Bangalore to Gokarna by Road – Distance, Time and Useful Travel Information

One of the most scenic beaches of Karnataka, Gokarna is a popular holiday destination for all beach lovers, especially for those living in Bangalore. From surfing to beach hopping, trekking, rave parties, or even spiritual tourism, Gokarna offers all kinds of quirks for all kinds of travelers.

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Why travel from Bangalore to Gokarna?

Bangalore to Gokarna by road

To make sure you enjoy it to the fullest, you can drive down to Gokarna. When you book a Bangalore car rental with Savaari, you can turn your long drive into an interesting experience. With our fully customizable itineraries and trip plans, you can make stopovers, take scenic detours, and add some adventure to a regular drive.

Traveling from Bangalore to Gokarna by car

The route from Bangalore to Gokarna goes through the lushest part of northern Karnataka and is one of the most popular drives in the state. You can enjoy the drive through the scenic landscape, and enjoy the greenery and famous nature spots. Along the way, you will pass through some popular tourist locales where you can make a stop and add some adventure to the trip. The best time to visit Bangalore to Gokarna by car is between October to March. For an even more enriching adventure, consider the convenience and versatility of a tempo traveller from Bangalore for a trip to Gokarna at Savaari.

Let us help you discover the best routes and travel plans for an unforgettable road trip from Bangalore to Gokarna.

Bangalore to Gokarna cabs

Best time to take a road trip from Bangalore to Gokarna by car

Sitting on the coasts of the Arabian Sea, Gokarna boasts a typical coastal climate. The summer months of April and May are quite hot, while the months after monsoon are more pleasant and make for the best time to visit Bangalore to Gokarna by car and explore the town and its surrounding areas. The winter months are warm and pleasant and perfect to spend time outdoors.


Popular routes from Bangalore to Gokarna

Route 1: Distance and Time taken from Bangalore to Gokarna via NH48

The Bangalore to Gokarna distance by road is nearly 490 KM and takes about nine and half hours to travel. This route has tolls and there might be some Bangalore to Gokarna traffic due to roadwork. But for best information on Bangalore to Gokarna road conditions always check for real-time traffic updates and follow live maps.

Here’s a basic Bangalore to Gokarna road map for this route:

Bangalore – Tumkur – Chitradurga – Harihar – Sirsi – Gokarna 
Bangalore to Gokarna distance via Chitradurga

Popular sights/monuments that you will encounter along this route:

  • Nijagal Betta, Nijagal – This short stretch of rolling sandstone hills surrounded by grasslands offers great views and a good break from the long drive.
  • Chitradurga Fort, Chitradurga – Make a quick detour to this historical hill fortress with carvings and remarkable natural sandstone formations. 
  • Benne Hole Falls, Hebre – Stop by this natural waterfall cutting through hills and forests, for a refreshing break, walk through the woods, or simply for great views.
  • Mirjan Fort, Mirjan – Take a tour of this historical site with ruins of an old fort, just before reaching Gokarna town.
Chitradurga Fort
Chitradurga Fort

Places to eat along this route

  • Spoorthi Prince Bar & Restaurant, Mydala – Casual diner with garden seating, serving multi cuisine food and bar menu. 
  • Kaarar Forest Breez Restaurant, Davanagere – Locally popular family restaurant specializing in non-vegetarian dishes. 
  • Reddy Military Hotel, Chitradurga – Highway side cheap eatery serving mess-style meals, good for big groups.
  • Five Star Chicken, Sirsi – Statewide famous fast food joint serving fried chicken and on-the-go meals, good for quick stops.

Bangalore to Gokarna Road Condition Via NH 48

This is the shortest and fastest route to reach Gokarna from Bangalore. It is also the most recommended route by live maps and used by frequent travelers.

Route 2: Distance and Time taken from Bangalore to Gokarna via Bangalore- Shivamogga Road & NH 69

The distance on this road is 513 Km and takes nearly ten and half hours. There might be some occasional traffic on this route between Bangalore and Gokarna. Always check real-time traffic and live maps for the most updated information on Bangalore to Gokarna road conditions.

Bangalore to Gokarna distance Via – Shimoga NH69

Here’s a basic Bangalore to Gokarna road map for this route:

Bangalore – Kadur – Shivamogga – Sagar – Kumta – Gokarna 
Bangalore to Gokarna distance via Shimoga

Popular sights/monuments that you will encounter along this route:

  • Markonahalli Dam, Markonahalli – Stop by this huge river dam for a break around the catchment area.
  • Nagapuri Forest, Arsikere – While passing through this forested area, take a drive around through the woods or the locally famous ancient temples.
  • Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, Bhadravathi – Take a detour to this huge wildlife sanctuary on the way for a drive-through or a short walking tour.
  • Shimoga Zoo & Safari, Shivamogga – A great place to stop by for a short wildlife safari, good for families with kids.
  • Jog Falls – Take a refreshing pit stop at this second-highest waterfall in India, for great views, or tour the adjacent Sharavathi Valley Wildlife Sanctuary.
Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, Bhadravathi
Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, Bhadravathi

Places to eat along this route

  • Shark Food Court, Nagasandra – Local multi-cuisine food court, open for takeaways, good for quick stop and fast food.
  • Taj Restaurant, Kallakainakanahalli – Standard highway-side restaurant, specializing in biryani and non-vegetarian dishes, good for late-night stops.
  • Masala Suruchi Vegetarian Restaurant, Kadur – Popular highway-side eatery serving vegetarian South Indian dishes, good for groups and families.
  • Romanshia Restaurant, Honnavar – Locally popular family-friendly restaurant, serving non-vegetarian and seafood dishes.

