Bangalore for the shopaholic

Shopping in Bangalore: 10 best destinations on a budget

It’s obvious that a city so diverse in its culture, food, and lifestyle, will also cater to your retail therapy. Discover the vibrant shopping scene in Bangalore and ensure a convenient shopping spree with our trusted car rental service in Bangalore for hassle-free transportation throughout the city. Whether you are a local or tourist, retail therapy in a city can be thrilling. But before you plan a shopping day, you must know where you can get your best bargains.

Here’s a list of 10 best shopping destinations in Bangalore where you can spend wisely. So, hit the streets of the Garden City and shop till you drop!


Being in Bangalore and not shopping for silk is sacrilege! One of the oldest markets in Bangalore, Chickpet is a treasure trove of silk and other handloom sarees and fabrics, and the best in town. Standing in the same way, at the same place for more than 400 years, Chickpet has an infinite collection of sarees, in every possible weave and textile. The hub is also famous for precious jewelry like gold and silver. And since most of this jewellery is made right here, at the wholesale stores, you can expect a good bargain.

Avenue Road

You know about the literary culture of a city when you see some of its areas dedicated to bookstores. Avenue Road is one such place in Bangalore. From textbooks, to reference materials, old journals, fictions and self-help books, the pavements of Avenue Road are lined with books stalls of all kinds. There are about 300 vendors catering to students, teachers, writers, and readers. You can also find shops here selling raw art materials for your DIY projects.

MG Road

The most popular watering hole for the locals, MG Road is one of Bangalore’s cheapest shopping district. If you are looking for quality silk sarees and fabrics, or traditional handicrafts, then MG Road is a place you must visit. Alive and dazzling till midnight, MG Road also offers a wide array of eateries to kill your hunger pangs while shopping.

Residency Road

One of the busiest streets in the heart of the town, Residency Road is an interesting area to walk around. A hub of handicraft shops, this street is the perfect place to pick up a few souvenirs. From sandalwood soaps, and wooden handicrafts, to ethnic jewelry and brassware, the stores of Residency Road are alluring to anyone- be it a tourist or a local.

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Brigade Road

Sandwiched between MG Road and Residency Road, Brigade Road is a hidden gem of street shopping. Camouflaged by the sleek and chic showrooms and malls, are the obscure lanes for the budget shopper. Take your pick of casual clothes, trendy shoes or accessories in vogue. There are also a few options for antique jewelry and décor items. But, don’t forget to bargain for a good deal.

Commercial Street

Apt to its name, Commercial Street is one of the oldest shopping districts of the Garden City. Name a product and there’s not a shop you won’t get it. From shoes, bags, clothes, junk jewelry to high street brands and handicrafts and antiques, you can expect to find everything under the sun, on Commercial Street. Besides an entire lane dedicated to shoes and another one to silver trinkets, another end of this street is lined with factory-second stores, ethnic wear and even antiques.

Majestic Market

Once you are in Majestic Market, you can allow yourself to go easy on your wallet. Bordered by the Hongkong Market and Burma Bazaar, Majestic Market fulfills your every fashion need. With local, branded and Chinese products aplenty, you can expect a sheer international shopping experience here, but all on a meager budget.

Dubai plaza

Nothing to do with Dubai or products thereof, this boxy cluster of stores lay out a variety of merchandise on sale. From trendy outfits and fancy footwear to imported perfumes and cosmetics, Dubai Plaza is indeed a Pandora’s Box for the street shopper. The basement of the plaza houses a Tibetan market where you can pick up quirky clothing, accessories, and trinkets.


As you walk down the 8th Cross Road in Malleswaram, be ready to be engulfed by the fragrant flowers, aromatic herbs and the delectable aroma of street food. Still holding onto the old world charm of the city, Malleswaram is lined with vendors displaying flowers, fruits, vegetables, and incense. And, after you are done with your shopping, stop by for a grub from the local eateries like Central Tiffin Room and Janatha Hotel. For a traveler, this could be a great place to photograph the daily life. For locals, this market is a piece of nostalgia that is hard to let go of.

National Market

A kind of heritage place for the city, National Market is your go-to place for all things electronic. Don’t get fooled by its exteriors, worn out by time. Because, as you enter you would be floored by the countless options for household appliances, home electronics, personal gadgets and fancy gizmos. Sleek, snazzy or utility-driven, you can find everything and anything that you need for the house or for yourself. And to top it all, all comes at a great price tag!

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