Hyderabad to Kurnool Road Trip: Distance, Time, and Useful Travel Information

There is something special about visiting the historical hub of India, Kurnool. This place is well known for its temples and a plethora of caves. People often travel to this location for serene beauty, peaceful weather, and a soulful journey. Kurnool also has a beautiful history, dating back to 1953. This city in Andhra Pradesh was earlier the capital of the Nawabs. The word Kurnool is derived from Kandanavolu. It is blessed with several rivers, such as Tungabhadra and Krishna. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations, especially during winter when the city offers beautiful weather.

While visiting this majestic place, stop at the famous Belum caves. It is one of the major attractions here and has much to offer tourists. During your stay here, check out various adventures and leisure activities nearby for a fun-filled day. Below you shall find everything you need to know about the Hyderabad to Kurnool road trip with savaari cabs and the most suitable and beautiful routes to travel this course.

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Why travel from Hyderabad to Kurnool?

Kurnool is not only a famous spot today but has been since the time of the Nawabs. The cave paintings here are about thirty to forty thousand years old. While most seasons travel here during winter, the monsoon is also a great time to be in Kurnool. 

One can experience the pleasant weather while sipping a hot cup of tea. Along with sightseeing, the local cuisine of Kurnool is also a must-try. With a Savaari, you shall get the most from your trip. So, get ready for a fun-filled trip with a soulful journey and delicious local food.

travel from Hyderabad to Kurnool

Travelling by car to Kurnool from Hyderabad

Being on a road trip is one of the most nostalgic memories from childhood. Sharing a trip with some of your best friends and family shall help you get the quality time you secretly desire. The journey from Hyderabad to Kurnool is filled with various beautiful sceneries that one absolutely cannot miss. Besides the Belum caves, check out the Rollapadu wildlife sanctuary and the Oravakallu Rock Garden. Travelling from Hyderabad to Kurnool will be one of your best decisions.

The approximate distance between Hyderabad to Kurnool is 219 km, and it takes about three hours and forty minutes to cover this journey. This road trip takes you from a rocky terrain with several trees and waterfalls on the way. Several tourists often go on a little off-roading adventure to make the most of the trip. During the monsoon season, people also shower below the cool waterfall.

Important highway information –  national highway 44

Highway NameNational Highway 44
Alternate NameNational Highway 202
Highway NumberNH-44
Distance198 Km
Starting PointKodangal
End PointBhopalpatnam
Highway QualityExcellent

Best time to visit Kurnool from Hyderabad

The summer season is the hottest in Kurnool. Tourists often avoid visiting this place during the summer season. Kurnool is a unique place to experience two different types of weather. Winter and monsoon are the two times when people frequent this place. During the winter season, the average temperature here is 24°C. 

Below is the tabular representation of year-round climatic conditions in Agra. 

  • Peak: October – March 
  • Optimal: July – September
  • Avoid: April – July

Popular routes from Hyderabad to Kurnool

Best route: Hyderabad to Kurnool via NH44

This is one of the most often routes to visit Telangana. This highway connects Chhattisgarh to Telangana. And since this is the shortest and the fastest route connecting Hyderabad and Kurnool, most travellers often prefer this route. The distance between these two destinations on this route is 219 km, and it takes about four hours to complete this journey.

Here is a basic map from Hyderabad to Kurnool for this route.

Hyderabad to Kurnool via NH44

The driver suggested sights/ monuments/ offbeat places along this route

  • Salar Jung Museum – The Salar Jung Museum houses a wide variety of art pieces and antique collections from all over Asia and Europe. It is a well-maintained place with several historical items.
  • NTR Gardens – The NTR Gardens is the perfect place to make a pitstop while travelling with children. Most couples also prefer stopping here for a romantic picnic. This is an urban park with several very popular attractions.
  • Chowmahalla Palace – If you love exploring things from the past, the Chowmahalla Palace is the perfect place to make a stop. It is well known for its construction. While here, hear the local stories from the people nearby.
  • Charminar – This iconic mosque, the Charminar, is one of the most popular religious places. It is well known for its architecture and rich heritage from all over the world.
  • Sudha Car Museum – Check out the old and vintage cars here, on your journey to Kurnool. 
Sudha Car Museum
  • Love BPC – This is a popular street shopping area in Kachiguda. One can also relish the local Street food here.

Popular places to eat along this route where our customers usually stop

While travelling on the NH 163, most people prefer having local food items. Some popular hotels along the route- 

  • Hotel Haridwar- A popular restaurant offering great Indian food. It has an air-conditioned dining hall with a comfortable seating space.
  • Hotel Suprabhat – Hotel Suprabhat is a vegetarian restaurant serving north Indian food. This restaurant offers a budget-friendly menu.
  • Flagship hotel pearl city – This restaurant is famous for its multi-cuisine restaurant along NH 163. One can also enjoy the soups, Italian and Chinese here.
  • Love BPC – This is a local Street food joint where people often stop to try the local items.
  • Hotel Hyderabad Continental – This is a 3-star hotel on the way, with various options. 

