudumalai National Park 40 km October to May
Ooty to Coorg (Madikeri) 238 km October to March
Ooty to Munnar 242 km September to March
Ooty to Wayanad 114 km October to May
Ooty to Masinagudi 31 km Year-round
Ooty to Bandipur National Park 62 km October to May
Ooty to Pykara Lake and Waterfalls 21 km Year-round

Highway Updates

Planning to travel on this beautiful route? Stay updated with the latest news to avoid closures and enjoy a comfortable ride with Savaari’s local chauffeur-driven cars. 

NH 44 to get a good makeover to facilitate faster travel

E-passes are mandatory to visit Ooty, Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu from May 7 to June 30, 2024

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Hyderabad to Ooty Road Trip – Distance, Time and Useful Travel Information 
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Hyderabad to Ooty Road Trip – Distance, Time and Useful Travel Information 
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