Nagpur to Shirdi Road Trip – Distance, Time, and Useful Travel Information

Shirdi, a charming little town nestled in Maharashtra, is popular for being the holy abode of the revered saint Sai Baba. It attracts millions of pilgrims from far and wide who come to offer their prayers and seek blessings. The town has a shrine dedicated to Sai Baba. It also showcases the authentic rural charm of India, with bustling traditional markets and local delicacies that tantalize the taste buds making it an ideal retreat for anyone yearning for inner peace and a soulful experience.

Table of Content

  1. Why travel from Nagpur to Shirdi?
  2. Traveling from Nagpur to Shirdi by car
  3. Important highway information about Nagpur to Shirdi
  4. Best time to visit
  5. Popular routes to travel from Nagpur to Shirdi
  6. Other means of traveling from Nagpur to Shirdi
  7. Price comparison for choosing different travel means
  8. Attractions in Shirdi for sightseeing
  9. Savaari’s customer recommends – popular places to eat in Shirdi
  10. Hotels and resorts in Shirdi
  11. Nearby road trips from Shirdi
  12. Highway updates

Why travel from Nagpur to Shirdi?

If you’re looking for a spiritual retreat, a journey from Nagpur to Shirdi is a must. As you enter Shirdi, you’ll feel a sense of calm and serenity that envelops the entire town. Whether you’re a believer or a curious traveler, a trip to Shirdi is an experience that will stay with you forever. When you take a road trip from Nagpur to Shirdi, you will pass through lush green forests, quaint villages, and winding roads that lead you to the sacred town. Transform your drive into an exciting adventure with Savaari by hiring Nagpur to Shirdi cabs, where you have the freedom to personalize your trip according to your preferences, schedule, and budget.

Traveling from Nagpur to Shirdi by car

A road trip from Nagpur to Shirdi by car is a perfect way to explore the mesmerizing landscapes of Maharashtra. As you drive along the scenic route, you will witness the stunning countryside and the local way of life. You can stop at various eateries and rest areas to taste the authentic flavors of the region and recharge your batteries.

Traveling from Nagpur to Shirdi by car

Looking to explore the beautiful route from Nagpur to Shirdi? Look no further than our Nagpur taxi service with customizable trip packages! With our expertly designed itineraries, you can take in all the sights and sounds of the journey, with plenty of opportunities for quick pit-stops to explore the local area. Let our experienced team help you discover the best routes to travel from Nagpur to Shirdi by car.

Important highway information about Nagpur to Shirdi

Highway Name Hindu Hrudaysamrat Balasaheb Thackeray Maharashtra Samruddhi Mahamarg
Alternate Name Mumbai-Nagpur Expressway
Highway Number
Distance 552 km
Starting Point Nagpur
Ending Point Shirdi
Highway Quality Good

Best time to visit

Summers are particularly hot with temperatures climbing up to 40 degrees Celsius and hence not a very busy period for the town. Monsoon months see frequent downpours and can make exploring the town difficult.

Hence, the best time to visit Shirdi by car is between November and February, as the weather is pleasant and cool, making it perfect for outdoor activities and sightseeing. During these months, the temperatures range from 8 degrees Celsius to 34 degrees Celsius and there are many festivals and events, including the famous Shirdi Vijayadashami and Guru Purnima celebrations, which attract a large number of devotees and visitors from all over the world. These events create a lively and festive atmosphere in the town.

  • Peak: Nov-Feb
  • Optimal:  Sep-Oct & March
  • Avoid: Apr-August

Route 1: Distance and time taken from Nagpur to Shirdi via hindu hrudaysamrat balasaheb thackeray Maharashtra smruddhi mahamarg

This is the shortest and the best route for Nagpur and Shirdi road trip. It is also the fastest because it is a new expressway without any road closures and Nagpur to Shirdi traffic on this route is regular. The distance between Nagpur and Shirdi on this expressway is somewhere around 552 KM and takes about 8 hours. Always check live maps and instant traffic updates for the latest information on Nagpur to Shirdi road conditions.

