Mumbai To Daman Road Trip – Distance, Time, and Useful Travel Information

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From historical monuments to enchanting beaches and spectacular architecture to awe-inspiring terrains, Daman holds everything to tickle the travel buff inside you. The greenery, cool beaches, picturesque natural magnificence and easy availability of inexpensive booze make Daman a well-known destination among youths and even a fun getaway for people living in and around Gujarat. Moreover, the place holds a vibrant history and culture dating back over 200 centuries. 

In addition, the present life in Daman remains tinted in shades of joy, festivity and simplicity. The region’s coasts let it stand out as a hub of natural attractiveness with hints of delight. And with countless alternatives to explore within this small town, it sometimes becomes challenging to determine which ones to visit and which to skip. Keep reading below to learn more about the detailed Mumbai to Daman itinerary and the most convenient routes to reach Daman from Mumbai. 

Why travel from Mumbai to Daman?

Daman is a stunning little city encompassed by the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat and the Arabian sea on all sides. What adds to the sightseeing experience in the city is the shopping experience, which varies from exquisite liquor brands, and leather products to handcrafted articles. Furthermore, there are numerous sightseeing destinations to visit in Daman that unfold the colourful scenery of this city with their extraordinary charm. Plan your exploration of Daman’s colorful scenery by booking a cab in Mumbai, unlocking the extraordinary charm of numerous sightseeing destinations in this vibrant city.

From the beautiful parks to the oldest cathedrals and ancient museums, it is loaded with numerous enthralling locations that can turn your holiday into a dream vacation. It also accommodates the churches and oldest chapels that overwhelm sightseers with their fascinating architectural beauty and serenity. So if you wish to seek comfort and eternal delight, a fun-filled road trip to this paradisiacal piece of land should be your perfect pick. Furthermore, when you embark on a road trip from Mumbai to Daman, you can improve your travel experience by enjoying everything on the way by booking Mumbai car rental service with Savaari. With a Savaari, you can turn your drive into a fun-filled journey and tailor the trip to your liking, travel time, and budget. 

mumbai to daman by road

Travelling from Mumbai to Daman by car 

A quaint town in the Gujarat state, Daman is home to some exotic beaches where you can enjoy delectable seafood,  sunbathing, and numerous thrilling activities. The lighthouses and the castles are the most magnificent places to witness in Daman, as they are known for their architectural individuality. From its impressive culinary footprint to the vibrant diversity of cultures, Daman greets visitors with its wealth of sightseeing options and activities. 

So embark on the enchanting road trip from Mumbai to Daman with lots of detours and get to know it closer for tons of unforgettable experiences. Moreover, when planning a trip to Daman with your family or friends, taking a cab from Mumbai to Daman is the most suitable alternative. With our customizable Mumbai to Daman trip packages, you can stop at numerous scenic places on route and do quick sightseeing when you book a innova cab in Mumbai. Let us help you discover the best routes to travel from Mumbai to Daman by car.

mumbai to daman road trip

Best Time To Visit Daman from Mumbai 

The most suitable time to visit Daman is between October to April when the atmosphere is divine and the climate agreeable. Since Daman remains positioned near the Arabian Sea, it encounters tropical weather with deary summers and mild winters. 

Although Monsoon is also a suitable option, the heavy rainfall in this area might make your roadtrip a little bit inconvenient. So we can say that the weather is at its finest in the winter, with temperatures varying between 10°C and 15°C. The winter sky in Daman is clear blue with scenic white clouds. Ocean drafts are gentle, making them ideal for exploring the waters and swimming. Moreover, nights in Daman are captivating and ideal for romantic strolls. Below is a tabular representation of the year-long climatic condition in Daman.

Route 1: Mumbai to Daman via NH 48

The approximate distance between Mumbai to Daman is 171 km, and it is advisable to take the Mumbai to Daman best route that runs via NH48. If you want to embark on a fun-filled road trip from Mumbai to Daman, this is the shortest and the best route to travel as there are numerous sightseeing attractions available and the road condition is excellent. It is also the fastest because the Mumbai to Daman traffic on this route is normal, and there are no road closures. Moreover, always check live maps and instant traffic updates for the latest information on Mumbai to Daman road conditions for a better commute. 

