Kanpur to Lucknow by Road– Distance, Time and Useful Travel Information

A heartwarming note of “Muskuraiyein, kyunki aap Lucknow mein hai”, welcomes you to the land of architecture, culture, poetry, food and kebabs. Situated on the banks of the River Gomti, Lucknow is one of the biggest cities in Uttar Pradesh and the erstwhile hot seat of the Mughal dynasty. Often called the city of nawabs and kebabs, Lucknow is the artistic hub of the Awadh region and home to some of the most beautiful monuments in the country. 

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Why travel from Kanpur to Lucknow?

Lucknow is one of the most visited cities because of its food, people and the vibrant culture. People from all over the country visit the city to admire its beauty and to get a taste of its royal culture. The city’s rich history has been kept alive for more than a thousand years through the monuments that stand tall to this day. Located at a convenient drivable distance from Kanpur and is best explored by hiring a reliable cab from Kanpur to Lucknow. When you take a road trip from Kanpur to Lucknow you can enhance your experience by enjoying everything that lies on the way. With Savaari car rentals, you can turn your drive into a fun-filled journey and also customize the trip to your liking, travel time, and budget.

Best time to visit Lucknow

Travelling from Kanpur to Lucknow by car

From the ancient town to the beautiful city, the road from Kanpur to Lucknow is dotted with several nature hotspots, historical monuments, interesting viewing points, and more. Hence, a road trip from Kanpur to Lucknow is one of the best ways to travel between these two destinations. You will pass through old towns, historical settlements, and some interesting places like Unnao, Kushumbhi and Bijnor, depending on the route you take.

With our completely customizable Kanpur to Lucknow tour packages, you can stop at any of these places and do a quick sightseeing. Make your Kanpur to Lucknow trip memorable by booking a car rental in Lucknow and exploring the city at your own pace! Let us help you discover the best routes to travel from Kanpur to Lucknow by car.

Kanpur to Lucknow Roadtrip

Best time to visit

The best time to take a road trip from Kanpur to Lucknow is between October and March. The weather is ideal as well as suitable for local sightseeing in Lucknow. Summers in Lucknow should be avoided because the temperatures are extremely unpleasant for any kind of day tours. July to September is also a good time to visit but rains might be a little hindrance and could delay your local sightseeing plans.

Popular Routes from Kanpur to Lucknow

Route 1: Distance and time taken from Kanpur to Lucknow via NH 27

This is the shortest, fastest, and the most convenient route to cover Kanpur to Lucknow by road distance. Most travelers use this route, since the Kanpur to Lucknow traffic is also not heavy on this highway. On this route, the Kanpur to Lucknow distance is approximately 95 KM and takes about two and half hours to travel. Before you travel, always check for traffic updates and use live maps to get real-time information on the road conditions between Kanpur to Lucknow.

Here’s a basic road map for Kanpur to Lucknow on this route:

Kanpur — Unnao — Murtaznagar — Kushehri — Katibagiya — Eco Garden — Kansale — Lucknow
Kanpur to Lucknow via NH 27

Popular sights/monuments that you will encounter along this route:

  • Nirala Park, Unnao – Local public park with children’s play area, tended gardens, and palm groves, good for a relaxing break.
  • Panna Raja Mahal, Unnao – An ancient palace of the Rajput rulers, good for a short tour.
  • Chandra Shekhar Azad Bird Sanctuary, Nawabganj – Local wetland area serving as a protected avifauna reserve of migratory birds, includes an observation tower, dining and lodging, good for birding tours and day treks.
  • Anandi Magic World, Kanpur-Lucknow Road – A locally popular water park with rides, wave pool, dining and lodging options, great for families with kids.
Nirala Park
Nirala Park, Unnao

Places to eat along this route:

  • Downtown, Unnao – Casual eatery serving café menu, good for breakfast and snacks, kid-friendly.
  • Shyam Anant Bhog Bhojanalaya, Malaon – Standard highway side eatery serving quick service menu, snacks, and beverages, with outdoor seating, good for big groups, families with kids.
  • Foodie Plaza, Nawabganj – Typical roadside eatery serving fast food, quick meals, and beverages, good for quick stops.
  • Hungroo Café, Banthra Sikanderpur – Local diner serving multi cuisine food, quick meals, beverages, and confections in a casual setting, good for groups and families.

Kanpur to Lucknow Road Condition via route 1:

The road conditions from Kanpur to Lucknow on the route via NH 27 are excellent. It is the fastest route with light traffic, despite some tolls on the way, but there are no road closures.

