Places to visit near Mumbai – Add these awesome road trips to your wishlist

Mumbai is unarguably the busiest and largest metropolitan of India with perpetual electrifying energy that attracts adventurous and creative souls from all over. And because of its overwhelming persona, one often wishes to skip the city beat and switch off for a while. Blessed with the Sahyadri Mountains and its lush bounties on the east and the expansive Arabian Sea on the west, Mumbai enjoys a wonderful geographical setting. Although it sits right on the coast, Mumbai is centrally located and serves as a starting point for exciting places to visit from Mumbai. Head to the cooler hills, or go on a long, coastal road trip from Mumbai along the shoreline; the possibilities are endless. When you avail of Savaari’s car rental service in Mumbai, you can easily and comfortably travel from the sleepless metro to the idyllic coasts, verdant hills, or mystical wilderness. 

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places to visit near mumbai by road

Savaari’s Curated Places to Visit near Mumbai

  1. Ganpatipule – An quaint coastal retreat
  2. Daman – An offbeat beach destination
  3. Matheran – To the lush sweeps of the Western Ghats
  4. Silvassa – A slice of Portuguese history
  5. Lonavala – A true Jewel of the Sahyadri
  6. Igatpuri – A true sensory delight
  7. Pune – An urban destination with a difference
  8. Mahabaleshwar – Of strawberry fields and mighty mountains
  9. Nashik – The wine country of India
  10. Shirdi – The hallowed grounds of Sai Baba
  11. Kolhapur – Of cuisine, culture, and craft

Ganpatipule – An quaint coastal retreat

The village of Ganpatipule tucked on the shores of the Konkan Coast in the Ratnagiri district, is yet another pretty beach destination. Although it’s not as popular as Alibaug or Malvan, Ganpatipule takes pride in being quaint and quiet, which makes for a great time off from city life. Being low on commercialization, Ganpatipule is pure bliss and yet the amenities are plentiful. It should be on your list of must-visit places near Mumbai.

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Why do we recommend visiting Ganpatipule?

Mumbai to Ganpatipule road trip

The shores with clean sands and jagged rocks, the gushing waves of the sea, and a green inland, Ganpatipule’s color play is soothing to the sore eyes. And as far as the beach goes, the blue waters offer plenty of options for water sports options. Relax, explore or excite yourself- the coastal village of Ganpatipule checks off all the things on a holiday checklist. 

Why should you travel to Ganpatipule by road?

Most of the route on the road trip from Mumbai to Ganpatipule runs along the coast. If you skip the inner highway and do a coastal road trip, you will pass all the known and lesser-known coastal towns and fishing villages, and see the languorous side of the state’s culture.

A trip to Ganpatipule is ideal for?

  • Beach holidays, budget weekend getaways from Mumbai, seafood lovers.
  • You should travel here if you are a beach person but are looking for secluded beaches. Don’t mind some tan lines.

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Daman – An offbeat beach destination

Miles north of Mumbai city, snuggled on the southwestern border of Gujrat, is the tiny beach town of Daman, a part of the union territory Daman & Diu. Portuguese heritage in India is not solely present in Goa and Daman is a living example of that, in its historical structures. From clean beaches to exotic liquors, Daman’s offerings serve as a haven for the weary soul.

Why do we recommend visiting Daman?

places to visit near mumbai- Daman

Although at a small scale, traces of its colonial past are still visible alongside its coastal beauty. With the beauty of the Arabian Sea on one side and the colorful, local vibes on the other, Daman is packed with a lot of fun in a small package. Do not miss out on Diu while on a visit to Daman from Mumbai.

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Why should you travel to Daman by road?

A road trip from Mumbai to Daman feels very different from other destinations within the state. For starters, it’s two states across, and yet it’s so close. And although the route cuts through remote suburbs of Mumbai, you drive along more open spaces and wide roads, adding to the thrill of the drive. 

A trip to Daman is ideal for?

  • Weekend getaways from Mumbai, a short road trip with your loved ones, if you fancy less crowded nightlife.
  • You should travel here if you are looking for a quick getaway with friends or a special someone, or seeking some vitamin sea, outside the city, and away from Goa. You also think that cheap and fancy alcohol is not a bad idea.