Popular routes to travel from Nagpur to Shirdi

Driver-Suggested sights/monuments/offbeat places along this route

Once you start your journey on the expressway, there is not much that you can do except enjoy the scenery and stop at a food court to freshen up and refuel. Here are some places to visit before and after the expressway.

  • Adasa Ganesh Temple, Adasa – This is one of the eight ashtavinayaks in Vidarbha and is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. The temple has an 11-12-foot tall idol of Lord Ganesha that has been carved out of a single rock. It is open from 6 am to 9 pm.
Adasa Ganesh Temple
Adasa Ganesh Temple
  • Numismatic Art Gallery by Twentieth Century Coins, Nagpur – If you like old coins, currency notes, curios, and Bollywood movie posters, then a quick visit to this gallery will leave you thrilled.
  • Wet n Joy Water Park, Shirdi – Just outside Shirdi city, exciting water park to refresh you before you start your tour of Shirdi and its neighboring areas. 

Popular places to eat along this route where our customers usually stop

Food courts are not yet operational along the Hindu Hrudaysamrat Balasaheb Thackeray Maharashtra Samruddhi Mahamarg. While you can get light snacks like vada pav, noodles, etc. at most of the company-owned fuel stations. Here are some places to eat before and after the expressway.

  • Swagatam family garden and restaurant, Wardha road, Nagpur – A peaceful place with delicious food and a garden area for kids, this is a good stop before hitting the expressway. Many travelers have recommended Dahi Angare, Dal Khichdi, Fish Fry, and Bhuna Mutton as some of the must-try dishes here.
  • Jassi da chullha dhaba & restaurant, Wardha road, Nagpur – Visit the dhaba for delicious North Indian food in a cozy ambiance. Some of the specialties of the restaurant include its mouth-watering tandoori dishes, delectable curries, and a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. 
  • Hotel Shetty’s Swastik- veg treat, Kopargaon – This restaurant is located right after you exit the expressway to get to Shirdi. Some of the must-try dishes include Misal Pav, Sabudana Vada, Shrikhand, and Thalipeeth.

Nagpur to Shirdi Road Condition via Route 1:

This is the fastest route to travel from Nagpur to Shirdi and is used by most travelers. It is a new highway with six-lane concrete roads and guard rails on either side. Driving is a breeze with a speed limit of 120 kmph.

Route 2: Distance and time taken from Nagpur to Shirdi via NH44, NH361, and NH753C

This is a longer route to travel from Nagpur to Shirdi than the previous one and also takes a little more time. Also, the road conditions on this route are variable. The distance from Nagpur to Shirdi on this route is around 716 KM and takes around 14-15 hours. To avoid road closures, always check for the latest updates and follow a live map when traveling to get the best idea of Nagpur to Shirdi road conditions.

Nagpur to Shirdi route 2

Driver-Suggested sights/monuments/offbeat places along this route

Here are some must-visit places on a Nagpur to Shirdi road trip:

  • Lower Wunna Dam, Wadgaon – Nestled amidst the scenic hills of Wadgaon, the Lower Wunna Dam is a serene and picturesque spot that attracts nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. You can enjoy a peaceful picnic by the banks, indulge in boating and fishing, or simply take a stroll around the dam to soak in the natural beauty of the place.
  • Sevagram, Wardha – Established by Mahatma Gandhi in 1936, Sevagram was his residence during India’s independence movement. You have to take a detour from NH44 at Shedgaon Pati to get here. A must-visit for those seeking to learn more about Gandhi and his contributions.
  • Raj Rajeshwar Temple, Akola – This 18th-Century temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is a popular pilgrimage destination in Maharashtra. If you are looking for a peaceful and spiritual experience, then take a detour from NH53 near Akola to get here with a short drive.
  • Daulatabad Fort, Daulatabad – This is a 12th-Century fort known for its unique defense mechanisms, imposing walls, impressive architecture, and ancient temples. The view from the top of the fort is breathtaking.

