Mumbai to Nashik Road Trip – Distance, Time and Useful Travel Information

Around 160 km away from the fast life of Mumbai, Nashik is one of the most underrated travel destinations in India. On exploring, you will find two different worlds in the same city. Nashik is known as the wine capital of the country, with wine lovers paying their visits to taste the best wine of India. On the other hand, Nashik holds major religious importance and is a popular destination for devotees.

Table of Contents

  1. Why travel from Mumbai to Nashik?
  2. Travelling from Mumbai to Nashik by Car
  3. Best time to take a road trip from Mumbai to Nashik by car
  4. How to Reach Nashik By Train
  5. How to Reach Nashik By Flight
  6. Places to eat along this route
  7. Other means of traveling
  8. Attractions in Nashik for Sightseeing
  9. Savaari recommends – Popular places to eat in Nashik
  10. Hotels and Resorts – Accommodation in Nashik

Why Travel from Mumbai to Nashik?

Tucked in the hills of northwestern Maharashtra lies the heritage city of Nashik. Famous for its expansive vineyards, local food, and breathtaking mountain landscape, the once quaint town of Maharashtra has evolved to become a refreshing and scenic getaway for people in and around the state. A place rich in nature, culture, history, and heritage, Nashik makes for a great retreat. To experience the journey to this beautiful destination, the best way to travel is to take a road trip from Mumbai or any other nearest city. When you book a cab from Mumbai to Nashik with Savaari, you can plan the entire itinerary as per your needs, time, and travel goals, and turn the drive into an unforgettable trip.

Travelling from Mumbai to Nashik by Car

The road from Mumbai to Nashik is considered to be one of the most naturally scenic stretches in this part of the state. Driving over a breezing expressway, the route passes through the hinterlands of Maharashtra. Book an Innova cab from Mumbai to make your Mumbai to Nashik trip memorable and experience the endless beauty of the Western Ghats and the rustic countryside as you cross interesting places like Asangaon, Vihigaon, and Kasara, all while enjoying the comfort and convenience of a private vehicle.

Depending on the route you take, you can make a stopover at popular destinations on the way like Igatpuri, also stop by the picturesque little village of Deolali before reaching Nasik. Or you can also make a detour anywhere along the way that will pass towns depending on which route you take. With our completely customizable trip packages, you can stop at any of these places, or at designated spots on the mountain range for views and photo ops. Experience the joy of being on the road by booking a Mumbai car rental from Savaari.

Important Highway Information about Mumbai to Nashik

Highway Name Mumbai to Nashik Highway
Alternate Name National Highway 160
Highway Number NH – 160
Distance 92.5 Km
Starting Point Mumbai
End Point Nashik
Highway Quality Good

Best Time to Visit

Sitting in the heart of Maharashtra and bordered by the Western Ghats, Nashik experiences a classic semi-tropical arid climate. The summers are hot and dry, with harsh temperatures, followed by the refreshing monsoon rains. The winters, however, are cold and chilly with temperatures dropping to single degrees. The colder months are the best time to explore the outdoors in Nashik and go for sightseeing. So, the best time to travel from Mumbai to Nashik is between November and March.


Quick Facts about Mumbai to Nashik 

Road Distance from Udaipur to Ahmedabad 167 km
Aerial Distance from Udaipur to Ahmedabad 140 kms
Travel Time for Udaipur to Ahmedabad 4 hours and 13 minutes
Travel Time for Udaipur to Ahmedabad by Train 3 hours and 02 minutes
Best Routes Mumbai to Nashik Via NH 160
Best time to visit November and February

Popular Routes from Mumbai to Nashik

Route 1: Distance and Time taken from Mumbai to Nashik via NH160

This is the shortest and the best route to travel from Mumbai to Nashik. It is also the fastest route because the Mumbai to Nashik traffic on this route is regular and you can avoid road closures. The distance between Mumbai and Nashik on this route is somewhere around 170 km and takes roughly 3.5 hours. Always check live maps and instant traffic updates for the latest information on road conditions from Mumbai to Nashik.