Here’s the basic map from Mumbai to Daman for this route.

Mumbai to Daman via NH 48

Popular sightseeing attractions along this route

  • Madhe Ghat Waterfall: Resting a few kms from Mumbai, Madhe Ghat Waterfall is a perfect place to halt amidst magnificent forts, lush green hills, scenic waterfalls and meandering rivers. Moreover, if you are someone who loves trekking or engaging in adventure activities like trekking, this is the perfect place to be. 
  • Chhota Kashmir Boat Club: An ideal picnic spot en route, Chota Kashmir garden and lake are the perfect laid-back recreational place for all age groups. Whether coming with family, friends or partners, this place promises you a feeling of complete peace. Also, you will undoubtedly experience a genuine feeling of delight and serenity when you take a boat ride amongst picturesque scenic vistas. 
  • Bandra Fort: A few kms from the main Mumbai city, Bandra Fort, also known as Castella de Aguada, is an ancient fort constructed in the 16th century by the Portuguese. Apart from witnessing the architectural wonder, you can also admire the encompassing vistas for unwinding better and spending quality time with yourself or your loved ones. 
  • Vanganga Lake garden: Vanganga lake is situated amid the island gardens. It offers boating & various activities for kids and adults. The eatiers along the lake are major attraction for the toursit passing by this place along this route. 
Bandra Fort
Bandra Fort

Places to eat along this route

  • Persian Darbar: A family restaurant well-known for its impressive ambience and lip-smacking veg and non-veg delicacies. 
  • Urban Jalsa Restaurant: If you wish to relish that perfect multi-cuisine that satisfies your taste buds, stop at this restaurant when embarking on a road trip from Mumbai to Daman. 
  • Slice of Lime: This is the perfect place to unwind and stop for a quick meal, a famous eatery on the Eastern Express Highway. 

Route 2: Mumbai to Daman via  Eastern Express Highway/Mumbai – Agra National Highway and NH 48

The approximate distance between Mumbai to Daman on this route is 186 kms, and it would take roughly 4 hours and 20 mins to reach your destination. This is slightly longer route. You can take a detour via Vapi to experience the Kraft & Paper manufacturing town in India. 

Here’s the basic map from Mumbai to Daman for this route.

Mumbai to Daman via Eastern Express Highway

Popular sightseeing attractions along this route

  • Caves Zone: When you embark on a road trip from Mumbai to Daman, you will come across numerous natural and man-made caves which reflect the vibrant culture and ancient history. So don’t forget to halt in one of these caves and spend some time admiring these architectural masterpieces. 
  • Global Vipassana Pagoda: Global Vipassana Pagoda is one of the most well-known historical monuments near Mumbai that shimmers when the dawn sunshine drops over it. This landmark was constructed to tribute to Gautam Buddha’s principles and depicts a centre of true relaxation and tranquillity. 
Global Vipassana Pagoda
Global Vipassana Pagoda

Places to eat along this route

  • Cafe Medina: A perfect place to enjoy refreshing coffee, waffles and other snacks to fulfil your hunger pangs. 
  • The Vintage Bowl: A quaint family restaurant serving delicious Chinese and Indian cuisines at affordable rates.
  • Bamboos sizzlers – Easygoing restaurant offering grilled & tikka dishes, plus pasta & global snacks.

Mumbai to Daman Best Route

Route 1 is unquestionably the most suitable route to travel to Daman from Mumbai as the route is short and offers better sightseeing choices en route. So if you want to save time and get a more picturesque road trip, Route 1 should be your ideal pick. 

Other means of travelling from Mumbai to Daman

By Flight

There is no direct flight connectivity from  Mumbai to Daman. However, there is a military airbase, and the closest commercial airport is in Surat. Upon reaching Surat by flight, you can book an airport taxi to reach Daman. For detailed information, you can always check online travel booking portals or the official website of different airlines.

