Traveller’s Choice: 4 Top Picks for Valentine’s Day Getaway with your Valentine

After all that our desi couples have endured last year, helping each other do the dishes, scrubbing the floors, preparing dal-chawal day after day, seeing each other’s faces 24×7, in a seemingly never ending loop, 2021 was the ultimate acid test of compatibility for all the love-birds out there. Well, if you have somehow managed to get through the lockdown with your significant other smiling by your side, congratulations my friend! You are made for each other. (We kid you not, as per statistics, China’s divorce rate soared by 20% during the lockdown!) And you, more than anyone, deserve to celebrate love and life through a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway.

As 2022 marks the return of the classic roadtrips in India, we recommend you take one by booking a luxury cab with us. Our chauffeurs will take you through the breathtaking locales of the countryside while you enjoy your time with bae. Check out our top picks of Valentine’s Day getaway- the places of solitude which will ensure safety as well as privacy during your trip.

Valentine’s Day Getaway:

1. Maravanthe

Valentine’s Day Getaway - Maravanthe
Maravanthe Beach, Karnataka

Chosen as the most beautiful beach of Karnataka by Outlook Traveller, this untouched destination is known for its white sandy beaches, clear blue waters and the stunning expanse of shores. The entire village is dotted with majestic palm trees, quaint shacks and charming cottages. When you take a drive to Maravanthe, you will witness the surreal views of Arabian Sea on one side of the road and the Souparnika river on the other. Book a beach resort and enjoy the solitude and beauty of the place. Request for a candlelight dinner set up on their private beach and create unforgettable memories with your Valentine!

What makes it awesome: Sasihithlu beach, located at a distance of 100 km from Maravanthe, is known for its mesmerising sunset views. Go for a drive, you will thank us later.
Do not miss: The various water activities at the Maravanthe beach, notably scuba diving and snorkelling.
Distance: 110 km from Mangalore,  430 km from Bangalore

2. Kamshet

Valentine’s Day Getaway - Kamshet
Paragliding in Kamshet

Is traveling back in time, to some vintage period, your idea of a romantic getaway? Kamshet is this old-world hill station where you still find those petite huts built with mud and thatches. The place is surrounded by lush green forests and lofty hills, with a pristine lake on one side. Kamshet is also a haven for paragliding lovers. Discover your adventurous side by signing up for a paragliding course with your partner. Shelar, Kondeshwar and Shinde Wadi Hill are some of the best paragliding spots you can visit.

What makes it awesome: Book a gorgeous AirBnb villa to live amidst nature. Request for a bonfire arrangement in your balcony. Spend the evening enjoying champagne snuggled up with your bae under the night sky.
Do not miss: A paragliding experience for the panoramic views of the forests and fields.
Distance: 100 km from Mumbai, 45 km from Pune

3. Lansdowne

Valentine’s Day Getaway - Lansdowne

A quiet hill station located in Uttarakhand, Lansdowne is often described as the gateways to the mighty Himalayas. Being a cantonment town, it is very well-maintained and secluded, known only to few. Cobbled alleys, solitary churches, whimsical cottage, lonesome forests – your time with your loved one in Lansdowne will remind you of an old-school romance in a bygone era. St. Mary’s Church, St. John’s Church, Bhulla Taal, Garhwali Mess, Tip N Top and Hawa Ghar are some of the must see attractions in Lansdowne. 

What makes it memorable: Book a luxury spa resort. Indulge in an evening of scrumptious meals complete with bonfire and live music.
Do not miss: The panoramic views of the Garhwal mountain range from the hilltop at Tip N Top. Try the slurpy maggi at any of their shacks. 
Distance: 155 km from Dehradun, 260 km from Delhi

4. Lepchajagat

Valentine’s Day Getaway - Lepchajagat

The charming town of Lepchajagat is as enchanting as it can get – oak and pine forests, abandoned huts, sublime birdlife, captivating folk tales. Located only 15 km away from Darjeeling, Lepchajagat is the hidden gem which is often overlooked by travellers. Which is why it makes for an idyllic retreat with your valentine. Enjoy the solitude as you curl up with your partner next to a fireplace in your cozy wooden accommodation. Grab a cup of hot Darjeeling tea and create a magical evening to remember!

What makes it memorable: Watching the ethereal sunrise from Tiger Hill from the elevation of 2573 metres. Tiger Hills is the highest point of Darjeeling and offers splendid views of both Mt. Everest and Mt. Kanchenjunga together.
Do not miss: A trek through the alpine forests of Sukhiapokhri and witness some of the most breathtaking visuals of nature.
Distance: 14 km from Darjeeling, 630 km from Kolkata

Despite the many restrictions and changes in lifestyle the pandemic has introduced to the world, as they say, love still conquers all! Wish you and your Valentine an amazing one! 🙂

Which destination tops your list of Valentine’s Day getaways? Let us know in the comments.

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