Arambol to Baga Road Trip – Distance, Time, and Useful Travel Information

Baga, situated in North Goa, India, is a bustling coastal town known for its lively beaches and vibrant nightlife. Its popularity among tourists can be traced back to its rich history as a quaint fishing village that has transformed into a tourist hub over the years. Baga Beach, one of the main attractions, offers a lively ambiance with beach shacks, water sports, and a vibrant nightlife scene. Hiring Savaari’s car rental service in Baga enhances the exploration of Baga and Goa, providing a convenient and comfortable way to navigate through the town and its neighboring areas. With seasoned drivers and well-maintained vehicles, Savaari ensures that travelers can immerse themselves in the beauty and excitement of Baga without any transportation concerns, making the trip a memorable experience.

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  1. Why travel from Arambol to Baga?
  2. Traveling from Arambol to Baga by car
  3. Important Highway information about Arambol to Baga
  4. Best time to visit
  5. Popular routes from Arambol to Baga
  6. Savaari’s customer recommends – popular places to eat in Baga
  7. Hotels and resorts in Baga
  8. Nearby road trips from Baga
  9. Highway updates

Why travel from Arambol to Baga?

Traveling from Arambol to Baga is a delightful choice for those seeking a shift from the laid-back vibe of Arambol to the energetic atmosphere of Baga. Arambol, known for its pristine beaches and bohemian aura, offers a peaceful retreat, and opting for a car rental in Arambol ensures a thorough exploration of Arambol. Once you decide to explore Baga, you can opt for Savaari’s reliable taxi service to get you to Baga and back if needed. With Savaari, you can effortlessly plan your journey, exploring the serene beaches and then smoothly making your way to the bustling shores of Baga.

Arambol to Baga

Traveling from Arambol to Baga by car

A road trip from Arambol to Baga allows you to experience numerous beaches and villages along the way. While exploring Arambol, you can conveniently utilize the local taxi service in Arambol, making it easier to wander through the serene corners of the town before embarking on a picturesque journey to Baga.

With Savaari’s cab services, this transition is smooth and comfortable, promising a well-rounded experience as you embrace the varied flavors of both destinations, making your coastal adventure truly memorable.

Important Highway information about Arambol to Baga

Highway Name Mandrem Road & Aguada-Siolim Road
Alternate Name
Highway Number
Distance 23 km
Starting Point Arambol
Ending Point Baga
Highway Quality Good

Best time to visit

Baga Beach in Goa experiences a tropical monsoon climate. Summer arrives by March and extends through June, with temperatures exceeding 45°C along the coast. Monsoons provide relief from the heat, but the rough tides during this period make it the off-season. Therefore, the most favorable time to visit Baga is during the winter season, from October to February.

  • Peak: October to February
  • Optimal: June to September
  • Avoid: March to May

Route 1: Distance and Time taken from Arambol to Baga via Mandrem Road & Aguada-Siolim Road

This is the shortest and best route to travel between Arambol and Baga. The distance between Arambol and Baga on this route is around 23 km and takes about an hour. Always check live maps and instant traffic updates for the latest information on Arambol to Baga road conditions.

 Arambol to Baga via Mandrem Road & Aguada-Siolim Road

Driver-suggested sights/monuments/offbeat places along this route

If you’re driving along this route, there are plenty of sights and offbeat places that you can explore. Here are a few driver-suggested options:

  • Mandrem Beach – This is a tranquil and less crowded beach known for its pristine shoreline and serene ambiance. It’s an ideal destination for those seeking a peaceful escape amidst the natural beauty of the Arabian Sea. The soft sands, palm trees, and gentle waves create a perfect setting for relaxation and sunbathing. While less commercialized than some of its counterparts, Mandrem Beach offers beach shacks, water sports, and yoga retreats, providing visitors with a well-rounded beach experience.
Mandrem Beach
  • St Anthony Church, Siolim – This church is dedicated to St. Anthony, the patron saint of Siolim, depicted distinctively. The statue of St. Anthony at this church portrays him holding a serpent tied to a rope in his right hand, a feature not found in any other church worldwide. This intriguing representation of the saint has an interesting story behind it, making the church even more noteworthy. The tale behind this depiction adds to the mystique and reverence surrounding St. Anthony Church in Siolim.
  • Goosebumps Virtual Escape, Arpora – This is an adventure and entertainment center that offers a unique and immersive experience. This virtual reality (VR) gaming hub provides an opportunity for visitors to step into a world of fantasy and excitement. With cutting-edge VR technology, participants can enjoy various games and experiences that transport them to different realms, from thrilling adventures to virtual travel experiences. It’s a perfect spot for both gaming enthusiasts and those seeking an adrenaline rush

