Hubli to Bangalore Road Trip – Distance, Time and Useful Travel Information

Bangalore – a city that was once recognized by its tech industry, is now a colorful collage of cultures and businesses, making the Silicon Valley of India the most vibrant metro city in the south. An IT hub, Bangalore is one of the poster cities for urban India. A lot of people travel from Hubli to Bangalore by road or train for business.

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Why travel from Hubli to Bangalore?

Bangalore is mostly known for its tech industry but it’s also a colorful collage of cultures and businesses, making the Silicon Valley of India the most vibrant metro city of the south. You can make your Bangalore experience more interesting when you drive from Hubli in a Savaari cab. And by booking a cab with Savaari, you also get the chance to customize your whole trip, including the itinerary, so you can make it an incredible travel experience! By booking our car rental service in Hubli with Savaari, you also have the opportunity to customize your entire trip, including the itinerary, ensuring an incredible travel experience!

Hubli to Bangalore by road

Travelling from Hubli to Bangalore by car

The road from Hubli to Bangalore passes through some of the most fascinating locales, nature hotspots, and towns of Karnataka. With our completely customizable Hubli to Bangalore trip packages, you can stop at any of these places and do some quick sightseeing. Avail of a Hubli to Bangalore cab service and enjoy a ride through the changing landscape of the state.

savaari Hubli Bangalore roadtrip

Best Time To Visit

Bangalore sits roughly 1000 feet from the sea and is surrounded by the hills of the Western Ghats. The city enjoys pleasant weather all year round. The winters are cool and breezy, summers are warm but not humid like most cities in India. Monsoons can be rough and the city experiences heavy rainfall from July to September. So, if you want to experience the best of Bangalore, plan your travel in the dry and colder months.

Popular Routes from Hubli to Bangalore

Route 1: Distance and time taken from Hubli to Bangalore via NH48 and AH47.

This is the shortest route and the fastest way to travel between Hubli and Bangalore. The Hubli to Bangalore traffic on this route is regular and you can avoid road closures. The distance between Hubli and Bangalore on this route is around 411 KM and takes roughly 7 hours. Always check live maps and instant traffic updates for the latest information on Hubli to Bangalore road conditions.

Here’s the basic route map from Hubli to Bangalore

Hubli -> Haveri-> Ranebennur -> Anagodu -> Chitradurga -> Hiriyur -> Tumakuru -> Nelamangala Town -> Bangalore

Popular sights/monuments that you will encounter along this route

  • Utsav Rock Garden, Gotagodi – An interesting landscaped park with an art gallery, marriage museum, fountains and sculptures.
  • Kanaka Dasa Palace, Haveri – A popular tourist attraction, good for a brief stopover.
  • Eshwara Temple, Nittuvalli, Davanagere – A peaceful Hindu temple where you can take a quiet break.
  • Tuppada Kola, Chitradurga – A beautiful place with attractive views, great for trekking.
  • Aadumalleshwara, Chitradurga – Mini-zoo and nature spot with excellent sights and an interesting collection of flora and fauna.
Utsav Rock Garden
Utsav Rock Garden

Places to eat along this route

  • Kaarar Forest Breeze, Davanagere – Themed casual eatery serving vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals.
  • Upadhya Veg, Chitradurga – Family-friendly South Indian restaurant, great for a quick bite.
  • Udaya Family Restaurant, Hiriyur – Local restaurant serving traditional South Indian food.
  • Cluxi, Tumakuru – Popular fast-food spot with burgers and fried chicken.

Hubli to Bangalore Road Condition via route 1:

The Hubli to Bangalore road condition via NH48 and AH47 is excellent. It is the fastest route,has tolls but no road closure.

Route 2: Distance and time taken from Hubli to Bangalore via NH 67 and NH 44

This is a longer route to travel from Hubli to Bangalore than the previous one and it takes more time as it cuts through part of Andhra Pradesh as well. There is also a toll on this road. The distance from Hubli to Bangalore on this route is about 520 KM and takes around 11 hours. To avoid road closures, always check for the latest updates and follow a live map when travelling.

Here’s the basic route map from Hubli to Bangalore along this route:

Hubli -> Koppal -> Hosapete -> Ballari -> Anantapur -> Chikkaballapur -> Devanahalli -> Bangalore
Hubli to Bangalore Via NH67

Popular sights/monuments that you will encounter along this route

  • Queen’s bath place, Kamalapur – A historical site with ruins of an ancient bathing chamber and outdoor pool.
  • Ballari Fort, Ballari – The remains of a hilltop fort that was first built in the 16th century.
  • Dhyanakendram, Anantapur – A public pyramid-like structure in a serene setting, built as a yoga and meditation centre, surrounded by greenery.
  • Penukonda Fort, Penukonda – A historic fort in Andhra Pradesh, good for trekking and sightseeing.
  • Nandi Hills, Muddenahalli – Historic caves in a remote hilltop environment and a popular spot to watch the sunrise & sunset.

Places to eat along this route

  • Amigas Restaurant, Hosapete – Popular restaurant serving North Indian, South Indian, Continental and Chinese food
  • Azeem Fast Food, Ballari – Local fast-food center, best known for their biryanis and haleem.
  • Green Chilli Veg & Non-Veg Restaurant, Ballari – Andhra-style restaurant with very popular non-veg options.
  • Hakuna Matata Pizzeria, Anantapur – Local restaurant serving pizzas and biryanis in a family-friendly setting.