Bangalore to Gokarna Road Condition Via NH 69

This is an alternative route to reach Gokarna. This route is a little longer and also takes more time than the previous one, but the drive on this road is more scenic. The road condition is average.

Bangalore to Gokarna Best Route

Overall, both the routes are good to take. However, the distance Via – Chitradurga NH48 route is advisable. It is important to check for live traffic updates before leaving to avoid any hassle during the journey.

Other means of traveling from Bangalore to Gokarna  

You can reach Gokarna by bus, train and flight. If you plan to take a bus, you can check KSRTC bus timings to avoid any delays.

How to Reach Gokarna By Train

You can also reach Gokarna from Bangalore by train. The nearest railway station is at Ankola, about 20 km from Gokarna. There are only 2 weekly trains plying between these two destinations and the fastest train is BENGALURU EXP(16514). It takes about 12 hours to cover the distance between Bangalore and Gokarna of 728 KM. For updated train ticket price and timings and schedules, visit the Indian Railways website. 

Train NameDepartureArrivalDurationCheck Availability
16515 – Yesvantpur – Karwar Express7:00 AM9:02 PM14hr 2minClick Here
16595 – Panchaganga SF Express06:50 PM6:57 AM12hr 7 minClick Here
06563 – Yesvantpur – Murdeshwar Special 06:45 AM09:30 AM2hr 45 minClick Here

How to Reach Gokarna by Flight

You can also travel from Bangalore to Gokarna by air. Gokarna doesn’t have a local airport, and the nearest one is Dabolim airport in Goa about 140 km away. The airport is well connected by flights to Indian and international cities. It takes between two to six hours to fly from Bangalore to Gokarna and the fares can range from INR 3000 to 6000 depending on the airline, flight route, available deals etc. You can book a convenient Goa Airport to Gokarna cab and reach your destination in three and a half hours. After completing your trip and planning to return to Bangalore by flight, book our Bangalore airport taxi for a convenient and comfortable journey to your destination. For all flight updates and information, visit any online travel portal or airline website. 

For a hassle-free road trip, you can also book a Bangalore Airport to Gokarna taxi.

Places to visit near Gokarna

The coastal town of Gokarna is one of the most popular and sought-after beach destinations of Karnataka. Although the town once evolved as a pilgrim center, Gokarna has been attracting spiritualists and wandering souls, and those with a lust for the sea. With its tranquil beaches and hippie vibes, and a community of explorers, pilgrims, and the average tourists, the culture of Gokarna as we see today is a fascinating blend. With our tips and suggestions, you can make your Gokarna trip interesting and fun. 

When in Gokarna, do what you would usually do in a beach destination. Explore the sparkling shores with casuarina and palm-lined beaches. Some of the most prominent and popular beaches are Om, Paradise, Half Moon, and Kudle. You can enjoy a classic surf and turf day with water sports and delicious seafood on the beachside cafes, or party with the wandering souls at night. For some divine intervention, the temple of Mahabaleshwar is worth visiting, which also offers exceptional sea views. The Mirjan Fort is another unique spot with traces of the region’s history. For a non-sea kind of adventure, head to the Lalguli Falls for a day trek or explore the nearby forested areas.

Savaari recommends – Popular places to eat in Gokarna

As a backpacker’s paradise and the best beach retreat in Karnataka, Gokarna’s culture is highly cosmopolitan and largely influenced by its tourists, both domestic and international. And that is reflected in its food. Despite its local, traditional Kannadiga heritage, the cuisine of Gokarna is a mix of east and West. 

Visit these best places in Gokarna to sample its local flavors- 

  • Mantra Café, Kudle Beach Road
  • Chez Christophe Gokarna, Midle Beach, Belehittal Road
  • Sea Rock Café, Kudle Beach
  • Hotel Gokarna Sea Route Fish Corner, IB Rd, opposite to ASHOKAVANA
  • Sunset Café, Main Beach, near Kariyappa Temple

Hotels and resorts – Accommodation in Gokarna

Hotel Name Address
Red Earth  Honey Beach Rd, Belambar Post, Honnebail, Karnataka 581353 PH: 087227 45555
Stone Wood Nature Resort 890/1, Om Beach Rd, Village, Gokarna, Karnataka 581326 PH: 091082 51301
Kudle Ocean Front Resort  Om Beach Rd, Gokarna, Karnataka 581326 PH: 094481 53614
Kudle Beach View Resort and Spa 365kw, Kudle Beach Rd, Gokarna, Karnataka 581326 PH: 081309 67666
Rudraksh Retreat Survey No 79A/1, Hissa 2/2, Bele Hittal, Gokarna, Kumta, Karnataka 581326

Nearby road trips from Gokarna

Destinations Distance Time Taken
Gokarna to Mangalore 234 Km 4 hours
Gokarna to Goa 134 Km 3 hours
Gokarna to Dandeli 133.3 Km 3 hours
Gokarna to Udupi 180 Km 3 hours 10 mins

For a smooth and pleasant journey from Bangalore to Gokarna download our Savaari car rental app.

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