Popular places to eat along this route where our customers usually stop

Here is a quick look at some of the best stops for food and drinks on the Nagpur to Shirdi road trip:

  • Nav Durga Restaurant, Hinganghat – A great place for Indian food on this long drive. While all dishes are delicious, the Dal Fry is a must-try according to reviews by many travelers.
  • Bawarchi Family Restaurant, Akola – Good for Indian and Chinese food. Some of the must-try dishes include Veg Crispy and Hara Bhara Kebab.
  • Hotel Ramkrushna Mahal, Aurangabad – This is a pure-veg restaurant with an amazing ambiance and lip-smacking food. Channa Masala, Pizza, and Chinese dishes are a must-try.

Nagpur to Shirdi road condition via Route 2:

This is a slightly longer and slower route to travel from Nagpur to Shirdi. This route traverses multiple highways and while the condition of the highways is good, please check the status of any road closures before leaving.

Most preferred route from Nagpur to Shirdi by Savaari customers

Both the above routes are good for traveling from Nagpur to Shirdi. However, the route via Hindu Hrudaysamrat Balasaheb Thackeray Maharashtra Samruddhi Mahamarg is faster and can get you from Nagpur to Shirdi within 8 hours. The drive can get a little monotonous since the landscape seems to be playing on a loop. If you want to explore the rural areas and interiors of Maharashtra while traveling and don’t mind a longer route, then you can opt for the route via NH44, NH361, and NH753C.

Other means of traveling from Nagpur to Shirdi

How to reach by train?

There are two direct trains from Nagpur to Shirdi:

  • Railway Station in Nagpur: Nagpur Junction (NGP)
  • Distance from the city center: 2 km
  • How to reach the railway station: You can hire a cab in Nagpur to reach the railway station comfortably
  • Railway Station in Shirdi: Sainagar Shirdi railway station (SNSI)
Train Number Train Name Departure Days Departure Time Arrival Time Duration
20857 Puri – Sainagar Shirdi Weekly SF Express Saturday 5.45 pm 4.35 am (next day) 10 hours 50 minutes
22894 Howrah – Sainagar Shirdi SF Express Friday 8.10 am 7.10 pm 11 hours

For updated train timings for Shirdi to Nagpur, visit IRCTC and follow their latest timetable

How to reach by flight?

There are no direct flights between Nagpur and Shirdi. The fastest flight has one halt at Bangalore and takes around 7 hours. You can also opt for a flight with a halt at Delhi that takes around 8 hours. Other flights with two or more halts are also available from Nagpur to get to Shirdi by air.

The price of air tickets from Nagpur to Shirdi can vary based on the available halts and the availability of tickets on the flights. The prices can range from Rs.8,000 to Rs.17,500 depending on the booking window, availability of flights, and travel season. You can also visit any online travel portal for the best deals on Shirdi to Nagpur flight booking. You can hire a reliable Shirdi airport taxi for a convenient ride to your hotel in the town.

How to reach by bus?

There are many buses available between Nagpur and Shirdi. The average travel time from Nagpur to Shirdi by bus is around 8 to 13 hours, depending on the bus route. Hence, all buses start in the evening from Nagpur and drop you at Shirdi in the first half of the next day. Every bus will have different drop points. Make sure that you check the drop points before booking the ticket.

The Nagpur to Shirdi bus tickets are affordable and can cost you anything from INR 1000 to 2500, depending on the bus and the route. You can also visit any online travel portal for the best deals on Shirdi to Nagpur bus booking. You can hire a reliable Shirdi taxi for a convenient ride to your hotel and in the town.

Price comparison for choosing different travel means 

Means of transportation Travel time via each of these means Price
Nagpur to Shirdi by train  Around 11 hours Rs.1,040 (AC 3 Tier)
Nagpur to Shirdi by bus 8-13 hours Rs 1,000-2,500 
Nagpur to Shirdi by flight 7 hours Rs 8,000-17,500
Nagpur to Shirdi by cabs 7 hr 43 min Rs 11,000

If you’re on a budget, taking the bus from Nagpur to Shirdi might seem like the best option, but nothing compares to the convenience and comfort of booking a cab. Savaari’s car rental services in Nagpur offer affordable mobility and privacy, eliminating the hassle of public transportation and its frequent stops. With Savaari, you have the freedom to take detours, learn about local cultures, and indulge in authentic cuisine during your road trip. Whether you choose a round trip or a one-way drop, you’ll only be charged for the distance traveled, and there are no extra fees or cancellation charges. Enjoy a comfortable and exciting journey exploring everything along the way to your destination with Savaari.

