Bangalore for the adventurer


Head out on an adventure in Bangalore

Sandwiched between the Western Ghats on one side and the Deccan Hills on the other, the city of Bangalore enjoys quite a location. Replete with hills, lakes, rivers, and dense forests, the state capital offers the perfect landscape for outdoor adventures. Make the most of your regular weekends or the long ones, by exploring the nature trails, water sports, and other thrilling activities.

We recommend these 10 must-do things for your upcoming weekends.

1. Hot air balloon ride at Jakkur

Riding on a hot air balloon is no more a luxury. Every Saturday, from 4 am to 7 am, you can enjoy the view of the Garden City from a height of 300-500 feet. Though the balloon is tethered to the ground, you can get a panoramic view of the city on one side and the mountains of the Western Ghats on the other. The joyride usually lasts for about 45 minutes to an hour and costs below 2,000INR per person.

2. Parasailing

Enjoy a parasail ride right inside your city. Yet another aerial adventure option available at Jakkur airport, parasailing gives you the thrill of flying without much ado. The parasail towed to a car on the ground ensures your safety and still gives you the freedom to float around. You can choose between a solo or tandem ride, the latter being accompanied by a professional.

3. Microlight flight

Always dreamed of flying an aircraft? Well, here’s a chance you wouldn’t want to miss. A motored mini craft, a microlight lets you fly at the level of birds and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the city, literally! Head to the Jakkur airfield on a weekend morning and enjoy this once in a lifetime experience!

4. Kayaking & Rafting

The region blessed with lakes, streams, rivers, and seas, you have every reason to go out and indulge in some water sports. Ride in a kayak along the tranquil water while soaking in the surrounding nature, and rejuvenate yourself. Or hop onto an inflated raft and head for a bumpy ride down the Cauvery River and get your adrenaline pumping. Bheemeshwari, at a drive of three hours from the city, is a great place for river rafting. While, the serene Kabini River, at a two hours drive from the city, makes for a perfect kayak ride.

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5. Rock Climbing

Whether you are seeking fitness and endurance, stamina and flexibility, or simply looking for some weekend adventure, rock climbing is the best call! South of Bangalore is full of big natural boulders and rocky hills, which make for the perfect spot for climbers. About 40 Km away from Bangalore, Turahalli and Anthargange have developed as famous rock climbing terrains, right outside the city. Choose from lesser to a higher level of difficulty depending on your expertise and physical ability. While Turahalli gives you an expansive view of the surrounding forests, the limestone cave formations of Anthargange make for an exciting climb.

6. Night Trek to Kabbaldurga

If you are a night-owl, this is the perfect way to spend your weekend. Walk the nature’s trails, under the moonlight, when the rest of the world is deep asleep. About 70 KM from the Bangalore city, the small hillock of Kabbaldurga is a popular place for night treks. Start around sunset and reach the fort at the top of the hill by midnight. You can even camp there for the rest of the night. Good enough for hobby trekkers and beginners, this nature trail is about 4 KM long.

7. Day Trek to Makalidurga

Trekking can be a de-stressing activity for those who love to explore and discover nature on foot. Find your kind of relaxation when you head to Makalidurga, a scenic trekking locale, only 60 KM away from the city. Opt for a day trek to walk the 7- 8 KM trail and enjoy the scenic surroundings of lush green forests and the Gunjar Lake. When you view it from a height of 4430 feet, the lake forms an outline of South America’s map, a view you cannot miss.

8. Camping at Ramnagara

A hop-skip-jump from Kanakpura, you can find the perfect spot to pitch a tent without going far away from your city. Pack your camping gear for a night and head to Ramnagar. Besides sitting by the crackling bonfire and gazing at the stars, you can also enjoy a host of adventures here like hiking, kayaking and more. The best time to camp here is between the months of November to February, when the weather is cooler and pleasant.

9. Trek and nature photography at Nandi Hills

One of the most popular trekking locations near Bangalore, Nandi Hills sits about 60 Km from the city. Nestled amidst the Tumkur-Chikballapura-Kolar ranges, these hills offer a magnificent view of the Arkavati River. Trek, hike or photograph, Nandi Hills can be your perfect place to unwind over a weekend.

10. Exploring Kalavarhalli Betta

Hills, flatlands, plateau and ancient caves. If all these sound thrilling to you, then go for a hike to Kalavarahalli Betta. After an hour’s trek, you can reach the temple at the top, with two ancient caves en route. The view of Tipu Sultan’s fort amidst a veil of clouds is a sight that will make this exploration worthwhile.