Beach Bumming Mumbai: Unusual and Unmissable Coastal Escapes

Juhu Beach is arguably Mumbai's most famous shoreline and a beloved destination for locals and tourists alike. Here, you can soak in the vibrant atmosphere, watch the sunset, and relish delicious street food. Be sure to try Mumbai's iconic snack, the "Bhel Puri," from one of the numerous stalls lining the beach.

Juhu Beach

A Classic Mumbai Destination

Versova Beach is a hidden gem tucked away in the bustling Andheri area. Unlike the bustling Juhu Beach, Versova offers a quieter and more serene escape from the city's chaos. Its sandy shores and picturesque views make it an ideal spot for a relaxing stroll. You can also witness the incredible sight of local fishermen hauling in their daily catch, adding to the charm of this tranquil beach.

Versova Beach

A Tranquil Escape in the City

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Aksa Beach is a secluded paradise situated in the northern part of Mumbai. Known for its unspoiled beauty and less-crowded atmosphere, it's perfect for those seeking solitude. You can enjoy long walks on the soft, golden sand, sunbathe, or simply take in the serene surroundings.

Aksa Beach

Pristine Beauty and Solitude

Gorai Beach is a tranquil oasis located on the north-western outskirts of Mumbai, accessible via a short ferry ride from Borivali. This serene beach offers a peaceful escape from the urban chaos. Surrounded by lush greenery and lined with palm trees, Gorai Beach is an ideal spot for picnics, beach volleyball, and leisurely walks.

Gorai Beach

A Serene Getaway from the City

Marve Beach, adjacent to Malad in the northern suburbs of Mumbai, is a picturesque destination that still retains the charm of a fishing village. With its rocky outcrops and quaint scenery, Marve Beach is a popular spot for photography and nature lovers. The beach is relatively less crowded, making it a great place to relax and watch the waves.

Marve Beach

A Quaint Fishing Village

While not technically in Mumbai, Kalamb Beach is a short drive away from the city and deserves a spot on this list for its unspoiled beauty. Located in Palghar district, this lesser-known beach boasts clean, golden sands and clear waters. It's an excellent spot for swimming, sunbathing, and beach games.

Kalamb Beach

A Hidden Gem in Palghar

Girgaum Chowpatty Beach, often referred to simply as Chowpatty, is located in the heart of South Mumbai and is known for its unique blend of beach and cultural experiences. While it may not be your typical sandy beach for swimming, it's a bustling and vibrant spot with a rich cultural history. Chowpatty is famous for its street food, including the mouthwatering pav bhaji and gola (ice candy).

Girgaum Chowpatty

Mumbai's Cultural Hub

Manori Beach, situated on Manori Island near Malad in Mumbai, is a serene escape that's relatively less crowded than some of the city's more famous beaches. Accessible by a short ferry ride from Marve Beach, Manori Beach offers a quiet and picturesque setting with swaying palm trees and soft sands. It's an excellent spot for relaxation, picnics, and enjoying the sunset.

Manori Beach

A Peaceful Escape Near Mumbai

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