Popular places to eat along this route where our customers usually stop

The route is adorned with eateries that beckon travelers to savor local and international delicacies. From traditional Goan dishes to modern fusion cuisine, these dining spots present a tempting array of options that cater to every palate. The inviting ambiance and a wide range of menu choices make these places a favored stop for travelers seeking a delicious respite during their journey. Here are some recommendations:

  • Balcao Restaurant, Mandrem – This is a multi-cuisine restaurant offering a range of Goan dishes along with Continental, Chinese, and different Indian cuisines. It has an Old Goa feel with affordable prices and excellent service. Some recommended dishes are Squid Rava Masala Fry, Pomfret Fish Thali, and Special Goan Thali.
  • Mr & Mrs Food House, Chopdem – If you are craving South Indian food, then you can consider a pit stop at this restaurant. Most travelers find the ambiance very homely and the staff very polite. Some recommended dishes are Fish Fry, Cheese Masala Dosa, and Andhra-style Spicy Butter Garlic Prawns.
  • Soro – The Village Pub, Assagao – This is a trendy and lively establishment that embodies the vibrant and laid-back essence of Goa’s nightlife. The pub offers a unique blend of contemporary aesthetics with a touch of rustic charm, providing a comfortable yet lively ambiance. With live music, themed nights, and an enthusiastic crowd, Soro promises a memorable night out.

Arambol to Baga road condition via Mandrem Road & Aguada-Siolim Road

The road condition from Arambol to Baga via Mandrem Road and Aguada-Siolim Road is generally good, offering a smooth and scenic drive. The route takes you through picturesque Goan landscapes, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the coastal region. However, it’s advisable to check for the latest updates on road conditions and traffic before your journey to ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable ride.

Route 2: Distance and Time taken from Arambol to Baga via Aguada-Siolim Road

This is a longer route to travel from Arambol to Baga than the previous one. The distance between Arambol and Baga on this route is around 25 KM and takes about an hour. To avoid road closures, always check for the latest updates. Follow a live map when traveling to get the best idea of Arambol to Baga road conditions.

Arambol to Baga via Aguada-Siolim Road

Driver-suggested sights/monuments/offbeat places along this route

Here are some of the must-visit places on an Arambol to Baga road trip along this route:

  • Vetal Temple, Chopdem – This is a revered Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Vetal, a deity associated with protection and auspiciousness. The temple holds a significant place in the hearts of the local community. Devotees who visit to seek blessings for prosperity and well-being. Its serene and spiritual ambiance, surrounded by lush greenery, makes it an ideal place for peaceful worship and reflection. The traditional architecture and the tranquility of Vetal Temple make it a must-visit for those seeking a glimpse into Goa’s religious and cultural heritage.
Vetal Temple, Chopdem
  • St. Michael’s Church, Anjuna – Established in 1603, this historic church is also known as ‘Sao Miguel Arcanjo Igreja em Anjuna, Goa’ in Portuguese, is affectionately referred to as ‘The Anjuna Church’ locally in Goa and dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel. Over the years, the church underwent significant transformations, including a demolition and subsequent rebuilding in 1713. Subsequent expansions and renovations took place, notably in 1897, when the church was further enlarged, solidifying its importance and architectural prominence within the region.
  • Benz Celebrity Wax Museum, Arpora – This is a fascinating attraction that showcases an array of lifelike wax figures of renowned personalities from various fields. Visitors can immerse themselves in a world where the likes of famous actors, politicians, sports icons, and other celebrities come to life through meticulously crafted wax statues. This museum provides a unique and interactive experience, allowing visitors to click photos with their favorite figures and learn about the art of wax sculpting.