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Matheran – To the lush sweeps of the Western Ghats

Matheran is a delightful tourist destination in the Indian state of Maharashtra, with lush green surroundings, a quiet atmosphere, and undulating natural panoramas. It is located in the Sahyadri range of the Western Ghats, is a cozy small hill station that sits at an elevation of 2600 feet above sea level and is only 100 kilometers from Mumbai, making it the ideal weekend getaway.

Why do we recommend visiting Matheran?

Mumbai to Matheran scenic road trip

Matheran, like any other hill station, is noted for its vistas. It boasts 36 overlooks from which to enjoy breathtaking views of the Sahyadri mountain range. Most of these locations have easy trekking trails and provide panoramic views of the mountains, dawn, sunset, and everything in between. The true enchantment of Matheran is experienced while exploring the region on foot and getting lost in the splendour of the tranquil town.

Why should you travel to Matheran by road?

A road trip to this spectacular site affords a breathtaking glimpse of the massive Sahyadri Ranges. Furthermore, the lovely setting provides a relaxing atmosphere. Another thing to remember is that horseback riding is a popular pastime and way of transportation in Matheran.

A trip to Matheran is ideal for?

  • Trekking and rock climbing, picnic, weekend trip, scenic highway drive, hot maggie and corn cob kinda date.
  • You should travel here If you enjoy sunsets & surreal landscapes.

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Silvassa – A slice of Portuguese history

Silvassa, the capital of Dadra and Nagar Haveli, is a sylvan paradise named from the Portuguese term “silva,” which means “wood.” It is located between Maharashtra and Gujarat and contains 72 villages as well as various Roman-Catholic churches that bear witness to the Portuguese reign during the historical period.

Why do we recommend visiting Silvassa?

Silvassa beautiful place to visit near Mumbai

Silvassa, with its Portuguese past, lush green Western Ghats, and the gorgeous banks of the Daman Ganga River, entices visitors with wildlife reserves, beaches, and water sports. Silvassa is well-known for its exotic resorts, lush flora, manufacturing businesses, and tax-free alcoholic beverages. It is also a sanctuary for individuals looking for handcrafted and unique items such as Warli paintings and paper bags.

Why should you travel to Silvassa by road?

A road trip to this magnificent site through the well-maintained roads makes way to the sleepy town with tall trees lining the roads, lush green forests and quaint sylvan surroundings, exotic resorts and industries. The pristine beauty and tranquil environment of Silvassa will enchant you with the best of your senses.

A trip to Silvassa is ideal for?

  • Trekking, birdwatching, and hiking at the Karnala Bird Sanctuary.
  • You should travel here if you want to experience a gorgeous kaleidoscope of flora and fauna and travel back in history.

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Lonavala – A true Jewel of the Sahyadri

The most popular hill destination near Mumbai, it’s an all-time favorite place for all types travelers. At only a short drive from Mumbai, Lonavala boasts a hilly landscape with pleasant temperatures all year, making it the perfect respite from the city’s crowd.

Why do we recommend traveling to Lonavala?

Beautiful place to visit near Mumbai- Lonavala

Lonavala, along with its sister town, Khandala are the highlights of the Sahyadri. If you are seeking a quick, quiet, and cozy getaway a short drive from Mumbai, then nothing is more ideal than Lonavala. The breathtaking mountain views, sparkling water bodies, crisp air, and lovely resorts will make your vacation worthwhile.

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Why do we say the road trip is beautiful?

Travelers have claimed, as do we, that a road trip from Mumbai to Lonavala is the most gorgeous that you will find so close to the city. Once you leave the city limits, the grey tone transforms into shades of green, especially in the rain, and the sky opens up to wider horizons, making you feel alive.  

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A trip to Lonavala is ideal for?

  • One-day trip, weekend trips, long scenic drive from Mumbai.
  • You should travel here if you are looking for a quick break from routine and want to unwind in a refreshing environment. And if you have got trekking spots around Mumbai, Lonavala has plenty of trekking spots. 

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Alibaug – A cozy beach retreat

The small coastal town of Alibaug or Alibag, sitting on the Konkan Coast of Maharashtra, is a hot spot for beach lovers. It is often called Mini-Goa, owing to its similarity in landscape. However, Alibaug offers its own cozy vibes which makes this a more intimate place. One can take a ferry from Mumbai’s India gate & reach Alibaug in no time.

Why do we recommend visiting Alibaug?

