#DriverDiaries – Savaari’s unsung heroes

Here at Savaari, we’re celebrating three of our unsung heroes – drivers who have made someone’s trip very memorable with their smile and compassion. And just like you, they have dreams, aspirations and love to travel too!

Kamal from Rajasthan

“I’ve been driving a cab for the last three years and have taken my customers on more than 25 trips around Rajasthan. This has allowed me to meet amazing people from all over the world. Keeping my car clean and ensuring that the customers feel comfortable are the most important things for me as a driver.

Every month, I visit Bullet Baba temple near Jodhpur. It is said that distressed travellers get relief if they pray at the temple. I take my customers there at every chance I get. I once went to Tanot Mata temple with my customers and gave them a full tour of the place – they were really happy!

Back home I’ve a loving wife, and we’re welcoming a baby next month. I hope to buy my own car soon. Then I’ll have everything.”


Shyam from Bangalore

“My name is Shyam, and I used to work in IT in Bangalore. It was frustrating being tied to a desk job, so I decided to work for myself and started driving. Travelling has helped me communicate with people from all walks of life and I’ve learnt to speak French, German and many Indian languages.

I always try to keep my customers entertained. I’m a big fan of the Kannada movie star Dr Rajkumar. I love photography, so my work also helps me pursue my passion! I’m saving up to buy a new camera to take photos when I take people on their vacations.

I spend at least four days a month with my wife and son, so that I can be a part of him growing up, he’s in 1st standard now. My family is really loving and supportive. ”


Daljeet from Gurugram

“In my career spanning nearly 30 years, I’ve met really good people and I often become very close to them.

My motto is to make customers feel as comfortable as possible and build a rapport with them. It’s great when I’m constantly busy with my work, because I love meeting new people. I’ve even driven luxury cars for important diplomats! My favourite trip was when I drove a Canadian family to Rajasthan for five days. We all had a lot of fun and became very close at the end.

I’m away from home and my family a lot. But thankfully, I live in a joint family, and they take care of my wife and kids when I’m out. I feel blessed.”

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