Popular places to eat along this route where our customers usually stop

Here are some of the best stops for food and drinks on your Arambol to Baga road trip on this route:

  • Fat Fish, Baga – This is a popular dining establishment known for its delectable seafood and a diverse range of traditional Goan dishes. The restaurant offers a vibrant and lively ambiance, providing a perfect setting for enjoying the flavors of Goan cuisine. Some recommended dishes are Special Goan Fish Thali, Stuffed Crab Meat, and Prawns Tawa Fry.
  • Goa Grill, Siolim – This restaurant captures the essence of Goan flavors and cuisine. It is renowned for offering a variety of dishes, showcasing the rich culinary heritage of Goa. From classic Goan curries to succulent grilled dishes, Goa Grill tantalizes taste buds with its delightful and diverse menu. The cozy and welcoming ambiance adds to the overall dining experience. Hence it is a popular choice for both locals and tourists looking to explore the authentic tastes of Goa. Some recommended dishes are Roast Chicken, Tuna Mayo Sandwich, and Avocado Shake.
  • Jungle Dance, Arambol Varcha Wada – This is an exciting and vibrant venue known for its energetic parties and lively atmosphere. This open-air nightclub offers a unique experience with pulsating music, colorful lights, and a spirited crowd. Visitors can immerse themselves in the electrifying beats, dance the night away, and create unforgettable memories. Some recommended dishes are Greek Salad, Hummus Plate, and Strawberry Pancake.

Arambol to Baga road condition via Aguada-Siolim Road

The route offers picturesque views of Goa’s coastal areas and the Arabian Sea, enhancing the overall travel experience. However, road conditions can change over time. It’s advisable to check for any recent updates and road maintenance before embarking on your journey to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride. Overall, this route is known for providing a comfortable and scenic drive for travelers heading from Arambol to Baga.

Most preferred route from Arambol to Baga by Savaari customers

Both the above routes are good for traveling from Arambol to Baga. However, the route via Mandrem Road & Aguada-Siolim Road is the best route for an Arambol to Baga road trip. It can get you there within an hour. However, if you have already traveled this route and want an alternative, then you can opt for the route via Aguada-Siolim Road.

Other means of traveling from Arambol to Baga

How to reach by train?

There is no train from Arambol to Baga. The nearest railhead to Arambol is at Pernem. It is around 10.5 km away and the nearest railhead to Baga is at Thivim around 15.77 km away. Since the distance by road between Arambol and Baga is only 25 km, it is faster to travel by road.

Baga has a lot to offer. Hence, once you reach, you can book Savaari’s car rental service cab in Baga to explore it to your heart’s content. With cost-efficient cabs and experienced drivers, you can explore the place without thinking about getting around.

How to reach by flight?

There is no airport in Arambol or Baga. Hence, there is no option to travel from Arambol to Baga by flight.

If you are arriving in Goa via flight and want to commence your onward journey to Baga immediately, then you can opt for a Savaari taxi from Goa Airport to Baga to reach your destination in a hassle-free manner.

How to reach by road?

There are two ways to travel from Arambol to Baga by road – a bus or a taxi.

Go on a pleasant excursion from Arambol to Baga by choosing the ease and comfort of a Savaari cab. Traveling through Mandrem Road and Aguada-Siolim Road, the distance spans around 23 kilometers, and the estimated travel time is approximately an hour, contingent upon traffic and other variables. With an affordable fare of Rs. 2,562, you can unwind and appreciate the picturesque journey while our skilled drivers guarantee a secure and enjoyable trip, ensuring your voyage is memorable and free of any hassles.

While there are no options to book a bus from Arambol to Baga, there are some local bus options from Kadamba Transport Corporation (KTC) that can be explored when there.

Price comparison for choosing different travel means 

Means of transportation Travel time via each of these means Price
Arambol to Baga by train
Arambol to Baga by bus
Arambol to Baga by flight
Arambol to Baga by cab Around 1 hour Rs.2,562

While, usually, buses are highly cost-efficient, frequent stops and having to travel distances to get to bus stops can be challenging. They can impact the overall experience of the trip. However, when you opt for a Savaari cab for traveling from Arambol to Baga, you can halt at places that you find interesting along the way and create an adventure out of a simple trip.