My family and I recently travelled from Hyderabad to Kurnool by road with Savaari. We loved the recommendations offered here. Our pitstop at the NTR Gardens was a necessity. My children enjoyed themselves a lot there and had a peaceful sleep throughout the rest of the journey.


The best route to travel from Hyderabad to Kurnool

The most suitable route to travel from Hyderabad to Kurnool is route 1. The road is marvelous and beautifully constructed. Since it doesn’t have major toll booths and doesn’t pass through major cities, the traffic here is relatively less.

Other means of traveling

By train 

Kacheguda and Kurnool city are the main boarding and drop-off stations between the two destinations. These stations are well connected to the main city centre and the nearby destinations. For an updated train timetable, one must visit the IRCTC application.

Train NameTrain NumberTotal Time TakenArrival TimeDeparture Time
Hundry Express172074 hours 45 mins04:50 pm9:35 pm
Venkatadri Express127973 hours 33 mins08:05 pm 11:38 pm 
Ami Tpty Express127663 hours 53 mins05:40 pm 9:33 pm

By flight

There are no flights available connecting Hyderabad and Kurnool.

By bus

Bus is a popular mode of transport between Hyderabad and Kurnool. There are several options available, private and public transportation services. The total distance is covered between 3-5 hours. Depending on the time and type of bus, people can opt for buses, between Rs. 450-1500.

Price comparisons for choosing different travelling means

Means of TransportationTime TakenPrice (in INR)
Hyderabad to Kurnool by Bus3-5 hours400-1500
Hyderabad to Kurnool by Train2-3 hours100-2000
Hyderabad to Kurnool by Cabs4-5 hours2500-3500

While taking a bus to travel from Hyderabad to Kurnool is a convenient and budget-friendly option, a journey on a cab has more experiences to offer. A cab rental service with Savaari offers you privacy and budget-friendly travel options.

Top attractions in Kurnool for sightseeing

The glory and rich history of Kurnool always wins over the heart of people. Visiting here is always associated with a soulful experience filled with fun and adventure. Most of the destinations are paired with a sunrise or a sunset, which makes it a romantic getaway.

  • Konda Reddy fort

This is a heritage site built by the Vijaynagar empire. The Konda Reddy fort was earlier used as a tunnel to enter the kingdom. Today, this structure is mostly broken down. However, since it has historical grounds, people often visit to see this fort’s architecture and construction. Locals often advise visiting here at dawn to check out an amazing sunrise. 

  • Venugopala Swamy temple

Your visit to Kurnool is incomplete without visiting the temples here. The Venugopala Swamy temple is one of the popular temples in Kurnool. The locals often visit here daily, for the morning and evening prayers. Several tourists often visit and meditate here to clear their minds.

  • Rollapadu wildlife sanctuary

If you are an animal lover, visiting this place might be one of the best experiences in Kurnool. Several birds and animals can get to see here. Not only this, there are various unexplored territories that you can go ahead and explore. It is also the perfect place for bird-watching and photography. 

  • Yaganati

The Yaganti temple is dedicated to lord Shiva, which is believed to be older than the fifth century. This temple holds a gigantic figure of the Ardhanareshwar, a popular incarnation of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are fused to be one in this incarnation. During the festival of Mahashivratri, followers from all over the world often visit this temple to seek prayers.

Saavri’s customer recommends- popular places to eat in Kurnool

Whatever your taste, salty, sweet or spicy, the streets of Kurnool have got something for you. Several mouthwatering dishes are famous here. While here, you must try out the seafood, as it is considered one of a kind. Since many vegetarians visit here, one can easily find plenty of restaurants that only serve veg food. There is a wide variety of North Cuisine as well. Here are some of the popular places to eat in Kurnool –

  • Sasya Pride
  • Rajvilas Restaurant
  • Tulasi restaurant
  • Aahar
  • G Pulla Reddy Sweets

Hotels and resorts in Kurnool

Hotel NameAddressPhone Number
7 Rivers ResortsSantosh Nagar07947423644
Matsya Amazon ResortsVeldurthi Kurnool City08147997304
Raaga Mayuri ResortsNandyal Road 07947149614
Cosmopolitan Cultural CenterRaghavendra Nagar06301958504

The journey from Hyderabad to Kurnool, is filled with fun and adventure when travelling with Savaari. Check out the online booking application and make your ride more memorable.

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