Delhi to Hisar Road Trip – Distance, Time and Useful Travel Information

To dive into the world of history, Hisar is the perfect destination to be. Hisar is surrounded by the stories of ancient India depicted in magnificent palaces and forts. As the destination boasts of its cultural heritage, it also offers some of the best experiences to nature lovers. Hisar is all about its unique history as it was founded by Firozshah Tughlaq, who loved huge forts. Landmarks of this location not only talk about the intricate architecture but also highly display the energies of royalty in the Tughlaq era.

Interestingly, Hisar remains a prominent site in today’s time for various archaeological excavations in and around the destination.  In this city, the first evidence of man was discovered during the excavation. It belonged to the pre-Harappan era. The famous fort of Hilsar has existed here since the region of Ashoka, from 234 A.D. Hilsar is popularly known for its historical importance. People often visit here to learn more and experience ancient India themselves. 

As you plan for Delhi to Hisar road trips with your friends and family, know that the entire journey is sure to fill your heart with soothe. Road trips offer adventure and thrill by going through the different topography of India. This road trip has something to offer everyone, whether you are a history enthusiast, a foodie, or trying to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. With bazaars and lush green parks, life kind of pauses at Hisar to help you immerse in nature. It is the fresh aroma of greens and a slightly nostalgic aroma in forts, all of it to make you go happy! Keep reading to get access to the entire Delhi to Hisar road trip with distance and other important information.

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Table of Contents

  1. Why travel from Delhi to Hisar?
  2. Traveling from Delhi to Hisar by car
  3. Best time to take a road trip by car
  4. How to Reach Hisar By Train
  5. How to Reach Hisar By Flight
  6. Places to eat along this route
  7. Attractions in Hisar for Sightseeing
  8. Popular routes from Delhi to Hisar
  9. Hotels and resorts – Accommodation in Hisar

Why travel from Delhi to Hisar?

Hilsar has several popular excavation sites all around the city, making it extremely popular for historians. It has a rich and vivid history that intrigues many. 

Apart from history, the climate of Hilsar has also been a major attraction. The winters are cool, while the summers are extremely hot. During the monsoon season, visitors can enjoy hill station-type weather here. Hilsar experiences a continental type of climate. Taking a road trip from Delhi to Hilsar during the winter and the monsoon shall help you get two different types of experiences. 

Travelling and watching the world through different perspectives can never get old. Whether it is getting lost in the charming scent of old mansions or filling your bags with ancient artefacts, Hisar has something for everyone. After all, it is a mesmerising experience to witness the beautiful fusion of culture, heritage and history like no other place.

If you are on a journey to explore delectable cuisines, then Hisar is one of the best places to try authentic tikkis and desserts. Know that Hisar is a small destination and every vendor here is more than happy to define the true meaning of hospitality. To enjoy with ultimate comfort, it is always a good idea to go with Savaari. With Savaari’s Delhi to Hisar cab service get hassle-free and comfortable ride for you and your loved ones with a fleet of well-maintained vehicles and highly qualified drivers from Delhi to Hisar. 

Delhi to Hisar Road Trip

Travelling from Delhi to Hisar by Car

Road trip offers an amazing opportunity to see little towns, farms, and rural views as you travel through Haryana, giving you a taste of rural life. The journey is pretty uneventful, thanks to the well-kept motorways and picturesque agricultural vistas that line the route. Road conditions are well-paved and few traffic jams, which make generally good driving conditions. However, because there can be some bumps and potholes along the way, it’s best to drive cautiously and pay attention to your surroundings.

A road trip is an adventure in and of itself from Delhi to Hisar. Depending on traffic and the route you select, the trip, which is about 170 kilometers long, can take 3 to 4 hours. As you travel by car, you can always take time to stop at some of the best restaurants or scenic places where the lens of your camera laughs in shyness. That’s exactly why road trips heal the soul, and with delightful trips like Delhi to Hisar, you will surely take home memories of joy! For a comfortable and enjoyable journey, book a cab in Delhi and embark on a memorable road trip to Hisar. Let us now check the best route for Delhi to Hisar road trips.