If you are planning to visit Baga and return to Arambol the same day or the next day, then you can opt for our roundtrip cab services. This allows you to have a cab with you at all times and explore the place and the route at your own pace.

Arambol to Baga

Attractions in Baga for sightseeing

Baga is more than a beach. The area boasts a diverse array of attractions that cater to various interests, promising an enriching experience for every visitor. Here are some places to explore when in Baga:

  • Spend time at the Baga Beach: This is a vibrant beach that has shot to fame in recent years attracting tourists from across India and around the world. The lively beach shacks and restaurants lining the shore offer a delightful gastronomic experience, serving fresh seafood and local Goan delicacies. Baga Beach is also renowned for its nightlife, with numerous clubs and beach parties that keep the energy high well into the night.
  • Go kayaking on Baga Creek: This is a delightful and serene adventure, offering a unique perspective of Goa’s natural beauty. As you paddle through the calm waters of the creek, you’ll be surrounded by lush mangroves and scenic landscapes.
  • Visit the Snow Park: The park offers visitors a chance to escape the usual sun and sand of Goa for a while and enter a world of snow and ice. With artificially created snow, the park allows visitors to enjoy snow-related activities such as snowball fights, building snowmen, and sliding down snow slides.
  • Shake a leg at Club Titos: This is an iconic and longstanding nightclub, making it one of the most sought-after spots in Goa for a vibrant nightlife experience. The party kicks off around 9:00 PM, and while it may start relatively subdued, the energy gradually builds, reaching its peak by midnight, transforming the ambiance into something truly amazing. Once you are in Baga, you can hire a Savaari cab for sightseeing and exploring the nearby places.

In Baga, you will find an array of eateries that are not only popular but also offer diverse and delicious cuisines. From beachfront shacks serving fresh seafood delights to cozy cafes with a laid-back vibe, Baga has it all. Some spots offer a taste of local Goan flavors, while others provide international dishes. Here are some popular places to eat in Baga:

  • Jamies Restaurant – A global cuisine restaurant located close to the Baga River
  • Cafe de Port – Located in Radisson Resort Goa Baga, this is an all-day dining restaurant offering a range of cuisines  
  • Fire & Ice Bar and Restaurant – This is a casual dining restaurant offering a unique dining experience
  • Relish Unique Dining & Bar – Enjoy Indian, continental, and Asian food in a casual, cozy restaurant that has both indoor and outdoor seating.
  • Go with the Flow Restaurant and Bar – This beachfront place in the open air offers food from around the world and drinks on the outdoor balcony or in the garden.

Hotels and resorts in Baga

Hotel Name Address
Fahrenheit Hotels and Resorts Address: Calangute – Baga Rd, Calangute, Baga
Phone: +91 0832-6717800 / +91 8888831898 / +91 9167060300 / +91 9820740281 / 0832-6717814
Lazy Lagoon, Baga – A Lemon Tree Resort, Goa Address: Opp. to Sun Village, Baga, Arpora, Baga
Phone: +91 99117 01701
Acron Waterfront Resort Address: On the seaward side of the Baga Bridge, Baga
Phone: +91 77220 16888 / +91 87999 01617
Amara Grand Address: Near St Alex Church Naika Vaddo, Calangute
Phone: +91 98034 66466
La Calypso Hotels Address: Saunta Waddo, 614, Calangute – Baga Rd, Baga
Phone: +91 96578 85950

Going from Arambol to Baga has become easy and simple thanks to the Savaari cab app on your phone. With just a few taps, you can book a cab for one-way travel, round-trip, airport transfers, or a few hours in the city. Savaari’s user-friendly app makes planning your trip smooth and trouble-free.

Nearby road trips from Baga

If you’re in Baga, the adventure of exploring nearby places by road awaits. Drive through scenic routes and uncover hidden gems just a short distance away. These road trips promise diverse experiences, from stunning natural landscapes to culturally rich towns. Here are some recommendations:

Route  Distance The best time to visit
Baga to Dudhsagar Falls 87 km October to May
Baga to Old Goa 25 km October to February
Baga to Arvalem Caves 39 km August to October

Highway updates

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