Mumbai to Panchgani: Distance, Time, and Useful Travel Information

Panchgani is a popular hill station in Maharashtra. This city is surrounded by five mountains, hence given the name Panchgani. These mountains belong to the Sahyadri range. Most visitors come here for the scenic beauty and lush green landscapes. Bon fire and local food are common in most places during winter. 

Besides the beautiful weather and surroundings, Panchgani has a rich and ancient history. During the British era, this place served as a Summer resort. Visitors can also check out these establishments for a vintage vibe. Panchgani is popularly known as the ‘Strawberry Garden of India’. 

Towards the end of the winter season, around February or March, one can find several strawberries sold around Panchgani’s streets. While on a trip from Mumbai to Panchgani, check out the strawberry farms. For a detailed Mumbai to Panchgani itinerary, check below. Find out more about the popular and alternative routes between these two destinations.

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Why travel from Mumbai to Panchgani?

Being situated at a height of 1,334 meters above sea level, Panchgani has amazing weather. This is a popular hill station that receives tourists all year round. People often love to watch the mountains, valleys, and several waterfalls from Panchgani. 

While off-roading, people also love checking out the nearby forests and showering in the waterfall. Trekking is another popular activity among people here. 

Book a Mumbai Panchgani cab service with Savaari and make your road trip from Mumbai to Panchgani memorable . There are several places where you must make a pitstop on this route. While traveling with Savaari, you shall take advantage of every spot. Get a detailed guide here, and know more about the journey and places to check out.

Panchgani from Mumbai

Traveling by car to Panchgani from Mumbai

Panchgani has beautiful weather during the monsoon and winter seasons. Since it is situated at a height, it is also cooler than the nearby areas during the summer. This makes it perfect to be visited at all times during the year. Several caves and lakes are found here. The caves here are devoted to lord Kartikeyan. 

The distance between Mumbai to Panchgani is approximately 244 kilometers. Book a cab in Mumbai for the best experience on your effortless journey to Panchgani from Mumbai by road and other means of travel. On a regular day, it takes about 4 hours and 30 minutes to cover this distance by car. However, peak season might take longer due to the high tourist flow. During this trip, make sure to stop at the strawberry farms and watch over the valleys. The journey has several beautiful scenes that one cannot miss.

Make your Mumbai to Panchgani trip memorable by booking a car rental in Mumbai and explore the city at your own pace!

Important Highway Information –  National Highway 48

Highway Name Mumbai Pune Highway
Alternate Name National Highway 48
Highway Number NH-48
Distance 2078 Km
Starting Point Delhi
End Point Chennai 
Highway Quality Excellent

Best time to visit Panchgani from Mumbai

Tourists from all over Maharashtra and Mumbai often visit Panchgani all year round. This is mainly because it is situated at a height higher than the rest of the places nearby. This means even during the peak summer season, it is relatively cooler here. The winter season and the onset of summer is the best time to visit this place. 

  • Peak: October – March 
  • Optimal: July – September
  • Avoid: April – July

Popular route from Mumbai to Panchgani

Best route – Mumbai to Panchgini via NH 8

Traveling from Mumbai to Panchgani is a fun and beautiful journey. Explore the beauty of the Mumbai to Panchgani journey with our reliable taxi service in Mumbai, ensuring a fun and memorable travel experience. The highway that connects these two places is NH 48. There is only one route from Panchgani to Mumbai. This journey is approximately 241 kilometers and takes about 4 hours and thirty minutes on average. On the way, one gets to experience several mountains, valleys and waterfalls. During the monsoon season, there are heavy rains on the way. There are several things that visitors often check while on the way.

Basic route : Mumbai – Navi Mumbai – Sarsan– Pune – Surur – Wai – Panchgani

The driver suggested sights/ monuments/ offbeat places along this route.

  • Devrai Art village – This is a must-visit place for art lovers. The Devrai Art Village is a non-profit organization offering homage and work to several artists. 
  • Bhilar waterfall point – You cannot miss taking a shower in the cool waters of the Bhilar waterfall point. On the way to Panchgani from Mumbai, there are several small and large waterfalls that you shall come across. However, the beauty of this waterfall is incomparable.
  • Mapro garden- Panchgani houses a large part of India’s strawberry garden. The Mapro garden lies on the foot of the mountain, just adjoining the highway. Make sure to try the strawberry milkshake and jam at the restaurant here.

Popular places to eat along this route where Savaari customers usually stop

  • Cafe Arsh and seafood – This is a must-visit place for seafood lovers. The cafe Arsh and seafood offers a wide variety of seafood cuisine, such as freshwater fish, prawns, etc. People also appreciate a good cup of coffee here.
  • Poonam pure veg – If you are a vegetarian, Jain, or Swaminarayan, this is the perfect place to have lunch or dinner on the way to Panchgani. This place offers various cuisines, such as Gujarati, Punjabi, and Maharashtrian.
  • Meher cafe- If you are craving some snack food and a cup of tea, stop at the Meher cafe. 
  • Rahil’s kitchen – Rahil’s kitchen is popular for the Indian main course. This restaurant also offers a multi-cuisine option with a wide variety of dishes.
  • Purohit’s namaste – This is a budget-friendly restaurant lying adjoining the highway. 

My family and I were recently traveling from Mumbai to Panchgani with Savaari. We appreciated the insights of Savaari. Our experience of this trip cannot be merely described in words. Since we are Jains, finding a restaurant serving quality and tasty food is often difficult. However, we made a stop at the Poonam veg restaurant. We were highly satisfied with the food served here. The pricing structure was also nominal.


