Jaipur To Kota Road Trip: Distance, Time, and Useful Travel Information

Nestled on the banks of the perennial river Chambal, Kota is one of the most prominent cities of majestic Rajasthan. Famous for its incredibly vibrant culture, Kota is equally popular for its historical monuments, ancient heritage, contemporary attractions, and gorgeous scenic vistas. In addition, the lively Kota city has contributed to the rich fabric lineage of India with its brand Kota Doriya (where Dora implies thread) fabric which is renowned for its sheer, translucent thread weaving pattern.

Besides a flourishing industrial landscape, the city offers a glimpse of ancient history in the form of magnificent palaces and lush gardens. Also, being a highly enthralling city for travelers, Kota will delight you with its mesmerizing sightseeing attractions. To explore the enchanting journey from Jaipur to Kota seamlessly, consider the convenience of car rental in Jaipur with Savaari. With the freedom to travel at your own pace, you can unravel the beauty of Kota and its surroundings, ensuring a comfortable and memorable experience. Keep reading below to learn more about the detailed Jaipur to Kota itinerary and the most convenient routes to reach Kota from Jaipur.

Table of Contents

  1. Why Travel from Jaipur to Kota
  2. Travelling from Jaipur to Kota by car
  3. Best Time To Visit Kota
  4. Popular Routes from Jaipur to Kota 
  5. Jaipur to Kota Best Route
  6. How to reach Kota from Jaipur
  7. Popular attractions in Kota
  8. Places to eat in Kota
  9. Hotels and Resorts in Kota

Why travel from Jaipur to Kota?

Popularly known as the ‘Jewel of Chambal’, Kota is a famous Rajput city located in the northern part of Rajasthan state. This city, founded in the 17th century, holds a rich history of several dynasties. Moreover, boasting rich Rajasthani tradition, Kota is a brimming destination of exquisite tradition, arts, and heritage. Most recently, Kota has evolved as a prominent medical and IIT coaching institutes hub, thus an ideal destination for education leadership.

jaipur to kota by road

Despite all that, Kota’s beautiful sightseeing attractions and scenic spots have kept tourism intact. The city flourishes with gold embroidered sarees, Doria craftwork, Rajput castles, palaces, glorious monuments and heritage hotels that you can explore on your road trip here. Also, by embarking on a cab from Jaipur to Kota, you can always improve your trip experience by glimpsing the panoramic attractions en route. And with a Savaari car rental service, you can turn your drive into a fun-filled expedition and customise the road trip to your preference, travel time, and budget.

Travelling from Jaipur to Kota by car 

Jaipur to Kota Roadtrip

Home to numerous scenic attractions, historical monuments and ancient temples, Kota is every tourist’s delight. Moreover, from its impressive architectural magnificence to its vibrant assortment of cultures, Kota greets travellers with its abundance of sightseeing options and activities. So whether you are a peace seeker, history buff or nature lover, Kota will delight you with its allure. 

In addition, the Jaipur to Kota distance is approximately 254 kms, and it would take roughly 4 hr 43 min to reach your destination by car. So embark on the fun-filled road trip from Jaipur to Kota with multiple detours, and you’ll be in for many unforgettable experiences. Make your journey hassle-free and convenient by booking our reliable taxi service in Jaipur, ensuring a comfortable and seamless exploration of the attractions and detours along the way to Kota. And with our customizable Jaipur to Kota road trip packages, you can halt at numerous picturesque locations coming on the way and do quick sightseeing. Let us help you find the most suitable routes to travel from Jaipur to Kota by car.

Best Time To Visit Kota from Jaipur

The most suitable time to visit Kota from Jaipur is October to March. Furthermore, Kota holds an arid climate with soaring temperatures throughout the year. Summers in the city are long and humid, beginning in late March and persisting through the end of June or the beginning of July. The monsoon season follows, with a relatively less hot climate but higher humidity and periodic torrential showers. 

The short, temperate winter begins in late November and endures until the last week of February. Moreover, temperatures during the winter range between 27 degrees Celsius (max) to 11 degrees Celsius (min), making winter an ideal time to visit Kota, given its unbearable humid summers. Below is a tabular representation of the year-long climatic condition in Kota.

