Bilaspur to Chandigarh by Road: A Scenic Journey through North India

Chandigarh, the capital of Punjab and Haryana, is a modern city that boasts of a rich cultural heritage.The city is renowned for its meticulously planned layout, verdant tree-lined avenues, and exquisite gardens, all of which are attributed to the renowned French architect Le Corbusier. The city is also home to many important government institutions, including the Punjab and Haryana High Court, the Secretariat, and the Punjab University. When you book a Bilaspur car rental with Savaari, the most noteworthy part of it is that you can turn a simple drive into an experiential road trip.

Best Time to Visit Chandigarh by Road:

The best time to visit Chandigarh by road is between October to March when the weather is pleasant and ideal for sightseeing. The temperatures during this time range from 10 to 20 degrees Celsius, making it comfortable to explore the city’s attractions. Steering clear of the monsoon season, which extends from July to September, is recommended as the roads tend to get slippery and precarious for commutation.

Let us help you discover some of the best routes so your trip from Bilaspur to Chandigarh by road is nothing short of amazing!

Populate Route to take from Bilaspur to Reach Chandigarh:

There are two popular routes to travel from Bilaspur to Chandigarh by road:

Route 1: Bilaspur – Sundernagar – Mandi – Chandigarh

This route is the most popular and quickest route , with a total distance of approximately 270 km. It is a scenic route that takes you through the towns of Sundernagar and Mandi before joining NH 205. From there, you can take NH 503A, which leads you straight to Chandigarh. Along the way, you can enjoy beautiful views of the Himalayan range and stop at Sundernagar Lake for a refreshing break. The journey should take around 6-7 hours , depending on the traffic.

Route 2: Bilaspur – Nalagarh – Solan – Chandigarh

This route covers a slightly longer distance of around 290 kilometers and takes approximately 7-8 hours to complete. However, it offers breathtaking views of the Himalayan range and takes you through the scenic towns of Nalagarh and Solan before reaching Chandigarh. Along the way, you can visit the historic Nalagarh Fort and Pinjore Gardens, or stop at one of the many roadside dhabas for a delicious meal.

Each of the routes proffers a distinctive experience and guides you through some of the most picturesque landscapes of Northern India. You can choose the route based on your preference for scenery, time available, and points of interest.

Places to Visit Along the Route:

  1. Sundernagar Lake: Located about 40 kilometers from Bilaspur, Sundernagar Lake is a popular tourist spot known for its scenic beauty and tranquil surroundings. The lake is surrounded by lush green hills and offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape.
  2. Nalagarh Fort: Situated in the foothills of the Himalayas, Nalagarh Fort is a historic fortress that dates back to the 15th century. The fort has now been converted into a luxury hotel and is a popular destination for tourists looking to experience the rich history and culture of the region.
  3. Pinjore Gardens: Located on the way to Chandigarh, Pinjore Gardens is a sprawling Mughal-style garden spread over an area of 100 acres. The garden is home to several fountains, sculptures, and a mini zoo, making it an ideal destination for families.

Places to Eat Along the Route:

  1. The Lake View Restaurant: Located near Sundernagar Lake, The Lake View Restaurant is known for its delicious North Indian cuisine and stunning views of the lake.
  2. NH-22 Dhaba: Situated on NH 22, this roadside dhaba is famous for its lip-smacking Punjabi food, including parathas, lassi, and chole bhature.
  3. Giani da Dhaba: Located on the Ambala-Chandigarh highway, Giani da Dhaba is a well-liked restaurant renowned for dishing out some of the most delectable Punjabi cuisine in the area. Their tandoori chicken and butter chicken are highly recommended.

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