Pune for the shopaholic

Best shopping destinations in Pune

When you are visiting the Queen of Deccan, be ready to be fascinated by her generous offerings for the mere mortals. And some of these offerings come in the form of indulgences, we often call ‘retail therapy’. Therapy indeed, going a little lenient on your pockets once in a while doesn’t hurt, rather opens up your mind to the city’s fashion sense, cultural quotient et al. So, when you are in Pune, explore to your heart’s content, and find your kind of loot at its famous alleys and corners.

Whether you are a local, tourist or just a traveler hanging out in Pune, you would love to walk around these shopping districts of this charming city.

Hong Kong Lane

Near Garware Bridge in Pune, you can easily spot the crowded Hong Kong Lane, with buyers hurdled around for the best bargain. For lovers of all things foreign, Hong Kong market is the place to be. You can find discounted branded garments or local makes of export quality, quirky accessories, and footwear of all kinds, from the neighboring Asian countries.

Fashion Street

This shopping lane is quite similar to that of Mumbai. With about 450 stores to cater to your daily fashion needs, the Fashion Street of Pune will leave you spoilt for choices. From the grungy t-shirts to punk wear, or the retro outfits, to trendy jewelry and kitschy trinkets, you can expect to find anything under the sun. If you are worried about the depth of your pocket, don’t be. Because Fashion Street is one of the certified budget shopping places of Pune. With its in-vogue clothing and accessories, you can revamp your entire wardrobe starting as low as Rs 150 a piece.

Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Market

Every city in India (or even in the world for that matter) has that one corner or an alley that holds onto its old traditions. One such place in Pune is the Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Market. Steeped in the classic Pune charm, this market is a regular favorite of the old residents for flowers, fruits, vegetables, and spices. For the new generation shopper, this place is more of an experience and a good insight into the conventional culture of Pune. Spread around 500 shops, stalls and vendors selling their daily wares, this open-air market is a colorful corner of the city. The fresh produce, aromatic spices, teas, and exotic local ingredients make for a delightful shopping time for the culinary enthusiasts and foodies alike.

Juna Bazaar

Or literally translated as the ‘Old Market’, this is like a one-stop shopping area. As the saying goes in Pune when in doubt where to shop, go to Juna Bazaar. Because there’s nothing you will not find at this conventional commercial center. From hardware to junk jewelry, vintage lamps, furniture to modern electronics, clothes, shoes, and handicrafts, you can find anything of your need or liking. Spread across a huge area, this shopping district of Pune is sure to keep you on your toes. The market is functional every Wednesday to Sunday.

Bajirao Road

Extending from Puram Chowk to Shaniwar Wada Palace, the Bajirao Road (after the Peshwa Ruler), is the furniture hub of the city. For any home improvement needs, you might not find a better place to give shape to your thoughts. Be it a ready to buy, an off-the-shelf piece of furniture or DIY materials, you can be assured to find anything here. Or if you have an idea and need skillful execution, then you this place also has carpentry options in plenty.

Chhatrapati Shambhaji Nagar

Also called Deccan Gymkhana, Chhatrapati Shambhaji Nagar is rather a small market area. Although it has a limited number of stores, compared to the other shopping areas of Pune, this place is known for a few specific goods. Like sweets for example. If you are looking for traditional Puneri or Maharashtrian sweets, then this is your go-to place. You can also find quality leather goods, ethnic jewelry, and classic metal wares.

FC Road

Apart from the endless eating options, FC Road is lined with shops for your retail therapy. More popular among students, youngsters, and travelers, this entire stretch of road in the Camp area is indeed a shopper’s paradise. Take your pick from contemporary clothing, cheap trinkets or fancy fashion jewelry. With prices starting as low as Rs 100, be ready to shop till you drop!

Koregaon Park

A little pricey to be counted as street shopping, Koregaon Park (or locally called KP) has chic boutiques and voguish stores. From party formals to fusion fashion and modern ethnic garments, the shops in KP do quite a justice for the fashionista with a larger budget.


In case you are wondering what’s behind the acronym, it’s the modern Punekar’s way of addressing the Appa Balwant Chowk. This entire lane is a bookworm’s cocoon but in the open air. Being in “Oxford of the East’ (a nickname given to Pune by the Brits), finding a road dedicated to books is not surprising at all. From old and new, novels to self-help, textbooks to DIYs, ABC has all kinds of reading material that you seek.