Humans of Savaari: The Gentle Chandrashekhar

Chandrashekhar was an absolute delight to ride with. He is an asset to your organisation and needs an applause for the service provided. Not once did he make me feel that this was a hired car. I felt throughout the day that it was my own personal car. Thank you for providing such good service. Will definitely use your service whenever the need arises.

Home Away From Home

This was the glowing feedback that Chandrashekhar received from his Savaari customer. Such feedback tells us as much about the driver as it does about the passenger.

When we use cabs in order to commute from point A to point B within a city, we are using the cab as a “vehicle”: as a medium through which we can reach our destination. In this case, the car itself is secondary to the goal it is helping us achieve. However, in longer journeys like outstation trips, or even 8 or 12-hour rentals, the cab becomes a home on wheels. We trust our driver implicitly to not only take us from point A to B, C, D or E but also to keep our belongings safe, maintain the car and ensure it is clean and hygienic at all times. But most importantly, what we are really looking for is for the driver to make us, the passenger, feel at home. This hospitality isn’t something that drivers can be trained to extend- it can only come from the heart. It is only when a driver perceives his ‘savaari’ as a human being and not a transaction can the passengers truly be at ease. And no doubt, it works both ways- we too have an obligation then, to see our driver as a fellow human being, with their own worries and their own desires and ambitions. and not just as a means to an end. Great experiences are created through such positive interactions where people treat one another as human beings.

In Conclusion

We believe that it is not just enough to shout out Chandrasekhar’s exemplary service but also to reward a driver who goes beyond the call of duty to ensure his passengers “feel at home”, a feeling anyone who has ever been away from home would value deeply. If you wish to book a cab from Bangalore, just give us a ring at 090 4545 0000 or visit our website, and we will do our best to ensure that your Savaari becomes your home away from home.

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