Agra To Mathura Road Trip: Distance, Time, and Useful Travel Information

Resting on the banks of River Yamuna, the town of Mathura is the perfect combination of vibrant history and rich culture reverberating with a holy character. Furthermore, sprinkled with magnificent temples and stunning religious structures, Mathura is one of India’s most famous and peaceful spiritual destinations and is also considered Lord Krishna’s birthplace. Besides, Mathura boasts a vibrant artistic legacy woven through hundreds and thousands of tales and folklore. 

It is considered one of the seven sacred cities by Hindus in India, and even today, Mathura never fails to attract sightseers from every part of India and worldwide. And do you know what makes this holy city favourite among travellers? Well, the attractive collection of religious temples, landmark monuments, sacred structures, and peaceful ghats offer Mathura a mesmerizing beauty that makes this place a must-visit. You can conveniently explore these places in Mathura by booking a cab from Agra with Savaari. Keep reading below to learn more about the complete Agra to Mathura itinerary and the best routes to reach Mathura via Agra. 

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Why travel from Agra to Mathura?

agra to mathura by road

Situated roughly 57 km from Agra, Mathura is famous as one of India’s most holy lands. Loaded to the brim with individuals seeking divine enlightenment throughout the year. Well-known for the famous Shri Krishna Janmabhumi and the jail where Lord Krishna was born, Mathura is equally famous for its several historical and religious places. 

Also, it might not be wrong to say that every nook and corner of this sacred city still retains an old-world charm that blends perfectly with the city’s urbanization. In addition, when you take a road trip from Agra to Mathura, you learn more about the remarkable history you can glimpse by looking at the old-fashioned architecture. What makes this place even more worthwhile is the ancient remains of old huts and the great benevolence of the locals, who are always generous to show you all the places around.  

So whether you wish to rejuvenate your mind and body or calm your soul and spiritual quests, it is always the best decision to visit Mathura on a quick weekend getaway from Agra.  When you take a road trip with Savaari’s taxi service from Agra to Mathura, you can enhance your experience by enjoying everything that lies on the way. With a Savaari, you can turn your drive into a fun-filled journey and also customize the trip to your liking, travel time, and budget. 

Travelling from Agra to Mathura by car 

Situated in Uttar Pradesh alongside the shores of the holy river Yamuna, the sacred city of Mathura is sprinkled with stunning temples, holy structures and ancient towns. Beautified by the majestic temples of Lord Krishna, who was born in this city approximately 5000 years ago, Mathura is one of India’s most peaceful spiritual places that you cannot miss. 

A road trip from Agra to Mathura is always a delightful experience as you can explore numerous scenic vistas and sightseeing locations along the route. Furthermore, the Agra to Mathura distance is roughly 57 km, and you can readily reach your destination in around one hour. Additionally, your road trip from Agra to Mathura becomes more exciting with several detours that delightfully calm your mind, making your trip more memorable. And if you are planning a trip to Mathura with your family or friends, reaching the city by car is the most convenient option. With our completely customizable Agra to Mathura trip packages, you can stop at any of these places and do a quick sightseeing. Let us help you discover the best routes to travel from Manali by Chandigarh by car.

Agra to Mathura Road Trip

Best Time To Visit Mathura from Agra 

October to March is the most suitable time to take a road trip from Agra to Mathura, as the weather is agreeable and relaxed for sightseeing. In addition, to soak in Lord Krishna’s vibes and witness the best of the city’s culture, the perfect time to visit Mathura is during the well-known Krishna Janmashtami festival (August/September) and Holi (March). Nevertheless, remember Mathura witnesses a flood of sightseers during this time, so be ready for the pulsating crowd.

Route 1: Agra to Mathura via NH 19

The city of Mathura portrays mesmerizing traditions and cultures that delight the soul and boost the spiritual sanities of the visitors. Likewise, the approximate distance between Agra to Mathura is 57 km, and it takes roughly 1 hour and 19 minutes to reach your destination. And you can access the Agra to Mathura best route that runs via Yamuna Expressway (NH  44). 

