Important Announcement: Covid-19 Update

Where are we now?

As per the Government directives of a complete lock down in India till 3rd May, we are not taking any bookings. We request you to stay indoors and postpone your travel, if possible, till 3rd May and make a booking post that. We are eagerly awaiting India’s and humankind’s victory over coronavirus, things coming back to normal and we getting to serving you again.

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What are the developments related to COVID, worldwide?

As eager global citizens, we are closely following the cures for coronavirus. While a vaccine is anywhere between 12 to 18 months away, there are certainly some interesting developments in research and trials to find a cure.

  • Masks: There is drastic shift in how usage of masks (even the DIY ones) can help fight Corona virus. For Europe and North America, no other country has demonstrated it better than Czech Republic. Here is an article that details why making masks mandatory everywhere makes a lot of sense. A review of a variety of interventions  during SARS outbreak of 2003, found wearing a mask was actually more effective than even washing hands (more than 10 times daily) — at about 68 percent. Washing hands was at about 55% effective. 
  • Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) vaccine: There is enough interest generated on this vaccine for the correlation that exists between mandatory BCG vaccine and the low number of Corona virus cases in that country. There is interesting work happening in a JNU lab following this correlation led by Dr. Gobaddhan Das.
  • Spread through surfaces OR not: The common wisdom and quite a few lab experiments show that Corona virus can spread through surfaces. Hence, it was surprising that Professor Hendreek Streeck while studying on causes in Hinesberg which is termed as “Germany’s Wuhan” hasn’t found proof of that. If nothing else for now, at least we can be less fearful on how touching surfaces can spread the virus.
  • Plasma therapy: Initial outcomes have been very promising. This is the reason ICMR has allowed the use of it though only for critically ill patients for now.
  • Chloroquine: Read here on how Remdesivir and Cholroquine (many decades old Malaria vaccine) hold a lot of promise. It has been recommended as a prophylactic by ICMR for health workers who are at the front line of this fierce battle.
  • Fishing approach: Equally interesting is an approach to make human cells’ protein impenetrable by coronavirus. This is a gigantic effort led by Professor Nevan Krogan carried by QCRG where there are 22 labs involved across continents working 24×7.
  • The work is going in full pace across the globe. You can find the latest on vaccine update here.
  • Care to know more details about the Corona virus and vaccines in general including their history? Here is Professor Siddhartha Mukherjee’s New Yorker article and Jon Cohen’s interview to go over.

If you are numbers person, you can track the counts coronavirus cases for all countries in the world and state wise count in India.

Meanwhile, we at Savaari have been taking precautions and equipping our cars and drivers will all necessary measures to ensure you have the safest trip with us, once the lockdown is lifted. Read more about them here.

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Are we letting the lockdown depress us?

Not at all. We are a travel company, and thus inspire people to travel. However, such strange times that we live in now, that we are campaigning against travel through our path-breaking (no pun intended) campaign called #UNTRAVEL. Follow all the humor here!

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy!
Team Savaari