Important Highway Information – National Highway 9

Highway Name Delhi to Sirsa Highway
Alternate Name National Highway 9
Highway Number NH-9
Distance 170 Km
Starting Point Delhi
End Point Hisar
Highway Quality  Excellent 

Best time to visit Hisar from Delhi

The most suitable time to visit Hisar from Delhi is during winters. The pleasant climate helps you enjoy the overall journey with zero hassles. Winter season begins in October, and the weather remains cool till February. March to April is also a comfortable time to travel to Hisar for a comparatively less pleasant atmosphere. The temperature varies between 7 to 24 degrees Celsius. If the location experiences extreme winters, the temperature might drop negatively.

It is advisable to avoid visiting Hisar during the warm month as facing the heat might not be comfortable. The temperatures generally rise to 41 degrees, making it uneasy about exploring or being a part of outdoor activities. June is generally the hottest month, and it is highly not recommended to visit Hisar during this time. Since the climate is better from the onset of the monsoon in July, you can plan a trip around this time. 

  • Peak: October to February 
  • Optimal: July to September 
  • Avoid: March to June

Popular Routes from Delhi to Hisar

Route 1: Delhi to Hisar via NH9

The quicker and shorter route is the one that takes the NH9. Most travellers favour the NH9, the busiest route which offers an enthralling road trip experience. According to traffic and road conditions, the trip from Delhi to Hisar via NH9 is roughly 170 kilometers long and takes 3 to 4 hours to complete.

The NH9 road from Delhi to Hisar is picturesque and provides lovely views of the surrounding countryside. It’s important to remember that traffic jams can be a problem, particularly during rush hour. Plan your route well to avoid being caught in traffic. 

Here’s the basic map from Delhi to Hisar for this route.

Route: Delhi – Sirsa – Fatehabad – Hisar

Driver suggested places along this route

  • India Gate: Located in Delhi, India gate is one of the famous destinations to appreciate history and freedom fighters. This tourist destination is a war memorial filled with local guides. The monument’s architecture displays an arch alongside intricate designs on the sides.
  • Gurudwara Shri Bangla Sahib: Rohtak is a well-known destination for its various temples and greenery. Gurudwara Shri Bangla Sahib is a beautiful place of worship with fine architecture. It has a golden dome with a pool of water where tourists love to take a dip.
  • Tilyar Mini Zoo: Located in Rohtak, Tilyar Mini Zoo attracts wildlife enthusiasts. You can witness different animals, including tigers, baboons, hyenas, and otters. It also has various other attractions offering a perfect blend of flora and fauna. The zoo is home to watchtowers and drinking water facilities.
  • Shri Durga Bhawan Temple: Known for its tranquillity, Shri Durga Bhawan Temple is an important place of worship in Rohtak. Travellers worldwide visit the temple to seek blessings during Ganesh Utsav. Huge premises speak highly of a peaceful vibe with grand decorations during celebrations.

Popular places to eat along this route where our customers usually stop

  • Sukhdev Dhaba is one of the most well-known dhabas in the region and is located in Murthal. They are renowned for their delectable parathas, particularly those packed.
  • Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba: This well-liked dhaba in Murthal is renowned for its traditional Punjabi food, particularly its lassi and parathas.
  • Gulshan Dhaba: Located in Karnal, Gulshan Dhaba serves traditional Punjabi dishes such as dal makhani, tandoori, and butter chicken. It has decent seating and is known for its mouthwatering flavours. 
  • Jhilmil Dhaba: It is a family-friendly restaurant with a large selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian North Indian food. It is situated in Rohtak. So, you can always stop here for an authentic North India plate with dessert 
  • Jind’s Pahalwan Dhaba: Famous spot for truckers and tourists, it is renowned for serving hearty meals, including daal and roti. Also, 

Route 2: Delhi to Hisar via NH 334B Delhi-Sirsa Highway

NH334B is one of the popular routes to reach Hisar from Delhi. This route is one of the highly preferred routes as the route is very well linked to the major attractions and relaxing spots during your journey with Savaari. You can find many dining options, temples, and scenic landscapes as you pave your way through Hisar. The highway is also excellently constructed, with smooth roads and the availability of significant places on the way.