Quick island getaway from Mumbai

Alibaug is perfect for a short beach holiday, at a quick drive from Mumbai. Lined with clean, sandy beaches with coconut and casuarina groves, overlooking the expansive sea, it is just the place to put your feet up and breathe fresh air. You are at the boutique resorts, explore the historical forts, or have a weekend of eat-sleep-swim routine.

Why should you travel to Alibaug by road?

A road trip from Mumbai to Alibaug takes you through the city’s eastern suburbs and lands on the coast. The route takes you through various interesting sightseeing spots like the Karnala Bird Sanctuary, Nerul Flamingo Point, old forts, etc. Thus you get to see it all in one short road trip.

[A detailed road trip guide from Mumbai to Alibaug]

A trip to Alibaug is ideal for?

  • Romantic weekend getaways from Mumbai for couples, short beach vacations, resort parties with friends, to meet celebrities.
  • You should travel here if you are craving some clean, isolated beaches and fresh, unpolluted air, or if you want a quick holiday with your special someone.

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Igatpuri – A true sensory delight 

This small and sleepy town is tucked within the rolling hills of the Sahyadri and is synonymous with tranquility. Dotted with misty valleys, scenic mountain trails, and rich wildlife, Igatpuri offers an ideal locale for some tete-a-tete with Mother Nature. 

Why do we recommend traveling to Igatpuri?

Mumbai to Igatpuri by road

The peaceful, natural surroundings of Igatpuri become alive in the monsoon and that’s when you get to see the place in all its glory. With uninterrupted natural surroundings, it offers a relaxing ambiance that gives you a chance to recharge yourself and reawaken your mind, body, and soul.

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Why should you travel to Igatpuri by road?

A road trip from Mumbai to Igatpuri is the ideal way to shut off the city’s noise and get lost in the beauty and solitude of nature. The long, open roads make you forget your worries, while the verdant scenery uplifts your spirits, so once you reach your destination, you feel anew. 

A trip to Igatpuri is ideal for?

  • Short road trip from Mumbai, rejuvenating holidays.
  • You should travel here if you need some introspection time, get lost in nature, or want to attend the Vipassana program at Asia’s largest meditation center.

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Pune – An urban destination with a difference

Also known as Mumbai’s sister city, Pune is perhaps the most planned city in the state. It balances tradition with state-of-the-art trappings, making it a wholesome place to live and explore. If there’s a touch of Maratha history, and its rich local culture, Pune also boasts abundant natural beauty, thus bringing the best of all to your vacation.

Why do we recommend visiting Pune?

Mumbai to Pune highway road drive

Pune is urbane yet rustic, classic yet modern, and you’ll never see it as loud and noisy as its sister city. Also, surrounded by the higher mountains of the Sahyadri, Pune offers wonderful weather and sightseeing options.

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Why should you travel to Pune by road?

A road trip from Mumbai to Pune is indescribably gorgeous, with an emerald hue in the monsoon and a misty, silvery tone in winter. With the highways lined with hills and valleys, dotted with small villages of interior Maharashtra, the drive is a thing of beauty that lasts forever. 

[A detailed road trip guide from Mumbai to Pune]

A trip to Pune is ideal for?

  • Ideal for: A 4-day trip from Mumbai, trekking holidays,
  • You should travel here if: You are an adventurous, experimental, or traditional vacationer, or looking for everything at once on a vacation, except beaches of course.

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Mahabaleshwar – Of strawberry fields and mighty mountains

Apart from being the highest hill station in Maharashtra, Mahabaleshwar is also synonymous with farm-fresh strawberries and other exotic fruits, while also being a major pilgrimage destination. Neighboring equally scenic towns of Panchgani and Wai, Mahabaleshwar makes for an ultimate mountain retreat. 

Why do we recommend visiting Mahabaleshwar?

Mubai to Mahabaleshwar weekend getaway

With misty mountains and dewy dales, contrasted by bright orchards, the landscape of Mahabaleshwar is as gorgeous as you can imagine. From berry picking to gorge jumping, boating on the sparkly lakes, bathing under the torrential waterfalls, and walking among clouds, this hill station will keep you busy on your vacation.

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Why should travel to Mahabaleshwar by road?

A road trip from Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar is a classic example of how you can leave the hot and humid coasts to the chilly mountains in a few hours. As the altitude changes, so do the landscape, the environment, and even the culture. It’s one of those road trips, where you won’t get tired of looking out the window.

