Mumbai to Surat Road Trip: Distance, Time and Useful Travel Information

The city of Surat is situated in Gujarat in western India. Due to immigration from different regions of Gujarat and other Indian states, it is one of the most dynamic cities in the country and has the quickest growth rates. Surat is a centre of diamond cutting and polishing and is referred to as the “diamond city of the world” It is renowned for its cotton and silk factories. Here’s a Mumbai to Surat itinerary to make your trip enjoyable.

Table of Contents

  1. Why travel from Mumbai to Surat
  2. Travelling from Mumbai to Surat by car
  3. Best time to visit
  4. Popular routes from Mumbai to Surat
  5. How to reach Surat from Mumbai
  6. Attractions in Surat for sightseeing
  7. Places to eat in Surat
  8. Hotels and Resorts in Surat

Why travel from Mumbai to Surat?

One of Gujarat’s oldest cities is Surat. Due to its illustrious past, it draws a lot of tourists. Surat is home to a plethora of tourist attractions and honours Mahatma Gandhi with a sacred monument. A significant trading hub has existed iBn Surat for a very long period. The city is ideally located on the southern bank of the River Tapti, 283 kilometres south of Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat, and about 20 kilometres from the Arabian Sea. 

If you are travelling from Mumbai to Surat by road, you must do your homework because there are some fantastic spots to stop along the way. Take into consideration hiring a taxi in Mumbai to experience the sights and sounds of the city without the trouble of navigating on your own. It includes Navi Mumbai and popular attractions like Louisa Point, Matheran, and Matheran Toy Train Station, or the ever-famous Charlotte Lake. Looking for the ultimate road trip experience? Choose Savaari’s Mumbai car rental service and embark on a journey filled with comfort, convenience, and endless memories!

mumbai to surat by road

Travelling from Mumbai to Surat by car

The route from Mumbai to Surat travels via Gujarat’s coastal towns, minor cities, and greener Mumbai suburbs. From Mumbai to Surat, a taxi service is available. You will travel via cities like Navsari, Valsad, and Vapi all along the way. You can make a detour to the woodlands of Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary with your taxi from Mumbai to Surat.

Mumbai to Surat by cab

Best time to visit

The city experiences a tropical environment all year round, having high temperatures in summer and low during the winter. Therefore, the best time to travel to Surat is between October and December and January and February. 

The months of October through March are the best for travelling to Surat. Navaratri is also enthusiastically observed here in October and November, and dances like Garba and Dandiya can be seen throughout the city. Surat’s weather is similar to every other city in India’s western area.

Mumbai to Surat Roadtrip

Route 1: Distance and Time are taken from Mumbai to Surat via NH 8

Mumbai and Surat are separated by 288 km via this route. Due to road curvature and the fact that this distance is a straight line, the travel distance between Mumbai and Surat is likely to be higher or variable. Mumbai to Surat distance via this route takes around 4-5 hours to complete.

Mumbai to Surat via NH 8

Popular sights/monuments along this route

  • Navi Mumbai: A planned metropolis called Navi Mumbai is in the Konkan region of the Indian state of Maharashtra, off its western coast. For the separate development of Panvel Mega City, which covers the region from Kharghar to Uran, the city is separated into two parts: North Navi Mumbai and South Navi Mumbai.
  • Dandi Beach: Navsari, a small town with a few notable locations, is also a one-hour journey from Surat. Take a stroll along the expansive, spotless Dandi Beach, while you are in Navsari.
  • Daman And Diu: Beautiful beach towns on the Arabian Sea coast include the twin Union Territories of Daman and Diu. The Portuguese empire in India once included the two towns. The best beaches in this area include Jampore Beach in Daman, Ghoghla Beach in Diu, and Nagoa Beach.

Places to eat along this route

  • Sugar n spice: One of the top restaurants serving multiple cuisines along the Surat-Mumbai route, including Mexican, Mexican-inspired desserts, South Indian, Indian, Chinese, and Chaats.
  • Jalaram Khichdi Restaurant Sachin: One of the top spots to stop by if you are craving comfortable Indian food. 
  • Parsi Da Dhaba, Vapi: A must-visit, especially if you are a non-vegetarian. The restaurant serves mouthwatering Patrani Machi, Masala na Chaap, and Bombil Fry.

Other means of travelling from Mumbai to Surat

By bus

The travel time by bus from Mumbai to Surat is approximately 5 hours and 39 minutes, assuming that it travels at an average speed of 60 km/h. Due to the state of the roads and the alternative route, the estimated bus travel time from Mumbai to Surat may differ or take longer than the time indicated above. The crow’s flight distance was used to calculate travel time. There may not be any road or bus links as well. It may cost roughly Rs. 217 to take a bus.