Attractions in Shirdi for sightseeing

Shirdi is a small town in Maharashtra famous for the Shirdi Sai Baba Samadhi Mandir, one of India’s most visited religious sites. Apart from the temple, there are several other attractions for sightseeing in Shirdi for maximizing your Nagpur to Shirdi road trip experience. These include:

  • Dwarkamai Masjid: This place holds immense significance for devotees of Sai Baba. It is said that Sai Baba spent a significant part of his life at this mosque, and it was here that he taught his followers the importance of serving others and living a selfless life.
  • Chavadi: This is a historically significant site in Shirdi that was once used as a town hall for meetings and events. It has now been converted into a small museum that showcases some of Sai Baba’s personal belongings, including his chariot, a wooden bed, and a chair.
  • Khandoba Mandir: The idol of Khandoba is depicted as a warrior riding a horse, with a sword in one hand and a rope in the other, and is worshiped as a symbol of courage and strength. It is believed that Sai Baba visited this temple during his lifetime.
  • Lendi Baug: This is a small garden near Shirdi Sai Baba Samadhi Mandir. It is believed that the garden is home to several trees, plants, and flowers that have been nurtured by Baba himself.
  • Dixit Wada Museum: The museum houses a vast collection of personal belongings of Sai Baba, including his footwear, utensils, and clothes. Visitors can also see the cot and the spinning wheel that Sai Baba used during his lifetime.

In addition to the spiritual experience, Shirdi offers a variety of dining options for visitors to indulge in. From traditional Maharashtrian cuisine to North Indian and international fare, Shirdi has something to offer to cater to everyone’s taste buds.

These are some of the best-rated places to eat in Shirdi:

  • Madhuban Shirdi
  • Ahimsa – The Vegan Cafe
  • The Tulip
  • Masala Tree Banquets and Restaurants
  • Blue Coriander

Hotels and resorts in Shirdi

Hotel Name Address
Sun-n-Sand Shirdi Address: G. No. 109/P & 124, Shiv Road, Nighoj, Village, Shirdi, Maharashtra 423109
Phone: +91-2423-255728/729/730
Hotel Temple Tree Shirdi Address: Ring Road, Behind Sai Ashram, Shirdi, Maharashtra, India- 423109Phone: +91 90115 90115
Hotel Sai Miracle Address: New, Pimpalwadi Rd, near Canara Bank, Shiv Nagar, Shirdi, Maharashtra 423109Phone: +91-91124   91124, +91-9130002000,02423-257751 / 52
The Temple View Hotel Address: First Wing, Sai Murali Complex, Opp.Sai Temple, Nagar-Manmad Road, Shirdi, Maharashtra – 423109Phone: +91-7775077750, 02423255299
Renest Shraddha Inn Shirdi Address: Ground floor, Lobby Level, Pimpalwadi Rd, Dattanagar, Shirdi, Maharashtra 423109Phone: +91 79 0022 2211

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Nearby road trips from Shirdi

While Shirdi is a beautiful and spiritual destination, exploring the nearby scenic locations by road can be an enriching experience. These destinations offer breathtaking views of nature and a glimpse into the local culture and way of life. Road trips can be a great way to relax, take in the scenery, and discover hidden gems along the way. So, if you have the time, exploring the nearby locations by road can add a unique and memorable dimension to your trip to Shirdi. Here are some suggestions for a road trip from Shirdi:

Route  Distance Best time to visit
Shirdi to Bhandardara 98 km October to FebruaryYou can plan a trip between May and September to catch the famous fireflies in Bhandardara
Shirdi to Shani Shingnapur 72 km September to November
Shirdi to Trimbakeshwar 118 km October to March

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