Here’s the basic Agra to Mathura map for this route

Route: Agra – Runkata – Raipura – Mathura via Yamuna Expressway (NH 19/44)

Agra to Mathura via NH 44

Popular sightseeing attractions along Route 1 

Anguri Bagh
  • Anguri Bagh: A captivating garden and true remains of the ancient era, Anguri Bagh, located close to Agra city, offers a picturesque view of lush nature. So when you embark on a road trip from Agra to Mathura, this is the perfect place to stop and witness the scenic natural beauty and mesmerizing sunset. 
  • Tomb Of John Russell Colvin: Another scenic attraction, famous for the tomb of the lieutenant governor of East India Company, this place offers the most peaceful vibes, making it one of the best rest stops along the way. 

Places to eat along this route

  • Masala Darbar Restraunt: Most popular eating joint on the Agra to Mathura Expressway serving all North-Indian delicacies. 
  • Gokul Restraunt: A famous eatery near Mathura, this is the perfect place to relax and stop for a quick meal. 

Agra to Mathura Road Condition via Route 1:

This is the shortest and the best route to travel between Manali and Chandigarh. It is also the fastest, because the Manali to Chandigarh traffic on this route is regular and there are no road closures. Moreover, for better commute, always check live maps and instant traffic updates for the latest information on Manali to Chandigarh road conditions.

Route 2: Agra to Mathura via via Bikaner – Agra Rd, NH 44 and NH 19/NH 44

This is the longer route to reach Mathura from Agra, and you will mostly experience slow-moving traffic along the route. Therefore, checking the live map before taking this route is rational. 

Here’s the basic Agra to Mathura map for this route

Route: Agra – Raibha -Kitham – Farah- Mathura via Bikaner – Agra Rd, NH 44 and NH 19/NH 44

Agra to Mathura via via Bikaner - Agra Rd, NH 44 and NH 19/NH 44

Popular sightseeing attractions along Route 2

  • Kusum Sarovar: A magnificent reservoir constructed of sandstone, the Kusum Sarovar, near Agra city, has a getaway of stairs that drop into the pond. This sightseeing attraction en route is perfect if you want to spend some peaceful time amidst nature. 
  • Dhakri Ka Mahal: A short detour near Barari on the Agra to Mathura route, Dhakri ka Mahal is an ancient Haveli that will surely mesmerize you with its magnific architecture. 

Dhakri Ka Mahal

Places to eat along this route

  • Hichkee cafe: Popular rooftop restaurant serving delicious delicacies along the way. 
  • Laziz Special: Popular spot for non-vegetarian food lovers. 

Agra to Mathura Road Condition via Route 2:

While the Agra to Mathura road condition on this route is seamless, it usually takes more time to reach your destination than Route 1. 

Agra to Mathura Best Route

Both the routes above are ideal for reaching Mathura from Agra comfortably. However, Route 1 is the most popular among travelers as it is faster and more direct. 

Other means of travelling from Agra to Mathura 

  • By Train   

Mathura remains well connected with the primary rail routes of India. Furthermore, travelling to Mathura via train is deemed exceptionally convenient and comfortable as the city remains connected to both western and central railways and many trains take a halt at Mathura railway station. 

Moreover, the fastest train to reach Mathura from Agra is Swarna Jayanthi and when you reach here, you can always access various public transport to reach different sightseeing locations. For updated train timings for Agra to Mathura, visit IRCTC and follow their latest timetable.

  • By Air 

Mathura is roughly 65km from the domestic airport in Agra city center. And upon reaching the Kheria Airport in the city, you can hire a reliable Agra airport taxi for a convenient ride to your hotel in the town.

Popular sightseeing attractions in Mathura 

One of the most vibrant cities in Uttar Pradesh, Mathura has a colourful and lively feel. Moreover, the city holds a vibrant, exotic cultural aura adding to its vitality and aesthetics. So if you wish to plan a trip from Agra to Mathura, here are some sightseeing places you can explore in the town. 

  • Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple

Your Mathura trip will remain incomplete without visiting this famous Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple. A magnificent place that never fails to charm tourists. As the name implies, it commemorates the place of Lord Krishna’s birth. Considered the most sacred place in Mathura, the temple is built around the prison cell. Where Devaki is thought to have given birth to Lord Krishna around 50 centuries ago. While King Vajra, the great-grandson of Lord Krishna, constructed the original temple, the sanctum has been destroyed and reconstructed 17 times throughout history.

