Kolkata to Mayapur Road Trip – Distance, Time, and Useful Travel Information 

Settled strategically in the heart of West Bengal, Mayapur is a picturesque favourite destination for devotees and travel enthusiasts in India. It is close to Nabadwip with the Jalangi River and Bhagirathi on either side. This city gains popularity and tourist traffic due to its dense history and tranquil attractions. Whether you are in it for Mayapur’s rich pilgrim destinations or a low-key peaceful weekend trip, Mayapur will exceed your expectations.

The holy place is located at the confluence point between the banks of two rivers – River Jalangi and River Ganga, well-known for its amazing aura of unexploited nature. The town is popularly regarded as the Land of the Golden Avatar, filled with rich traditions, customs and artistic views.  As it is the birthplace of renowned Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Mayapur along with Nabadwip is believed to be the spiritual place by the fervent adherents of Gaudiya Vaishnavism.

 If you are planning a road trip from Kolkata To Mayapur , scroll down to discover the travel routes, best tourist attractions, and more to create a delightful and exciting vacation experience.

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Why travel from Kolkata to Mayapur?

People often think that Mayapur is not as popular as other tourist cities in India and only has spiritual and religious places. However, it is not the entire truth. Mayapur is a magical landscape with a fascinating history and sports that will calm you down with its positive energy. The mesmerising chime of bells and harmonious tune of birds in the wild will leave you astounded by its beauty.

Several attractions spot in the won makes it a uniquely rewarding destination to visit with your family for a weekend getaway. You can simply book a cab in Kolkata with Savaari to relish the luxurious travel experience and enjoy your road trip from Kolkata to Mayapur at your convenience. 

travel from Kolkata To Mayapur

Travelling from Kolkata to Mayapur by Road

Make sure to pitch in for a fun and engaging road trip from the artistic state of Kolkata to the architectural wealth of Mayapur. While you are travelling from Kolkata to Mayapur by road, you can explore the historical and spiritual aspects of the city in your comfort zone. Be it the bazaar or the temple, the wonderful landscape and transport facilities will give you a whole new experience. 

Mayapur, the spiritual city in the state of west Bengal, can be easily accessed from all parts of India, via both national and state highways from Kolkata. The city is located right on the SH-6 through the linking STKK road. The driving time will be around 4 hours and 17 minutes. The long travel time via road will allow you to halt at the local attractions and relish in the majestic beauty. 

The best way to experience this city is by driving from Kolkata. And by renting a car in Kolkata with Driver, you can also customize your entire trip, including the itinerary, and make it an incredible travel experience!

Important Highway Information –  State Highway 6

Highway NameSTKK Road
Alternate NameState Highway 6
Highway NumberSH – 6
Distance129 KM
Starting PointHajira, Gujarat
End PointKolkata, West Bengal
Highway QualityExcellent

Best time to visit Mayapur from Kolkata

Mayapur can be visited all year long, owing to the devotional places and traditional architecture. However, the best time to begin your journey to Mayapur from Kolkata would be during winter, when you completely revel in the experience and do not worry about any seasonal hassles. 

The weather will be cool and pleasant with an average temperature range of 28-degree celsius. The monsoon favours the best activities in the town. On the other hand, similar to the neighbouring cities, Mayapur will be exposed to heavy rainfall and causing waterlogging in several areas.  Therefore avoid visiting the destination during these days.

  • Peak – October to February
  • Optimal – March to April
  • Avoid – June to August

Popular routes from Kolkata to Mayapur

Route 1 – State Highway 6 – STKK Road

Travelling to Mayapur from Kolkata Via STKK road linking to the state highway 6 will allow you to travel in comfort without congestion within the ideal travel time. The state way runs throughout the west Bengal state and has direct access between Kolkata and Mayapur. It starts from Rahnagar and terminates with its junction at NH 16 at Alampur with a total length of 266 km, housing toll gates with reasonable rates.

Here’s the basic map from Kolkata To Mayapur on this route.

Route 1 - State Highway 6

Driver suggested sights/monuments/offbeat places along this route.

  • Dhaniakali – Dhaniakhali is a wonderful suburban area to explore along the way. Tread on the lanes of this hometown and stumble upon some of the most spectacular handloom sarees you can find. Be sure to check out the famous Dhaniakhali saree while you are at it. 
  • Fort William – Located on the mud flats of Hooghly River, Fort William is one of the popular places in Kolkata on your way to Mayapur. You will love the architectural marvel and the solid structure of this majestic fort.
Fort William
  • M.P Birla Planetarium – MP Birla is the largest planetarium in Asia that houses an excellent working observation in its single-story dome. Equipped with a C-14 telescope, it has an astronomy gallery with a huge collection of paintings and models from renowned astronomers across the world.