By Train

Daman has no immediate connectivity to railways. The closest railway station to Daman is Vapi, and from here, you can take a cab to reach the town. And Dehradun Express is the fastest train that runs between Mumbai to Vapi. For updated train timings for Mumbai to Daman, visit IRCTC and follow their latest timetable. For the latest and the most accurate information on A to B train timings, always check the timetables of IRCTC before you book.

Popular sightseeing attractions in Daman

Daman, tucked away on India’s west coast, offers a fascinating mix of heritage, cultures and a gorgeous landscape to explore. Here are some well-known scenic attractions you can glimpse in Daman. 

  • Moti Daman Fort

Built by the Portuguese rulers towards the end of the sixteenth century, the Moti Daman Fort is one of the most well-known monuments in Daman. While the fort has worn out, it still holds stunning architectural remains which boast of a Colonial-style era featuring giant walls, ten bastions and an Iberian church.

  • Jampore Beach

Famous as one of the most pristine beaches in Daman, Jampore Beach attracts visitors with its peaceful atmosphere and tranquil panoramas. Its blackish, mud-coloured water makes it completely different from other coasts worldwide. 

Moreover, this beach is far from the town’s hustle and bustle, making it a wonderful spot to unwind and relax. You can also enjoy exhilarating water sports like kayaking and scuba diving during the summers. Furthermore, Jampore beaches also have some of the finest beach shacks and eating joints where you can enjoy delicious food and refreshing drinks. Framed by beautiful flower beds and dense green trees, this garden offers you a chance to unwind and relax in the lap of nature. 

  • Mirasol Lake Garden

Engage in a wide spectrum of fun-filled adventure activities at Mirasol Lake Garden, packed with fascinating adventures, gripping stories, and an exceptionally peaceful atmosphere. Situated 1.5 kilometres from Devika Beach, it is one of the well-known places to visit in Daman. 

  • Dominican Monastery

Dominican Monastery displays the oldest historical descents that recite the stories of its ancient heritage and vibrant culture. It was earlier a Catholic sanctuary, but now it stands ruined with broken walls and roofs. The engravings on the central altar are a visual treat for the visitors, and many captivating paintings are decorated on the monastery walls.

Popular places to eat near Daman

Cuisines in Daman are equally satisfying for vegetarian and non-vegetarian lovers and offer countless choices. While subtle hints of Parsee and Gujarati food are on the menu, the seafood is exquisite, and the island also has a great street food culture. Other than these, renowned restaurants along the region’s beaches also present a delightful meal with equally captivating scenery. Here are some well-known eating joints in Daman. 

  • Veera da Dhaba: Famous for North Indian and regional Gujarat cuisine
  • Daman Delite: Famous for delectable multi-cuisine meals 
  • Kasumbo: Renowned for its delicious Gujarati Thali

Hotels and Resorts in Daman 

Hotel NameAddress
Hotel Easy Retreat3rd Floor, Padmavati Complex, NH 8, Opp. 21st Century Hospital| Phone No. 096011 33327
Silver Waves Resort & Spa DamanDevka Road Survey No 16/1, Katheria, Daman| Phone No. 099099 68119
Fortune Park Galaxy – Member ITC Hotel GroupNational Highway Number 8, GIDC| Phone No. 0260 661 5555 
Devka Beach ResortPlot No 78, 7, Devka Beach Rd, Devka, Nani Dama| Phone No. 0260 225 3063

Nearby road trips from Daman 

Destination Distance Duration
Daman to Surat122.7 Kms2 hrs 27 mins
Daman to Nashik146.4 Kms4 hrs 7 mins 
Daman to Bharuch175 Kms3 hrs 34 mins 

Excited to embark on a road trip from Mumbai to Daman? We bet you are. So why wait? Pack your bags and get set on a fun-filled adventure!

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