Route 2 – Mumbai to Panchgani via NH 66

The second route from Mumbai to Panchgani is via NH 66. This journey is 248 km and takes about 5 hours and 50 minutes by road. Since this route has several tolls and is about an hour longer, most individuals often prefer traveling along the first route. NH 66 is the Mumbai Pune Highway, a popular route connecting Mumbai and Pune. The basic travel plan for this route is as follows –

Route 2 – Mumbai — Navi Mumbai — Pali —  Kolad — Mahabaleshwar — Panchgini

The driver suggested sights/ monuments/ offbeat places along this route.

  • Red carpet wax museum- This wax museum lies on the Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg. Here, several wax statues of different celebrities are placed. Visitors often come here to appreciate the artwork and expertise of the worker.
  • Snow Kingdom- Taking a break from the heat, and visiting the snow kingdom, would be one of the best decisions you can make. You must stop here if you are traveling from Mumbai to Panchgini with your children.
  • KidZania Mumbai – The KidZania Mumbai is a real-life adventure park for children and adults. It is situated on the Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg. Not only for children but this is also a fun and entertaining place, even for adults.

Popular places to eat along this route where Savaari customers usually stop

  • Wahid restaurant – If you are craving some amazing non-vegetarian food and Arabic cuisine, you must stop at the Wahid restaurant. This restaurant closes at 1.30 am and gives you an option of dine-in and takeaway.
  • Status Bar and Restaurant – While traveling with your friends, include the Status bar and restaurant to your list of places to stop. This bar is popular for its vibe, rates, and delicious food.
  • Garnish- For a fine dining option, you must go to Garnish. Here, you shall get the option of having some of the best delicacies worldwide. From soup to dessert, this place has it all.

Best route to travel from Mumbai to Panchgani

Traveling from Mumbai to Panchgani is a fun and beautiful journey with scenic views and heavy rains during the monsoon season. The best route from Mumbai to Panchgani is to take NH 48. This journey takes around 4 to 5 hours.

Other means of traveling from Mumbai to Panchgani

By train

There are several boarding destinations in Mumbai, such as Mumbai Central, Thane, Dadar, Panvel, Churchgate, etc., from where people can board the train to Panchgani. Anyone traveling to Panchgani by train from Mumbai has to drop off at Pune. The distance between Pune and Panchgani is about 101 kilometers. Between these two locations, there are no direct trains. 

By flight

There are no flights connecting these two destinations.

By bus

While traveling by bus, there are several options available. This is a popular journey that people take regularly. The weekends around the winter and monsoon season are jam-packed when it comes to the buses. Several public and private companies offer bus services. 

The distance between Mumbai and Panchgani is 244 kilometers, and it takes 7 to 9 hours to complete the journey. The bus tickets averagely cost between 500 to 1000 one way per person. Make sure to check out the online bus booking application to find out about the live location and accurate time of the bus.

Price comparisons

Means of TransportationTime TakenPrice (in INR)
Mumbai to Panchgani by Bus7-9 hours500-1000
Mumbai to Panchgani by train5-7 hours1000-3000
Mumbai to Panchgani by flightNo flights
Mumbai to Panchgani by Cabs4 to 6 hours2500-3500

Traveling from Mumbai to Panchgani via bus is an affordable and easy option. However, you cannot stop at the restaurant you wish to have your lunch or dinner. Whereas, a trip in a car is filled with fun and entertainment. 

Since you can stop at various places, you can also go sightseeing and check out various places on the way. Taking a trip with Savaari along with your friends or family can completely change the mood of the journey.

Top attractions in Panchgani for sightseeing

The beautiful hill station of Panchgani has several places you must check out before leaving. There is something special for every kind of person here. 

  • Dhom Dam- Visit this place during the evening to enjoy the Sun over the beautiful lake. Boating and water sports are also common here.
  • Parsi point – The Parsi point is one the best places to be for photography lovers. The way the mountains look over the valley is simply amazing.
  • Sydney Point – Sydney Point is a tableland that looks over the vast landscape. People often come here to enjoy the Sun setting beyond the horizon. It is very beautiful and lush green during the winter.

Savaari’s customers recommend- Popular places to eat in Panchgani. 

Jams and chikki are the famous items of Panchgani. They are popularly available at every nook and corner throughout the city. Though when it comes to food, this city has a lot to offer. One must check out several popular restaurants on their trip here. 

  • Ustadi restaurant
  • Hotel Samrat
  • Jaffer Bhai’s restaurant
  • Den Dine Cafe

Hotels and resorts in Panchgani

Hotel NameAddressPhone Number
Panchgani Tent House and Hollywood Palace ResortKhingar Ring Road 09325298018
Hotel Valley NestAmusement park 07947218001
Vijaya Vishram Gruha and Hotel102 Dandeghar Main Road08045781399
Grand VictoriaPlot Number CS 555 Panchgani – Mahabaleshwar Road, Panchgani 09356928766
Blue Country ResortKhingar Road, Panchgani 412805 India09323881466

Nearby road trips from Panchgani

Destination Distance Duration
Panchgani to Pune98.4 Kms2 hr 08 mins
Panchgani to Matheran213.8 Kms4 hrs 16 mins

Panchgani is one of the most amazing places in Maharashtra. This hill station is popular among tourists for its lush green landscape, waterfalls, and delicious food. To travel from Mumbai to Panchgani, book your trip with Saavari app now.

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