Tirupati to Vellore by Road – Distance, Time and Useful Travel Information

Vellore is a city located in the southern state of Tamil Nadu in India. It is known for its ancient temples and historical monuments. The city is also famous for its medical and educational institutions, including the renowned Christian Medical College and Hospital. Vellore is surrounded by lush green hills and forests. When you book a Tirupati car rental with Savaari, the most noteworthy part of it is that you can turn a simple drive into an experiential road trip.

Best Time to Visit Vellore by Road:

The best time to visit Vellore by road is from October to March when the weather is pleasant and cool, making it ideal for outdoor activities.

Popular Routes to take from Tirupati to reach Vellore :

Let us help you discover some of the best routes so your trip from Tirupati to Vellore by road is nothing short of amazing!

  1. Route 1- Tirupati to Vellore Via NH 70 and NH 40: The most popular route to reach Vellore from Tirupati is to take NH 75 and then NH 40. The total distance is around 120 km and it takes around 2-3 hours to reach Vellore, depending on traffic conditions.
  2. Route 2- Tirupati to Vellore Via NH 716: Another route is to take NH 716, which passes through the towns of Nagari and Arcot before reaching Vellore. The total distance is around 130 km and it takes around 3-4 hours to reach Vellore, depending on traffic conditions.

Places to Visit Along the Route:

  1. Government Museum: The museum is located inside the Vellore Fort and houses a collection of artifacts from various periods of Indian history, including ancient sculptures, coins, and weaponry.
  2. Sri Kalahasti Temple: Located in the town of SriKalahasti, this ancient temple is known for its beautiful architecture.
  3. Vellore Fort: This historical fort is located in the heart of Vellore city and is a must-visit for history buffs. It was built by the Vijayanagar Empire in the 16th century and has since been occupied by various rulers.
  4. Sripuram Spiritual Park: Spread over 100 acres, this park has a variety of flora and fauna, and has several walking trails and meditation spots.

Places to Eat Along the Route:

  1. Hotel APTDC Haritha Restaurant: Located near the Sri Venkateswara National Park, this restaurant serves authentic Andhra cuisine.
  2. Hotel Saravana Bhavan: This vegetarian restaurant chain is located along the NH 716 route and serves delicious South Indian dishes.
  3. A2B Adyar Ananda Bhavan: This chain of restaurants has several outlets along the route from Tirupati to Vellore and is known for its delicious vegetarian food, including sweets and snacks.

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