Savaari Car Rentals – Redefining Indian Roadtrips in 2022

There is no denying that the pandemic altered our perception of travel. The ultimate trip of a lifetime is no longer a utopian dream. After dreaming of freedom for the past two years, people finally began to release their pent-up passion for travel in 2022, with substantial increases in searches for trips to once-in-a-lifetime Indian destinations.

A trip that satisfies wanderlust is back in style, as we are witnessing several trends that will shape the way forward for travel in 2023. This year has paved the way for a road trip renaissance unlike any other in recent memory, as never-before-seen work flexibility, travel restrictions, and a desire to avoid the crowded spaces of airlines and public transportation, among other factors, have combined to spawn a burgeoning movement of chauffeur-driven cabs.

Savaari, which has grown to be India’s premier car rental services, currently operates in over 2000 cities. In a short period, we have earned the reputation of a car rental brand with clean cabs and well-trained chauffeurs . We offer an unmatched service quality to make your holiday truly pleasurable, wholesome, and memorable.

We engaged with a fleet of 25,000 vendors & driver partners completing over 1 million road trips covering a distance of 500 million kilometers across India. In doing so, we emerged as the largest car rental player in the industry. Most importantly, Savaari marked the return of classic roadtrips by providing premium cab services to several destinations across India. This is an overview of the key milestones, achievements, and successes achieved by us in redefining Indian roadtrips in 2022.

Savaari Car Rentals - Redefining Indian Roadtrips in 2022

Execution of 2.4 lakh road trips in India

Savaari’s cabs traversed a distance of 1,750 lakh kilometers, with the execution of mind-boggling 2.4 lakh road trips in 3,200 Indian destinations. 24,978 chauffeurs were deployed to execute these trips and were behind the wheel for 52,453 trip days. The nuts and bolts of this report, meanwhile, show just how much of a road trip resurgence is underway. With the festive season around the corner, we are executing trips at a growth of over 90% compared to 2021. 

Exemplifying travel trends

Over the past year, adventurers have fuelled a renaissance of sorts of the mystique of the open road. Conquering the untamed beast and experiencing India’s beauty and breathtaking sights on the road, defined the vibe of 2022.

The top cities serviced by us throughout the year were Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai and New Delhi. Meanwhile, destinations such as Dharamshala, Daman, Asansol, Hanamkonda, Hubli, and Srirangapatna saw significant increases in bookings, indicating an increase in non-metro city penetration. Our longest road trip began in Bangalore and ended in Lucknow, with stops in Hampi, Nagpur, Pachmarhi, Jabalpur, and Khajuraho.

Although long-weekend excursions inside one’s state might be enjoyable, they cannot compete with the allure of interstate road journeys. The year witnessed a fascinating spark in offbeat travel, which has stunningly contributed to this growth.

Be it a spiritual sojourn in Srisailam or Ajmer Sharif; beholding the magnificent views of the snow-capped peaks of Pahalgam and Sakleshpur; soaking in the sun by the azure blue beaches of Varkala or Gopalpur, or indulging in adrenaline rushing activities in Kaziranga National Park or Hogenakkal Falls, we fulfilled the experiences of providing escapism from the concrete enclosures in the cities.

Savaari also offers connectivity to the length & breadth of India and plays an active role in enriching rural tourism. We drove to the treasure trove of tribal India in the summer of 2022 to Chhattisgarh. Through this, we hope to have motivated travellers looking for an enriching rustic experience to do the same.

Where did India Travel in 2022

Travelers today are increasingly inspiring themselves to explore offbeat India, but the lack of public resources continues to deter them. Most travel agents nowadays take a back seat when it comes to encouraging offbeat tourism. One of the best ways to explore the unknown is to delve into information from travel magazines and the internet.

Savaari have curated our Annual Travel magazine, titled The Road Less Traveled, which takes readers on a journey of lesser-known Indian travel tales. With a detailed itinerary, we cover several topics, from afterlife rituals to architectural relics and offbeat destinations. The magazine hopes that the stories and colourful allure of these quirky destinations will inspire travelers to visit them.

2023 – The Year of Invigorated Travel

As travel trends have shifted dramatically in the last two years, 2022 has sparked a renewed interest in exploratory travel. Visiting lesser-known, even once-forbidden regions that are now eager to welcome visitors are back on the map. While redefining Indian road trips was the agenda in 2022, 2023 is set to be the year of invigorated travel. We expect travellers to continue exploring lesser-known destinations compared to 2022. 

A trip to the off-beaten-roads and scenic landscapes is the best way to soak up a rustic offbeat experience. There’s something here for everyone, whether you’re looking for extraordinary excursions through ancient rain forests, blossoming historic sites, or exquisite offbeat destinations to soak up the tranquillity. Just like how roads connect these experiences, there is more that connects than divides them. An opportunity for deeper engagement with local communities, slower travel, and more meaningful and joyful human connection.  

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