Hubli to Bangalore Condition via route 2:

The Hubli to Bangalore road condition via NH67 and NH44 is good but takes longer time and might have occasional route closures.

Hubli to Bangalore Best Route

Both the above routes are good for travelling from Hubli to Bangalore with both having interesting stopovers and ample food stops. Both roads have tolls but there is a big difference in the distance and time between them. If you want to save time and have a comfortable drive, then Route 1 is your best option.

Other means of travelling from Hubli to Bangalore

How to Reach Bangalore By Train

You can also cover Hubli to Bangalore distance by train, which is available daily. The fastest train is SBCCAPE FEST SPL (06526). The train distance from Hubli to Bangalore is around 500 KM and could take 7 to 12 hours, depending upon the train you choose. So, you can visit the Indian Railways website for your Hubli to Bangalore train bookings, or choose your options from the multiple online portals. For updated Hubli to Bangalore train timings, check with IRCTC for their latest timetables. Upon your arrival in Bangalore, enhance your city exploration by opting to rent a car. This choice ensures a personalized and seamless travel experience, granting you the flexibility to navigate Bangalore at your own pace and making your visit even more enjoyable.

How to Reach Bangalore By Flight

You can also fly from Hubli to Bangalore. The nearest airport is Bangalore International Airport, 21 km from the city center. The average Hubli to Bangalore flight duration is 1 to 5 hours, and costs between Rs 3000 to 6000 depending on the airline, flight route, booking window, available deals, and the travel season. For your Hubli to Bangalore flight booking, visit any online travel portal or check with the airline’s website. You can hire a reliable Bangalore airport taxi for a convenient ride to your hotel in the city.

Attractions in Bangalore for Sightseeing

The Garden City has many interesting monuments, gardens and museums to explore. Below is the consolidated list of some of the famous places on can’t miss in Bangalore

  • Cubbon Park – The biggest patch of greenery of the city, great for walks, jogs, or simply relaxing in the shaded areas.
  • Lalbagh Botanical Garden – A public garden housing exotic plants, trees, flowers, along with a museum and an exhibition venue.
  • Vidhan Souda – The city hall with all major government offices, known for its brilliant architecture.
  • Ulsoor Lake – The biggest water body of the city, surrounded by ample greenery and jogger’s park.
  • Jayachamarajendra Museum & Gallery – A public gallery with a museum, preserving the city’s history and heritage.
  • St. Mary’s Basilica – The oldest church of the city, located in the Archdiocese of Bangalore, known for its splendid Gothic architecture with carved arches, ornamental motifs, and stained-glass windows.

Sitting in the heart of South India, flanked by all the states of the region, Bangalore and its vicinity is blessed with endless natural and man-made wonders, making this the perfect starting point for uncountable road trips and places to visit nearby. With wide stretches of national and state highways crisscrossing the state, you can be anywhere, anytime, within a few hours’ drive. Check out the best road trips you can embark on for a quick weekend getaway from Bangalore.

Bangalore’s food culture is influenced by all the communities that have settled in the city for generations. It’s a melting pot of various cuisines from home and abroad.

These are some of the best places you can go to explore the varied food culture of Bangalore.

  • Only Place, Museum Rd, near Post Office, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar
  • Lantern Restaurant, 99, Residency Rd, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar
  • The Hole in the Wall Café, 8th Main Rd, Koramangala 4th Block, Koramangala
  • Toit Brewpub, 100 Feet Road, Near-Drops Total Spirites, Indiranagar
  • Vidyarthi Bhavan, Gandhi Bazaar Main Road

Hotels and Resorts in Bangalore

        Place Name                             Address                             Phone Number                    
The Leela Palace                                             23, HAL Old Airport Rd, HAL 2nd Stage, Kodihalli, Bengaluru,                      Karnataka 560008                             080 2521 1234                    
ITC Gardenia-A Luxury Collection Hotel                     1, Residency Rd, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025                             080 2211 9898                    
Golden Lotus Boutique Suites                     149, Richmond Road, Rathna Avenue, Craig Park Layout, Ashok Nagar,                  Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025                             091486 50149                    
Eagleton The Golf Resort                     off Bangalore – Mysore Highway, Shyanamangala Cross, Bidadi,                 Bengaluru, Karnataka 562109                             080 2263 2222                    
Vivanta Bengaluru                                           66, Residency Rd, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025                             080666 04545                    

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Bangalore is a central location for many treks and camping tours around South India. You can use the city as a base and go for treks.
  • Bangalore’s traffic is a lot talked about. Please check the traffic on google maps before hand for any route & plan accordingly.

 Savaari Safety Tips for Road Trips from Hubli to Bangalore

  • Carry all hygiene related items – sanitizer, masks, disinfectant sprays and a bed sheet to cover the seat with, while traveling.
  • Use a hand sanitizer before and after your ride.
  • Install the Aarogya Setu app before your trip.
  • Running the AC continuously during the trip is not recommended. If you were to use the AC, please ensure that it is run in the recirculated mode and the windows are lowered at frequent intervals.
  • Dispose of any tissues or pieces of cloth that you may have used outside the car.
  • If you have opted for a car rental service, try to load your luggage in the boot of the car yourself to ensure a zero-contact ride. 
  • Download our savaari car rental app for a smooth and pleasant journey.

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