Popular places to eat along this route

Mayapur will impress you with its royalty a bit, but in the meantime, to get the real taste of its authentic food, you can check out the various eateries along your way to Mayapur. Here are some of the best places to stop by in SH 6.

  • Haveli Restaurant – Make a worthwhile pit stop at Mathura Walo Ki Pracheen Dukan. They serve Indian delicacies of premium quality. Enjoy the abundant vegan options to spice up your meals in the morning, afternoon, or evening, this place will seamlessly accommodate your needs.
  • Capri Restaurant – If your feet are all bunched up from the long drive to Mayapur, it might be a good idea to stop by this diner. Its calm and cosy ambience will make you feel at home. One bite of its famous Indian dishes will recharge you for the rest of the day. Pop in for lunch or dinner to get going on your nature-filled retreat.
  • New Indian Restaurant – New Indian Restaurant screams Mayapur royalty and culture. The dazzling view of the Ganga river paired with authentic vegan delicacies is a heavenly match. One meal at this eatery will have you return for more. 

 “I’ve been visiting a New Indian Restaurant every year when I travel with my family on a devotional trip to Mayapur. This is perhaps the most affordable and amazing place you can find on the state highway. The quality and flavour of food will be amazing while the ambience is up to standard. Don’t miss to dine here. Highly recommended.

Savaari travel magazine

Best route to travel from Kolkata to Mayapur 

The best route to take your road trip from Kolkata To Mayapur is via STKK Road/ State Highway 6 if you want a quick and convenient ride. In addition, you can also view the intriguing beauty and lush greenery of interlinking cities before reaching Mayapur. However, before starting your journey, check out the live maps of the highway and analyse the recent traffic updates and road conditions for the day for a hassle-free and enjoyable commute to your destination. 

A family friendly roadtrip from Kolkata to Mayapur

Set off from Kolkata to Mayapur in comfort and style by booking a tempo traveller. Designed for larger groups, our vehicles provide generous cabin and boot space, along with ample leg room for a relaxed trip. The journey becomes a celebration with our high-quality audio system, all in the comfort of well-designed seating. Rely on us for timely, courteous drivers, meticulously maintained vehicles, and clear, economical pricing.

Other means of travelling from Kolkata to Mayapur  

By Train 

There is no railway station in Mayapur. However, you can catch a train from Howrah Junction. The train will run across Nabadwip Dham, where you can halt. From the railway station, you can easily reach Mayapur which is around 30 km away. People tend to board regular local trains that run daily which cover a distance of 73 km approximately around 2 hours. Railway transportation also extends to major cities across India.  

Once you reach the Nabadwip Dham, you can either opt for public transportation services like local buses or convenient private cabs near the entry of the railway station. Check out the IRCTC website to look at their updated timetable to know the accurate local train timings before you start your journey. 

Train NameTrain NumberTotal Time TakenArrival TimeDeparture Time

373711 hour 59 mins04:22 am06:21 am
HWH GOGT LOCALDAILY373751 hours 52 mins10:35 am 12:27 pm 
HWH ARAMBAGH LOCALDAILY373611 hours 48 mins09:55 am 11:43 am
HWH GOGHAT LOCALDAILY373732 hours 07 mins07:25 am 09:32 am
HWH ARAMBAGH LOCALDAILY373592 hours 03 mins05:19 am07:22 am 

By Flight 

Mayapur doesn’t have its own airport in town. The closest airport to the landscape is the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata, which is roughly 117 km away from Mayapur. It is best to book a reputable cab service to reach Mayapur from Kolkata. If you are travelling from other states or countries to Mayapur, then book your flight to Kolkata. The Netaji Subhash Chard Bose International Airport has effective and easy access to almost every city, connecting through various national and international airlines.

The average flight fare may vary depending on the airline, your departure location, time of booking, and other aspects. But you will be expected to pay an approximate amount of INR 5000-7,000 for a one-way trip from the nearest city like Mumbai to Kolkata.

In addition, before you begin your air journey, make sure to check with the airlines or travel websites for updated and accurate information on timelines and fares of the respective flights to Kolkata. And upon reaching the city by flight, you can hire a reliable private taxi service for a seamless ride to your hotel/resort in Mayapur.

By Bus

The journey from Kolkata to Mayapur by bus can be smoothly covered in approximately 4 hours, which may differ depending on traffic, road and weather conditions. There is various public and private bus transportation available to reach Mayapur. The fare starts from 110 per person to reach the destination. However, the price may go higher depending on the facilities and type of bus you board. For instance, if you choose the deluxe bus from private transportation with Air conditioning and Video coach facilities, then the fare might increase.

Nonetheless, make sure to visit the government or respective online travel portals to know the accurate bus timings, and facilities and avail the best deals and offers before booking your seats.