MonthHigh/Low (°C)Rain
January23°/ 9°0 days
February28°/ 11°1 days
March31°/ 16°1 days
April38°/ 22°1 days
May41°/ 27°0 days
June41°/ 29°11 days
July34°/ 26°18 days
August30°/ 24°25 days
September31°/ 23°24 days
October32°/ 21°2 days
November30°/ 19°2 days
December24°/ 10°1 days

Route 1: Jaipur to Kota via NH52

Snuggled on the banks of river Chambal, Kota is one of the most popular cities in the Rajasthan state. In addition, the approximate distance between Jaipur to Kota is 254 km, and it is recommended to take the Jaipur to Kota best route that runs via NH52. 

And if you want to add more fun to your road trip from Jaipur to Kota, this is the shortest and most suitable route to travel, as countless sightseeing attractions are available along with excellent road conditions. This route is also the fastest because the traffic on this route is normal, and there are fewer road closures. However, it is advisable to check live maps and instant traffic updates for the latest notification on Jaipur to Kota road conditions for a better commute. 

Here’s the basic map from Jaipur to Kota for this route:

Jaipur to Kota via NH52

Popular sightseeing attractions along this route

  • Amber Palace: Nestled on the top of a cliff near Jaipur rests the Amer Fort, one of the most majestic palaces in the country. Popularly known as the Amber Fort, this magnificent structure with its winding staircases and maze-like passages is an architectural masterpiece that will delight you and offer a perfect start to your road trip. 
  • Ganesh Temple: Located a few kms from Jaipur in the Niwai district is the famous Ganesh temple, where many road travellers stop to seek the blessings of Lord Ganesha. Apart from marvelling at the giant idol in the temple, you can also witness the serene natural beauty that promises you a feeling of complete peace. 
  • Raniji Ki Baori: A few kms away from the main Kota city, Raniji Ki Baori is a prominent sightseeing attraction in Boondi, Rajasthan. This palace, constructed in the late 16th century, will delight you with its exquisite carvings on its pillars and a high-arched entrance. 

Places to eat along this route

  • Meraaki Kitchen: A famous eating joint near Jaipur serving delicious Indian, Asian and Continental delicacies. 
  • Mint Cottage Restaurant: A quaint eatery on the Tonk road, this is the perfect place to unwind and stop for a quick bite. 
  • Chulha Restaurant: A family-friendly restaurant serving authentic Rajasthani and other Indian cuisines. 

Route 2: Jaipur to Kota via Lalsot – Kota Mega Highway

The approximate distance between Jaipur to Kota via this route is 247 kms and it would take roughly 5 hours and 31 minutes to reach your destination. In addition, while this route that runs via Lalsot – Kota Mega Hwy is a detour, it offers a picturesque road trip between Jaipur to Kota. 

Here’s the basic map from Jaipur to Kota via this route:

Jaipur to Kota via Lalsot - Kota Mega Highway

Popular sightseeing attractions along this route

  • Elephant Fun Park: Located at some distance from Jaipur, Elephant Fun Park is a delightful sightseeing location. So when you embark on a road trip from Jaipur to Kota, don’t forget to stop at this park and spend some time enjoying fun elephant rides and other activities. 
  • Sunehri Kothi: Sunehri Kothi is a splendid gallery in Tonk, located 95 kms from Jaipur. The passageway is within the old palace premise, whose walls and ceilings are one luxurious stretch of golden painted glass and enamel mirror-work illuminated through tinted-glass windows from Belgium.

Places to eat along this route

  • Lal’s Fast Food: A family-friendly quaint restaurant serving delicious fast food at affordable rates. 
  • Monarch Restaurant: This is another famous eating spot you can stop on the way to grab a full-course meal with your family and friends.

Jaipur to Kota Best Route

Route 1 is indisputably the most suitable route to travel to Kota from Jaipur as the route is short and presents better sightseeing alternatives. So if you wish to save time and get a more delightful road trip, Route 1 should be your perfect pick. 