The approximate distance from Delhi to Hisar via the NH334B route is 263 Km. It takes around 2 hours and 51 minutes to reach Hisar considering the road does not experience high traffic. It is advisable to check the traffic details well in advance to avoid delay in reaching.

Here’s the basic map from Delhi to Hisar for this route.

Route: Delhi – Rohtak – Hisar

Best route to travel from Delhi to Hisar

According to the distance and time covered to reach Hisar, Route 1 is comparatively a better option. While the route is not highly packed, it also offers various tourist attractions and popular eateries on the way. It is always good to check lively traffic updates and maps before opting for a specific route. If you have time and want a more relaxed journey with more steps, you can go via Route 2 as well.

Other means of travelling

By train 

There are several trains connecting Delhi to Hisar, regularly. The trains connecting these two destinations have daily connectivity. It takes about 4 to 8 hours to travel between these two destinations. There are two major stations in Delhi: the Old Delhi railway station and the New Delhi railway station. In Hilsar, there is only one main station.

Train Name Train Number Total Time Taken Arrival Time Departure Time
Gorakhdham Express 12555 3 hours 52 mins 05:35 am 09:27 am
Kisan Express 14731 4 hours 5 mins 02:00 pm  06:05 pm 

By flight

Currently, there are no flights available between the two destinations. 

By bus

Delhi to Hisar is a popularly travelled route. There are various options when it to travelling by bus. It takes about 3 to 4 hours to complete this journey. One can choose from the various public and private companies to book their bus. It takes about 700 to 800 rupees per person one way. Use the bus booking company to check the live status and the fare before booking the ticket.

Price comparisons

Means of Transportation Time Taken Price (in INR)
Delhi to Hisar by Bus 4-5 hours 700-800
Delhi to Hisar Agra by Train 2-3 hours 100-2000
Delhi to Hisar by Cabs 3-4 hours 2500-3500

Top attractions in Hilsar for sightseeing

Here are some of the places that you must see while travelling –

  • Agroha 

This is a popular temple that is visited by the locals and the tourists visiting this place. It also has a famous gufa or a cave. 

  • Asirgarh fort

This fort is famous for its construction. There are several bricks used uniquely to build up the fort wall. Visitors often praise the landscape of the entire city from the top.

  • Lat ki masjid

Lat ki masjid is a holy pilgrimage site for the Muslims. Visitors can appreciate the architecture and construction while being here. It is also known for its history. 

Saavri’s customer recommends popular places to eat in Hisar

The Bihari cuisine is family all over India for spice. The vegetables are cooked differently than the rest of the country, offering a unique touch. While being in Hisar, make sure to try the Tikki, which is a special item. Here are a few restaurants that you must try-

  • The Esse and Baoji 
  • Mustard by Midtown
  • Soul kitchen
  • Urban Tadka 
  • Double Spoon

Hotels and resorts in Hisar

Hotel Name Address Phone Number
Hotel Tejas Hissar city 08045794997
The Chirag Inn Hotel Ghoda Chowk 09035178235
Hotel @999 Vidyut Nagar 07942764123
Mukur Hotel and Restaurant Delhi Bypass main Highway  07947199463

Nearby road trips from Hisar

The Delhi to Hisar road trip has been praised by many tourists as an excellent way to discover the rural areas and small towns of Haryana. Since the road is well-maintained, driving is easy and relaxing. The numerous roadside dhabas and restaurants that provide delicious local fare and snacks have also been praised by visitors. However, other passengers have also mentioned difficulties, such as harsh weather and road congestion during rush hours. It’s crucial to properly organise your travel and be equipped for any difficulties you might face.

Tourists have generally regarded the Delhi to Hisar road journey as a distinctive and unforgettable experience that provides a look into Haryana’s cultural and natural beauties.

Destination  Distance  Duration
Hisar to Jaipur 343 Kms 6 hrs
Hisar to Chandigarh 254.7 Kms 4 hrs 54 mins
Hisar to Shimla 353.4 Kms 7 hr 36 mins
Hisar to Kullu 494.3 Kms  10 hrs 37 mins

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