Price comparison for choosing different travel modes

Means of TransportationTime TakenPrice (in INR)
Kolkata To Mayapur by Bus4 hour 30 minutes150-300
Kolkata To Mayapur by train1 hour 49 minutes (Howrah station)300-1600
Kolkata To Mayapur by flight
Kolkata To Mayapur by taxi4 hours 10 minutes1800-3500

Though travelling from Kolkata To Mayapur is an affordable mode of transport, it couldn’t provide the comfort of booking and travel in a private cab. Choosing the best car services like Savaari will give you the convenience, mobility and privacy you need. While you are being chauffeured around the city, our drivers will also guide you through the tradition, heritage and cuisines of the place.

 In the comfort of your own pace, you can experience various sights and attractions of Mayapur by tailoring the Kolkata to Mayapur iteration. In addition, you do have to face the congestion and frequent halts of public transportation.  

With Savaari cab service, you will have your private tour of the city and get a taste of what this fabulous town has to offer. You just have to pay for the distance travelled and half of the entire round-trip cost, with no hidden charges, with assured services on time.

Top Attractions in Mayapur for Sightseeing

Mayapur is a treasure of places to visit. In a city like this, even a homebody will have a blast. Walks, meditation, and quality thinking will give you the space you need to distance yourself from responsibilities. While you are on your vacation, don’t miss checking out the below attractions.

1. ISKCON Chandrodaya Temple

The ISKCON temple is one of the most renowned holy places for Hindus and believers of other faiths. Visitors can wander in its grand spacious greenery and find peace in worship places. Idols of Acharya Srila Prabhupada, deities of Sri Radha Madhava, and Lord Nrsimhadeva stand tall in the compound of the main complex. Connect with the healing atmosphere of the divine in the soothing embrace of this place.

2. Yoga Peeth

A serene place like Mayapur inspires an innate urge to get in touch with your mind, body, and soul. Pay a visit to Yoga Peeth when you are in Mayapur for it’s a brilliant centre to practice Yoga, meditation, and Vedas. Mesmerise in the vastness of this tower that stretches 30 m in the sky. Moreover, explore the hut furnished with clay statues and models that depict the Saint’s life and philosophies.  

 3. Ballal Dhipi

Whether you are a history nerd or not, this place is enough to bewilder you. The Ballal Dhipi is a maze-like architecture that traces back to the 12th century. It covers 1300 square feet of land and touches the sky at 30 feet. Tread in the mystifying lanes of the Ballal Dhipi to awaken your inner explorer.

Savaari’s customer recommends – Popular places to eat in Mayapur

The growing number of tourists and devotees visiting the Mayapur in recent years has led to an increase in the emergence of new restaurants. The place revives the glorious history of India and sumptuous meals with an authentic taste of West Bengal. In addition, a bite of Mayapur’s street food will get you obsessed instantly. Mohanji’s famous Puri and sweets to fulfil you to the core are sure to reduce some of the jetlag sensations. You can stop by for a Savory platter of Indian and Asian delicacies. Be it a full-course meal or a bite of a snack, here are some of the best dine-in places to eat in Mayapur.

  • Sri Gauranga Food Paradise
  • Kitchen Religion
  • Gouranga Garden Restaurant
  • Sattvik Café
  • Maa Annapurna
  • Maa Laxmi Hotel
  • Giri Govardhan Restaurant

Hotels and Resorts in Mayapur

Hotel NameAddressPhone Number
Hotel Sonar Bangla Mayapur
NH12, Bahadurpur, West Bengal 741125+91-33-40060787+91-8981398739
Ishodyan Bhavan
ISKCON, Mayapur, West Bengal 741313094747 51202
Suprabhat Hotel and Guest House
Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Marg, Sri, Mayapur, West Bengal 741313+918653234118 +91 8653234118
Bahadupur, Dhubulia, On NH 34, Just beside of Indian Oil petrol pump Near Bahadupur Railway Station Bahadupur, West Bengal 741183093828 88133
3-star hotelNEAR, PALPARA MORE, Krishnanagar, West Bengal 741101074078 32323

Nearby road trips from Mayapur

Despite being a small town, Mayapur has a direct connection and excellent network of road transport with other popular cities of the country in its neighbourhood. Check out the below list of stunning places that are located in the surroundings of Mayapur if you want to extend your vacation and relish an exquisite getaway experience.

Destination Distance Duration
Mayapur to Mahadebpur78.3  Kms2 hrs 35 mins
Mayapur to Howrah120.9 Kms3 hrs 29 mins
Mayapur to Rajpur149.8 kms4 hr 20 mins
Mayapur to Calcutta128.4 kms3 hrs 58 mins

India is a blissful country blessed with amazing places like Mayapur to give rejuvenation to your soul and a positive vibe to your mind. If you want your next vacation to be filled with enjoyment and simplicity with a touch of spiritual blessing, then it’s time to take a break from your hectic life in the city and experience the magic in this land of holiness.

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