By flight

There is only one domestic airport in Surat, which is around 12 kilometres from the city centre. With flights leaving from Mumbai and landing in Surat, travelling by air is a comfortable and simple method to reach Surat. The two locations are separated by 140 miles. The 55-minute flight time. For detailed information, you can always check online travel booking websites or the official portals of different airlines. In addition, you can hire an airport taxi in Surat for a convenient option to reach your destination.

By train

The city’s core is where you will find the Surat Railway Station. The station is part of the Indian Railways’ Western Railway zone. In India, the Surat Railway Station is unique. The train arrives at the platform via an inclined ramp on the station’s first floor. Regularly scheduled trains connect the railway station with cities in Gujarat and neighbouring states. Here is a list of trains available from Mumbai to Surat.

  • Mumbai Bandra Terminus- Dehradun Express/19019
  • Gujarat Express/19011
  • Mumbai- Ahmedabad Shatabdi Express/12009
  • Bandra Surat InterCity Express/12935

For the latest and most accurate information on train timings, you can evaluate the timetables of IRCTC before you book your tickets.

Attractions in Surat for sightseeing

There are several tourist attractions in Surat, including malls, churches, beaches, and museums. The town’s ashrams, gorgeous buildings, and historical sites are evidence of Surat’s former splendour. With so much to do, the deserted city welcomes any traveller looking to taste Gujarati customs and aesthetics. Hire a taxi in Surat & go around exploring all these amazing places in the city.

  • Dumas: Dumas Beach, located 20 kilometres outside the town, is one of the best spots to visit in Surat for couples. This beach’s distinctiveness from other beaches in India is defined by its sand. The sand on this beach has an almost eerie black appearance due to its high iron concentration. Although the beach is renowned for its tranquil ambiance, people frequently link many haunted legends with the shore as well. The finest street food to try here is along the beaches because there is a decent selection of regional specialties like Gathiya, Pav Bhaji, Bhajiya, and more.
  • Swami Narayan Temple: Swami Narayan Temple is the finest option if you wish to add a religious excursion to your list of Surat tourist attractions. This Hindu temple is devoted to Vaishnavism’s Swaminarayan branch. The Surat natives view it as extremely auspicious. The temple was initially erected with pink-coloured stone and adorned with magnificent sculptures in Sahajananda Swami’s honour.
  • The Dutch Garden: It is one of Surat’s most well-liked tourist attractions, and is a mesmerising example of the city’s natural splendour. The garden not only provides a peaceful and pleasant wind for busy city dwellers but also has a significant historical value. 
  • The Science Centre: It is tucked away among Surat’s bustling streets, and adds to its value by glorifying the state’s enthusiasm for science. The Science Centre offers everything from a cutting-edge 3D amphitheatre to multiple housing galleries showing space, diamonds, the cosmos, textiles, etc.
  • The Sardar Patel Museum: The museum is housed on the grounds of Moti Shahi Mahal, and is fully devoted to the artefacts and all of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s possessions. The two multimedia halls therein display a variety of exhibitions that shed light on Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s life and work through a wide range of interactive and experimental presentations. It is a must-travel site on everyone’s Mumbai to Surat itinerary.
  • Gopi Talav: If none of the other Surat attractions best suit you, schedule an evening in Gopi Talav with your friends and family. This Gujarati urban recreation area is well-known for its spiritual importance. The lush foliage around this lake will keep you calm and help you release all of your tension. The stunning fountain created in the lake’s middle makes it an even more picturesque location for all the photographers.

Savaari recommends – Popular places to eat in Surat

The heart of the Surat population is its love of street cuisine. The street cuisine in Surat is mouthwatering. The city and its food draw people from a great distance and never fails to impress them. Kashi nu maran ne Surat nu Jaman, which translates to eat in Surat and die in Kashi, is a well-known Gujarati proverb. You can sample Surat’s yummy street food at several roadside stands. This is the ideal location for you if you enjoy good meals! Here are our top recommendations.

  • Level 5
  • The Lime Tree Restaurant
  • Blue Coriander
  • Kansar Gujarati Thali
  • Bollywood Biryani Company-BBC

Hotels and resorts in Surat

Hotel NameAddress
Park Inn Radisson SuratBeside Sumerru Business Corner, RS No 370, Block No 328, TP 14, Pal, Adajan, Surat, Gujarat 395009•0261 678 6666
Orange InternationalRailway Station main road Opp 21st Century Hospital, near Mohan Mithai, Surat, Gujarat 395003•095121 32001
Lords Plaza SuratRing Road, Delhi Gate, Delhi Gate, Surat, Gujarat 395003•0261 241 8300
Hotel Casa RivaNr. Auro University, Bhatpore, Surat, Gujarat 394510•077789 92992
Hotel Kings HeritageVairagi Ni Wadi, Station Rd, near Diamond Market, Surat, Gujarat 395003•073172 33333

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