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Other means of traveling from Kanpur to Lucknow

By Train

You can also travel from Kanpur to Lucknow by train. There are 15 daily trains that operate between these two cities. The fastest train from Kanpur to Lucknow is TEJAS EXP (82501), which takes only one hour and 10 minutes to reach Lucknow. You can also hire a car rental in Kanpur to reach Lucknow.

For all Kanpur to Lucknow train bookings, you can visit the Indian Railways website or check with any online travel portal. For the most updated Kanpur to Lucknow train timings, always check the latest timetables of IRCTC, before booking.

By Flight

You can also fly from Kanpur to Lucknow. Kanpur is served by Kanpur Military Airport, which is a domestic air strip, located about 15.5KM away from the city center. The nearest airport in Lucknow is Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport, which is about 12 KM from the city centre. You can also book a cab in Kanpur to reach Lucknow.

Presently, there are only two airlines operating between Kanpur and Lucknow and there are only two weekly flights available. The ticket prices for Kanpur to Lucknow flights can range from RS. 4000 to RS. 7000 and the flight can take between two hours to seven hours, depending on the layovers. You can hire a Kanpur to Lucknow airport taxi to reach your destination.

For your Kanpur to Lucknow flight bookings, visit any online travel portal or check with the airline’s direct website. You can hire a reliable Lucknow airport taxi for a convenient ride to your hotel in the town.

Explore Lucknow like a local – A handy travel guide

Built back in the 18th Century, Lucknow was constructed by the fourth Nawab of Awadh and is a wonderful reminder of a forgotten time. There is much to see and visit in Lucknow that it is important you plan your day tours way in advance. With Savaari’s handy guide to exploring the city of Nawabs, be rest assured to take home only the best experience.

Attractions in Lucknow for Sightseeing

  • Bada Imambara – Standing tall since 1784, the beauty of Bada Imambara will amaze you along with its gigantic size. An important place of worship for the Muslims, the mosque receives thousands of devotees during the festival of Muharram. The central hall in Bada Imambara is said to be about 50 meters long, thus making it the largest arched hall in the world as well as an unsupported structure. Do visit the  Asifi Mosque and Shahi Bauli.
  • Chota Imambara – Only 1.5 km from Bada Imambara, Chota Imambara is a 19th Century structure that delights every visitor with colourful lamps, chandeliers, and a mosaic of green patterns. You can also find the tomb of Muhammad Ali Shah and that of his family members inside the monument.
  • Hazratganj – Hazratganj is a renowned attraction situated in the heart of the city. The place has a number of coffee shops and fine dining restaurants like Royal Cafe, Jone Hing, and Chedilal. You can also find the popular Paanch Pani Ke Bataashe here which should not be missed when in Lucknow.
  • Chowk – This place is quite a hit among shoppers and foodies. Chowk is popular for its divine Makhan Malai and Rahim’s Nahari kulcha. It is here that you will find the popular embroidered Chikan Garments, a fine collection of itar, traditional and modern ornaments, antiques, etc. This place is also the best corner to buy handicrafts and if you happen to make it to the Golden Darwaja area, do check out other beautifully handcrafted products like knives, lampshades, ivory shirt pins, Nagra shoes, and chappals.

Hire a car rental in Lucknow to visit these major tourist places.

Savaari Recommends: Popular Places to eat in Lucknow

  • Rahim’s Kulcha Nahari – Tunday Kebabs and Nahari Kulcha
  • Rati Lal’s Khasta Kachori – Poori and Chickpea sabzi
  • Prakash ki Kulfi – Falooda Kulfi
  • Sharma Tea Stall – Bun Makhan with Masala Chai
  • Jain Chat Wala -Dahi Batashe and Aloo Tikki
  • Makhan Malai Chowk -Makhan Malai 
  • Chowk – Chole Bhature
  • Gomti Nagar – Chaat and Street food
  • Wahid’s Biryani – Awadhi Biryani
  • Raja Thandai – Thandai
  • Idris ki Biryani – Nawabi Biryani

Book a cab in Lucknow to visit these major eateries.

Hotels and Resorts – Accommodation in Lucknow

Hotel Name Address Phone Number
Hotel Deep Palace Cantonment Rd Opp Irrigation Office Burlington Chauraha, Udaiganj, Husainganj, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226001 05222236738
Hotel Olive Tree 169, 92/147, Gautam Buddha Marg, Ganeshganj, Aminabad, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226018 09519822227
Scorpio Club Water Park and Resort Woodland Garden, Off, Kursi Rd, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 206026 08874202471
Radisson Lucknow 24, Cantonment Rd, Kaiserbagh Officer’s Colony, Husainganj, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226001 05224299999
Lebua Lucknow, Saraca Estate 19, Sarva Palli, Saraca Estate, The Mall Avenue, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226001 05222238333

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