Bangalore for the foodie

Walking the food trail of Bangalore

As much as Banglore is synonymous with pubs, lounges, and microbreweries, the Garden City has a lot more gastronomic offerings, than meets the eye. While its colonial heritage runs in its veins, the growing IT hub has brought along a strong cosmopolitan culture with it. And the food scene in Bangalore is the perfect example of the beautiful blend of these two aspects of the metro. A melting pot of cultures and their cuisines, the food trail of Bangalore is something you must experience.

We list down the best known and the not-so-known places of the city, for a memorable culinary adventure.

Breakfast tour of Basavangudi

Take the walking tour to sample hot-off-the-stove vegetarian breakfast spread. The three-hour long walk takes you around to sample the best traditional delicacies of the region. Start with melt-in-your-mouth steamed idlis, crispy dosas of all kinds, to chow chow baat, damrot, idli, poori-sagu, vada, rava idli, rava vada, nippattu and more. Wash down with a cup of sizzling Mysore Tea or filter coffee. End the morning meal on a sweet note with a bite at Sponge Bakery.

Central Tiffin Room, Malleswaram

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Classic and conventional, the Central Tiffin Room or locally called the CTR, is an eatery carried down from the past. With its old world vibes and the clockwork motion of busy waiters rushing through the tables, CTR will surely bring out the nostalgia in you. Their Benne Dosa served only with chutney and no sambhar, tops the list.


For those in love with seafood, Karavalli at the Taj Gateway Hotel is pure bliss. Made with bold flavors and aromatic spices, this coastal restaurant will make your gastronomy tour totally worthwhile. Choose between fish, crabs, prawn or lobsters, for a hearty Sunday lunch or a special dinner. We bet you won’t stop gorging on the Allapuzzah Meen Curry with neer dosa or appam- the highlight of Karavalli’s menu.

The Permit Room

Albeit a new addition to Bangalore’s dining culture, The Permit Room has managed to hold onto the city’s food tradition. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find coin parathas and chicken ghee roast, alongside trendy cocktails. Only that, these Bangalore classics come with a millennial twist.

Brahmin’s Coffee Bar

If you are in Basavanagudi and get drawn by the aroma of fresh filter coffee, know that you are near Brahmin’s Coffee Bar. This time-honored joint is the good old day’s version of an open café. Besides the best in class filter coffee, don’t forget to try the idli-vada combo, dunked in coconut chutney. Or hop in for a quick meal of kesaribhaat and upma.

Frazer Town Biryani Tour

Lest you wonder that Bangalore is all about vegetarian food, here’s a surprise. Frazer Town in the old part of the city is known for its Mughlai and middle eastern restaurants. Take a walk down the lanes and alleys of the Cantonment area, through its mosques, churches and eclectic bungalows, on to Mosque Road till you get pulled in by the heady aroma of biryani. Take your pick from tender kababs, khoya naans, spicy Hyderabadi biryani, halwa-puri, kulfis and more.

Sri Sairam’s Chat & Juice

The street side chat is probably the most universal and quintessential Indian snack. Whether its Delhi or Bangalore, there isn’t a corner on the city streets where you wouldn’t find a famous ‘chatwala’. But every chat place in every city is different in their own flavors and recipes. And so is Sairam’s in Malleswaram. Warm, hearty and a popular place, this joint serves a unique range of chats from wafers chat, chips masala chat to the funky named disco chat, crazy masala and a lot more.

Khan Saheb Grills & Rolls

Craving for some tasty grub on the go? Located in Indiranagar, Frazer Town and a few other localities, Khan Saheb is one of the best street food joints you must visit in the city. From their crunchy rolls to grilled tikkas, Kathi wraps and more, this cozy corner offers charcoal grilled dishes with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

The Only Place

For those in love with Goa and its food, you don’t have to wait for your next vacation. You can find delectable Goan cuisine, right here in Bangalore at The Only Place. Aptly named, this is indeed the only place you can expect home-style Goan food, including warm and melting apple pie with ice-cream and house burgers. Old school and no frills, this is a great place to spend some cozy time with friends.

Johnson Market

The diversity of Bangalore is prominent when you explore the GrubHub of the city. The Johnson Market has been a motley of cultures with Tamil, Syrian Christians and Iranian traders settled here for over three centuries. And today, their cuisine keeps the remaining communities alive. Taste the best of city’s roti rolls, naturally flavored soda pops, Suleimani chai, beef kababs and the famous Iranian Biryani.

Korean Cuisine

While the rest of India is still experimenting with continental cuisines, Bangalore has gone a step ahead with Korean food. Restaurants like Soo Ra Sang and Arirang and similar others are unraveling a new palate for the city’s foodies with traditional Korean dishes like Bibimbap and Bulgogi.

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And if you wish to go on a food trail around Bangalore, here is a detailed list of places that you can visit nearby