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A trip to Mahabaleshwar is ideal for?

  • Ideal for: Weekend getaways from Mumbai for a family, romantic holiday in the hills
  • You should travel here if: You love the mountains and looking for an ultimate hilly retreat without having to travel to the Himalayas.

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Nashik – The wine country of India

Tucked within hills and meadows of northwestern Maharashtra, the once quiet town of Nashik has evolved into a scenic, adventurous, and experiential destination for the discerning traveler. The town and its surroundings boast expansive vineyards with breathtaking views of the landscape.

Why do we recommend visiting Nashik?

getaway to the wine city of India

Nashik treads on the fine balance of classic and contemporary. You’ll find nature, culture, and history, all wrapped in a delightful package. From historical temples and monuments to internationally recognized wineries, great local grub, and outdoor adventures, you can make the most of Nashik’s sightseeing and leisure offerings.

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Why should you travel to Nashik by road?

On a road trip from Mumbai to Nashik, you’ll be breezing along the smooth and wide expressways, passing through other scenic places en route. Towns like Kasara, Igatpuri, Deolali, Bhandardhara, etc. let you witness the picturesque countryside with waterfalls, hills, fields, and meadows.

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A trip to Nashik is ideal for?

  • Someone who is looking for offbeat places to visit near Mumbai, romantic vacations, and wine tasting tours.
  • You should travel here if: You are a connoisseur of fine food and wine and you like culinary events, or if you want to get away somewhere which is neither a beach nor a hill station.

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Shirdi – The hallowed grounds of Sai Baba

One of the most revered and sought-after pilgrimage destinations of India, Shirdi attracts devotees from all over, across all religions. Sitting in the heart of Maharashtra, the town remains iconic for the temple of Sai Baba and its associated history and cultural anecdote. A lot of followers of Sai Baba visit Shirdi when they travel to Mumbai or Pune.

Why do we recommend visiting Shirdi?

Spiritual getaway from Mumbai

If you are in Maharashtra, you have to visit Shirdi, at least once. It’s not just about the sacred vibes; but about the locals, their culture, and belief systems that have made the town historic in a way that a city dweller can never imagine.

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Why should you travel to Shirdi by road?

A road trip from Mumbai to Shirdi is the best way to see the hinterlands of Maharashtra and not the lush, pleasant ones. The route to Shirdi crosses some verdant locales like Vihigaon and Igatpuri, but majorly covers arid regions and open fields, which also look strangely beautiful. The shift in the culture is also worth noticing.

[A detailed road trip guide from Mumbai to Shirdi]

A trip to Shirdi is ideal for?

  • Family trips, pilgrimage visits.
  • You should travel here if you are seeking some divinity, planning a pilgrimage, or are a follower if Sai Baba.

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Kolhapur – Of cuisine, culture, and craft

Beyond the famous local chilies, spicy food, and leather goods, Kolhapur is like the cultural soul of Maharashtra. With its rich heritage of art and architecture, and an elaborate past, the town of Kolhapur makes for a very different kind of vacation. Kolhapuri chappals are worldwide famous, you can buy them from Kolhapur itself or while you visit other places near Mumbai.

Why do we recommend visiting Kolhapur?

Road trip places near mumbai- Kolhapur

Kolhapur is a major center of Maharashtra’s folk art, artists, and cultural events. From handcrafted goods to traditional music, dance forms, and theater, the town offers a deep dive into the folk culture of the state. The town exudes colorful vibes in its food, people, and overall personality.

Why should you travel to Kolhapur by road?

You never know an Indian state until you have seen the countryside. A road trip from Mumbai to Kolhapur is the discovery of rural Maharashtra. Far from the metro, the roads take you through the hinterlands, through places like Pune and Satara, each unique in their local flavors.

A trip to Kolhapur is ideal for?

  • Historical exploration, a 5-day road trip from Mumbai, to buy Kolhapuri chappals and try Kolhapuri cuisine.
  • You should travel here if You are an aficionado of ancient architecture, folk art, and ancient Indian history. You could also be a foodie seeking a taste of ethnic cuisine.

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Every holiday destination near Mumbai is unique and has its own charm, and each of them will promise a completely different vacation. With our Savaari car rentals, you can make these road trips more comfortable, where you sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey, while our expert drivers help you discover hidden gems on your trip and make it an exciting experience.

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