Here’s the basic route map from Mumbai to Nashik –

Mumbai > Thane > Kalyan > Shahapur> Kasara > Igatpuri > Viholi > Nashik
mumbai-nashik-by road-route1

Popular sights/monuments that you will encounter along this route:

  • Sanjay Gandhi National Park – Take a tour of the greenest patch of Mumbai metropolitan, known for migratory birds and snaking trails.
  • Ganesh Ghat, Kalyan – Sprawling green area overlooking the Ulhas River, with a riverside promenade, great for sunset views.
  • Laxmi Baug Agro Tourism, Shahapur – A local organic farmland offering eco-tourism, good for a farm-stay and enjoying fresh produce.
  • Vihi Waterfalls, Vihigaon – A natural cascade surrounded by forests and greenery, good for day picnics, short treks, hikes, camping, or water sports. 
  • Myanmar Gate, Igatpuri – Entrance to the Vipassana Center, the largest meditation center in Asia.
  • Deolali Camp – A quiet cantonment area, now a natural hotspot for picnics, day treks, or overnight stay.

Places to eat along this route:

  • Kath and Ghat Restaurant, Thane West – A fine dining family restaurant serving Maharashtrian dishes and local seafood specialities.
  • Foodmax, Vasind – Standard highway side eatery serving fast food and quick meals, good for quick stops, late nights, and families.
  • Hotel Sai Bhatsa, Lahe – Highway side diner serving vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, good for families and big groups.
  • Vithal Kamat, Khamabale – Oldest restaurant chain in the state and popular among travelers for vegetarian snacks and quick meals.

Mumbai to Nashik Road Condition via route 1:

The road condition on route 1 from Mumbai to Nashik is excellent. It is the fastest route with light traffic, some tolls on the way, but no road closures.

Route 2: Distance and time taken from Mumbai to Nashik via NH48 & NH848

This is an alternative route for travelling from Mumbai to Nashik. But this route is much longer and takes more time to travel than the previous route. There are also tolls on this route. The distance from Mumbai to Nashik on this route is about 220 km and takes about five hours.  Always use live maps to check for road closures or check for other traffic updates while traveling.

Here’s the basic route map from Mumbai to Nashik along this route:

Mumbai -> Thane -> Vasai-Virar -> Manor -> Vikramgad -> Jawhar -> Trimbak -> Nashik

Popular sights/monuments that you will encounter along this route:

  • Ovalekar Wadi Butterfly Garden, Thane – A tranquil, small butterfly farm with guided tours of the different butterfly species and well-tended gardens.
  • Simandhar Swami Shwetambar Jain Temple, Naingaon – An elaborately carved Jain temple and a popular pilgrimage site, housing a library, colorful murals and shrines.
  • Jawhar Hill Station – An offbeat hilly town with old temples, monuments, and ample natural surroundings, good for trekking, camping, picnics.

Places to eat along this route:

  • AIB roast Fast Food, Mira Road – Local fast-food joint serving quick meals, tea and coffee, good for quick stops, late night meals.
  • Kinara Dhaba, Navghar – A village-themed, dhaba-style restaurant with rustic interiors, serving Punjabi and north Indian meals, good for families and big groups.
  • Café Coffee Day, Haloli – National café chain serving specialty coffee, snacks, quick meals, good for breakfast or tea/coffee breaks.

Mumbai to Nashik Road Condition via route 2:

The road conditions on this route from Mumbai to Nashik are good as of date. But it is a longer route and can have some traffic.

Mumbai to Nashik Best Route

With interesting pit stops along the way, both the above routes are good for travelling from Mumbai to Nashik. But if you are pressed for time, then the first route seems to be the best option since the second route takes more time. Also, if rest stops are important for your travel, then also the first route is better since the second route does not offer enough food options along the way.

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Other means of travelling from Mumbai to Nashik

By Train

You can also travel from Mumbai to Nashik by train. The nearest railway terminal is at Nashik Road Railway Station, which is about 10 km away from the city center. There are about 69 trains that ply between Mumbai and Nashik of which 27 trains run on a daily basis. 

The fastest train from Mumbai to Nasik is LOKMANYATILAK T MANDUADIH EXPRESS (12165), which takes about three hours. The average travel time by train from Mumbai to Nashik is somewhere between three and five hours, depending on the train route. For Mumbai to Nashik train booking, you can visit any online travel portal or check the Indian Railways website to get the best deals. For the latest and most accurate information on Mumbai to Nashik train timings, always check the timetables of IRCTC before you book.

