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Best places to find traditional silk sarees in Chennai

Saree – the quintessential garment of every Indian woman, and a wardrobe must-have. The Indian bride’s trousseau is incomplete without one. But it cannot be just a saree. It is kind of an unsaid mandate to have at least one silk saree as a part of her wardrobe ensemble. And needless to say, that silk saree cannot be from anywhere else but from South India. Of all the southern states, Tamil Nadu has been known for years to produce the best silk saree a woman can have. The most prominent ones being Kanjivaram and Kanchipuram, both eponymous with the places of their origin. Dating back to as old as these regions themselves, these varieties of silk sarees occupy a special place in ethnic Indian fashion. So, if you are in Chennai, leaving the city without shopping for silk sarees is kind of violating tradition.

We list down the most popular stores in Chennai, for the best silk sarees in town. Some of them are time-worn, standing tall for generations and evolving as time and style change, while some are new entrants, trying to balance the traditional designs and modern trends.

Here are our favorite picks:  

RMKV Silks

This traditional store of Chennai has been serving saree connoisseurs for more than 90 years. An old player in the silk business, RMVK Silk specializes in wedding saris, woven with pure silver threads. Take your pick from the classic designs to trendy patterns. And when it comes to the quality of fabrics, RMVK is surely the name you can trust. Their wide collection, across different price ranges, makes it a favorite for locals as well as for tourists.

Tulsi Silk

Started in the early 90s, Tulsi Silk is more of a modern name in the silk saree industry of Chennai. With more than 10 different varieties of south Indian silk sarees, this store ensures that there is everything for everyone. You can also find scarves, dupattas, and fabrics in silk, which you can use for tailor-made traditional wears.

Sundari Silk

Have a wedding coming up? Then Sundari Silk might fulfill your needs. Though this store houses almost all kinds of sarees, handloom or otherwise, they are more recognized for their silk saree collection. They are probably one of the stores in Chennai to have the unique color combinations. Don’t forget to pick one (or maybe a few) for yourself or to gift someone a traditional South Indian silk saree.

Palam Silk

For the millennial superwoman, who believes in tradition, yet has her own distinctive taste, Palam Silk is the place to be. A touch of contemporary design on the classic silk sarees, this store became popular with its modern outlook. From soft colors to geometric patterns and exclusive motifs, Palam Silk has it all for the 21st-century Indian bride. Also, recently, with the brand’s association with a Bollywood flick, earned it quite a fame among the younger ladies.

Kumaran Silk

Yet another veteran in Chennai’s Silk business, Kumaran has witnessed the changing saree fashion across 60 years. And, they have evolved too. From the vintage silk saree styles to the most state-of-the-art designs with embroideries and all, Kumaran is the right place to go to, if you are looking for exclusive silk sarees. Also, with their own handloom workshops around the state, their textile quality remains the same over all these years.


A boutique store, Lakshmi falls under one of the niche places to buy limited-edition silk sarees. With subtle and understated colors and design, Lakshmi appeals to the sophisticated saree lover. Handpicked and curated from the best weavers in the state, this quaint little store has the best in class silk sarees. And yet, none of them are heavy on your pockets.


The most popular silk textile type, Kanjivaram kind of completes your saree collection. And none better than Kanakavalli to find the classiest Kanjivaram silk in Chennai. Apart from their merchandise collection, they have made sure that your shopping is no less than an experience in itself. Set in a colonial-style, old bungalow, Kanakavalli emanates a suave and chic vibe, even before you step inside. Their every saree is handpicked and woven with care- to cater to the taste of a truly discerning customer.

And then of course, there is Nallis. Because a list of the best silk saree shops in Chennai will be incomplete without the mention of Nallis. The largest chain of silk saree store around the country, with branches internationally, Nallis is indeed a name that saree lovers reckon with. Serving the fashion needs of Indian women (across all states) for more than eight decades, Nallis offers all kinds of textiles, colors, and designs that you can ever think of. Known for their exclusive quality and price, Nallis is surely the place to go to for an ultimate saree shopping experience.

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