Mumbai for the adventurer

12 exciting weekend adventures in and around Mumbai

There is a reason Mumbai is called the City of Dreams. Not only does it fulfill one’s professional dreams but also offers you endless options to have quite an adventurous time. The biggest city on the face of the country and the most bustling one, Mumbai also has a serene side to its persona. Being in a geographically strategic location, the city’s landscape offers a continuous coastline on one side and hilly terrain on the other, dotted with forests and rivers surrounding the urban limits. With endless nature trails, water sports, camping, trekking and similar options within its vicinity, Mumbaikars can indulge in various adventures.

Here’s a list of the best 12 places you can head to for the weekend and make it an exciting one:

Karnala Bird Sanctuary

A peaceful picnic spot for families and friends, Karnala is just at an hour’s drive from the city center. With 150 species of migratory birds, this bird sanctuary is also a favorite spot for bird watchers, nature lovers, and photographers.

Thane Creek Flamingo Sanctuary  

Every February to March, the Thane Creek is thronged by flamingoes from far and wide. You can watch these exotic pink birds nest and flock around the waters, hunting for food in this season. Recently started, you can also take a boat ride down the canals and through the mangroves to get a candid view of these feathered visitors.

Kolad White water rafting

For those who love water sports, Kolad could be your go-to place. The frothy waters of the Kundalika River, meandering through the forests can be a respite after a tiring week of work. Ride through the rocky bed and camp up on the river banks for the night. Perfect for both pro and hobby rafters, Kolad is perfect to explore in monsoon or right after.

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Manori Island

Get the feel of Goa right within Mumbai, without traveling to the Konkan haven. Right outside the western suburbs of Malad, this is a picturesque little island on a small inlet of the Arabian Sea. Earlier a small fishing village, Manori Island developed as a cozy beach destination for city travelers. With an hour’s drive from the city center and a quick ferry ride, you can reach Manori. The laid-back vibe of the resorts makes for a relaxing weekend or even a day trip.

Naneghat Pass

A mountain pass right inside the city! Yes, you heard that right. Beyond the city peripheries of Thane district (one hour from Mumbai town), the rugged and steep Naneghat pass cuts through the Satavahanas mountains. This pass was once an old trade route which connected the villages of Kalyan and Dombivali. Flanked by ancient caves, now in ruins, this stretch makes for an exhilarating day trek.

Trek to Tungareshwar temple

On the northern edge of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, where the forests get denser and trails become narrower, there is a raw and uncut road. One of the most difficult trekking routes around Mumbai, this rocky, natural trail makes for a great adventure. Walk through the forested hills and waterfalls to reach the Tungareshwar temple at the top.

Scuba Diving in Tarkarli

Yet another surprising item on the ‘big city adventure’ list, you can explore the underwater with a SCUBA session. Almost an overnight drive to Tarkarli, the deep green waters of the Konkan coast and the refreshing sea breeze surely make up for the time.

Camping at Mandangarh

It’s probably one of the most untainted camping sites near Mumbai. At a 5-hour drive from the city, Mandangarh is the perfect place to spend a weekend amidst nature. Take a night walk through the hilly forests or sit around a bonfire under the stars. Even in the scorching heat, the hills of Mandangarh engulf you in chilly air at night.

Day trip to Mandwa

If you are a fan of retro Bollywood movies, you would know the significance Mandwa. Earlier a merchant port, this place is now a quaint beach town. Dotted with themed resorts, boardwalks, and cozy eateries, Mandhwa has earned quite a fame among the millennial travelers. With an hour’s drive from town and a quick boat ride from the Gateway of India, Mandwa can be your ideal spot for a day picnic or a weekend escapade.

Chopper ride over the city

The view from the top is always an enthralling experience. And, that’s why there are chopper rides to give you a bird’s eye view of the City that never sleeps. For once, you can escape the chaotic and standstill traffic and zoom through the horizon. The one hour ride allows you a picture-perfect view of the skyline and gets a different perspective of the world below.

Leisure sailing on the Arabian Sea

Sail away on the blue waves on a classic sailboat. A two-hour ride on an international standard keelboat lets you explore the less explored territories of the Arabian Sea. Sipping on a champagne under the open sky, overlooking the endless sea, will surely give you a luxurious feel- something you deserve after a tiring week of work.