  • Dwarkadhish Temple

One of the largest and most well-known temples in Mathura, the Dwarkadhish shrine is famous for its distinctive architecture and strikingly attractive carvings. The temple’s entrance, built in the Rajasthani style of architecture, guides to an open yard with magnificently sculpted pillars. Furthermore, what makes this temple stand out in the country is its lustrous black marble idol of Lord Krishna, portrayed as the King of Dwarka or Dwarkanath without his classic flute and peacock feather. Accompanying him is his beloved, Radharani, engraved out of white marble. 

  • Kans Qila

Kans Qila is a magnificent fort that testifies to the timelessness and beauty of Hindu and Islamic architectural construction. However, note that this is not the only striking feature of this temple. According to ancient folklore, this palace was earlier the home to the tyrannical uncle of Lord Krishna, King Kans. Furthermore, situated on the shores of the mighty Yamuna river, this palace is one of the best places to visit if you are a history or art buff. 

  • Prem Mandir

Prem Mandir is among the newly built temples in Mathura. Situated on a sprawling 54-acre area, it opened for sightseeing in 2012. However, even within this short period, this alluring temple became one of the most renowned temples in the city. Given its stunning architecture that beholds the visitors. In addition, this temple is an exceptional embodiment of grace and architectural brilliance. Popularly known as the Temple of God’s Love. Also constructed out of Italian white marble, the 125-feet high temple is decorated with intricate carvings and sculptures of Lord Krishna that display various fascinating happenings from the god’s life. It is even more surreal to visit this temple during the night as you will be enchanted by the breathtaking sight of it glowing with bright lights.

  • Mathura Museum

The renowned Mathura museum, constructed in the 18th century, draws travellers and history enthusiasts alike. It highlights various paintings, sculptures, coins, pottery, artefacts, and several other things that give you a quick peek into the ancient era and its stunning sandstone architecture. 

Savaari recommends – Popular places to eat in Mathura 

The standout cuisine of Mathura is its milk products and sweets. And the famous Mathura ke Pede, a type of sweet dish cooked from condensed milk, is a specialty here. Also, when in town, don’t forget to relish delicious Jalebi, Kachori, Chaat, Samosa, Dhokla, Panipuri, Aloo Tikki and Lassi. Here are some famous eating joints in Mathura serving some mouthwatering delicacies. 

  • Heera Foods: Famous for North Indian dishes like Chole Bhature, Parathas, and Rajma Chawal. 
  • Hotel Wingston: Famous for North Indian, South Indian, and Chinese
  • Brijwasi Sweets: Famous for sweet delicacies like Peda, Ghewar, Lassi and Makhan Mishri

Hotels and Resorts in Mathura 

Hotel Name Address
The Radha Ashok Masani Bypass Road, Mathura| Phone No. 9837042944
Centrum Hotel by Brijwasi Near New Bus Stand, Bhuteshwar Rd, near New Railway Station, Mathura| Phone No.072510 17999
Wingston A Treehouse Hotel Goverdhan Radha Kund Road Goverdhan, Mathura | Phone No. 075348 12040
Brijwasi Royal Station Road, SBI Crossing| Phone No. 0565 240 1225
Hotel Maharana Palace Junction Road, near railway station| Phone No. 097603 29111

Nearby road trips from Mathura 

Destination Distance Duration
Mathura to Agra 57 Kms1 hr 19 mins
Mathura to Aligarh65.7 Kms2 hrs 17 mins
Mathura to Noida140.7 Kms2 hrs 10 mins 
Mathura to Bharatpur39 Kms1 hrs 5 mins 

Mathura, filled with a vibrant heritage, incredible structures and stunning religious sites. It should unquestionably be at the top of your list of places to tour in India. And, given the ancient glory that the town holds, it is challenging to describe the charm and essence of the ancient city through words.

So if you plan to visit a destination where you can calm and rejuvenate your heart, mind, and body, Mathura is the place to visit on your next road trip from Agra. 

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