Other means of travelling from Jaipur to Kota

  • By Flight

There is no direct flight connectivity to Kota, and the nearest operational airport is Sanganer Airport in Jaipur, which is 183 km away from Kota. Here are some main ways to reach Kota from Jaipur. For detailed info, you can always review online travel booking portals or the official website of various airlines. In addition, you can hire a reliable airport taxi in Jaipur for a convenient ride to reach Kota.

  • By Train 

Kota Junction Railway Station functions as a crucial rail link in Rajasthan. It lies under the Mumbai-Delhi track, and all important trains arriving from various regions in India have planned stoppages at Kota. Moreover, the fastest train that runs between Jaipur and Kota is the Mmct Sf Exp, which takes roughly 3 hrs and 15 mins to reach Kota. For the most accurate and latest information on Jaipur to Kota train timings, always review the timetables of IRCTC before you book your tickets.

  • By Road

Kota remains well-linked to major Indian cities by road and frequent bus and rail services ply to and fro the city for a comfortable commute. 

Popular sightseeing attractions in Kota

  • Seven Wonders Park 

A newly built park and now a major sightseeing attraction of Kota, Seven Wonders park holds replicas of the Seven Wonders of The World, including the Pyramids of Egypt, the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer and Rome’s Colosseum.

  • Garadia Mahadev

Located in Daulatganj near Kota, Garadia Mahadev Temple is a famous Hindu temple and a well-known sightseeing spot, given its location at the scenic Chambal gorge. Also, snuggled at the height of 500 feet from sea level on a beautiful cliff, Hindu God Shiva enshrines the temple, making it a sight to behold.

  • Gaipernath Waterfall

Gaipernath Waterfall in Kota city centre. It is a picturesque sightseeing spot famous for small treks,  picnics, nature photography and the like. In addition, the perfect time to visit the waterfall is during the rainy season when the rains recondition the water resources, and you can witness the cascading waterfalls in all their glory. 

  • City Palace

A perfect combination of Mughal and Rajasthani art and architecture, the City Palace is a monument to the glorious royal history of Kota city. Moreover, the city palace in Kolkata is a distinguished landmark in Kota, attracting hundreds and thousands of tourists yearly.

  • Government Museum Kota 

Located in the magnificent Brij Vilas Palace near Kishore Sagar, Government Museum perfectly portrays Rajasthan’s history and culture. The museum contains archaeological findings, artefacts, documents, coins and other valuable displays, making it a perfect sightseeing location. 

Popular places to eat near Kota 

A delectable blend of the wholesome Dal, Bati and Churma, representing a platter of wheat balls, lentils and cereals, is a staple in most parts of Rajasthan, including Kota. Moreover, the city is equally famous for its sweet dishes and delectable desserts. Here are some well-known eating joints in Kota. 

  • Swagat Restaurant: Famous for North Indian and regional Rajasthani cuisine
  • Eatos: Famous for mouthwatering multi-cuisine delicacies 
  • Royal Firdous Restaurant: Renowned for its delicious Rajasthani and Continental food

Hotels and Resorts in Kota

Hotel NameAddress
Country Inn & Suites by Radisson KotaPlot No. 4 & 5, Rajeev Gandhi Nagar, Kota, Rajasthan| Phone No. 0744 266 6777
WelcomHeritage Umed Bhawan PalacePalace Road, Kota, Rajasthan| Phone No. 0744 232 5262
Hotel OrtusPlot No – 2 & 3, near ESI Hospital, Vigyan Nagar, Kota, Rajasthan| Phone No. 093587 40083
Clarks PremierHousing Board, Kunadi, Electricity Board Area, Kota, Rajasthan| Phone No. 0744 237 1515

Nearby road trips from Kota 

Destination Distance Duration
Kota to Ajmer208.2 Kms4 hrs 20 mins
Kota to Udaipur282.9 Kms4 hrs 43 mins 
Kota to Bikaner481 Kms8 hrs 41 mins 

All in all, there are numerous sightseeing attractions to explore in Kota. All of this makes for a fun-filled journey offering abundant avenues to all types of sightseers.