To ensure a stress-free and memorable trip to Mumbai from Nashik, Consider booking a Mumbai Outstation Taxi service with Savaari and enjoy the sights and sounds of the city without the hassle of navigating on your own.

Train Name Departure Arrival Duration
22221 – NZM RAJDHANI 04:10 PM 06:43 PM 02 hours and 33 minutes
22109 –  LTT NZM AC EXP 02:30 PM 05:28 PM 02 hours and 58 minutes
11071 – KAMAYANI EXPRESS 12:40 PM 03:45 AM 03 hours and 05 minutes
12173 – UDYOG NAGRI EXP 04:25 PM 07:30 AM 03 hours and 05 minutes

By Flight

There is also the option of traveling by air from Mumbai to Nashik. The city is served by Gandhinagar Airport or Nashik Airport (IZK) in Ozar, located at about 20 km from the main city. There are regular flights from Mumbai to Nashik. The average Mumbai to Nashik flight duration can range from 8 to 10 hours, and cost between Rs 7000 and 10000 depending on the airline or the flight route you take. For your Mumbai to Nashik flight booking, visit any online travel portal or check with the airline’s direct website.

Attractions in Nashik for Sightseeing

Nashik is a city that harmonizes the old and new in its religious and historical heritage and its finest vineyards, which are the first and the most significant ones in India. Owing to its rugged and rustic landscape, Nashik and its surroundings also offers endless options for adventure sport from go-karting, ATV rides, to zorbing, bungee jumping, zip line and reverse bungee. You can explore the iconic temples and ancient monuments or head out to experience its natural beauty. Make the most of your holidays in Nashik with the best of traditional and contemporary leisure options, the city has to offer.

  • Sula Vineyard – India’s largest and most renowned wine brand, Sula offers luxury retreat, vineyard tours, and wine-themed events.
  • Saptashrungi – A place of religious significance for Hindus, this site comprises seven hills and offers great views of the surrounding hills and valleys.
  • Sita Gufa – A naturally formed ancient cave, it is linked to Ramayana and said to have mythological significance. The site is also known to be a pilgrimage destination.
  • Panchvati – A temple on the Godavari River and an important Hindu religious site. You can visit the river banks in the evening for great views.
  • Trimbakeshwar – A famous ancient temple, right outside the city that houses one of the 12 Jyotirlinga of Shiva and a sacred pilgrimage site for Hindus.
  • Pandavleni Caves – A series of natural caves dating back to the times of Mahabharat and believed to have sheltered the Pandavas.
  • Dhobi Falls – A perennial, natural cascade, nestled within slopes of the Western Ghats. Visit in the monsoon for the best views.

Savaari recommends – Popular places to eat in Nashik

The food culture of Nashik is unique in its own way with flavors ranging from the hot and spicy Maharashtrian delicacies to subtle and flavorful palates of international cuisines.

Here are some of the best places in Nashik to sample the local flavors on your trip –

  • River Dine Restaurant & Banquet, Gangapur Road
  • Haji Darbar Restaurant, Koknipura
  • Shree Purohit Thali, Nashik-Pune Road
  • Vovam Foods, Trambakeshwar Rd
  • Sadhana Chulivarchi Misal, Bardan Phata
  • The Sidewalk, Satpur MIDC
  • Bon Vivant, Old Gangapur Naka

Hotels and Resorts in Nashik

Place NameAddressPhone Number
The Source at SulaSula Vineyards Gat 36/2, Govardhan Village, Off, Gangapur-Savargaon Road, Nashik, Maharashtra 422222078755 55735
The Gateway Hotel AmbadP-17, Mumbai – Agra National Hwy, MIDC Ambad, Nashik, Maharashtra 4220100253 669 2300
Bodhi Farm VillaBodhi Farm Villa, Near, Alandi dam canal, Makhmalabad, Nashik, Maharashtra 422003077700 08888
Cocoon Stay86/1, YCMOU road, Govardhan, Maharashtra 422222070301 63163
Hotel Rama Heritagebeside Kalika Mandir, near Mumbai Naka, Mumbai Naka, Matoshree Nagar, Nashik, Maharashtra 422002095451 69777
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