Pune To Kolhapur Road Trip: Distance, Time, and Useful Travel Information

Located on the banks of the magnificent Panchganga River, Kolhapur is one of Maharashtra’s famous religious and historic cities. The ancient city finds its recognition as a location of Kollam worship in the religious Devi Bhagavata Purana and remains home to numerous revered holy sites, including Mahalakshmi Temple. This famous temple remains dedicated to the city’s guardian god – Ambabai or Mahalakshmi, who killed the devil Kolhasura. Apart from holy temples, the city remains dotted with numerous heritage museums, sightseeing attractions, lakes and more. Keep reading below to learn more about the complete Pune to Kolhapur itinerary and the best routes to reach Kolhapur via Pune. If you’re travelling with a group and require a spacious and comfortable trip, you can easily book an Innova cab in Bangalore with Savaari, which can seat up to 7 passengers and has features like air conditioning and plenty of luggage space.

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  1. Why travel from Pune to Kolhapur?
  2. Travelling from Pune to Kolhapur by car 
  3. Best time to visit Kolhapur from Pune 
  4. Quick facts about Pune To Kolhapur  
  5. Popular Routes from Pune to Kolhapur 
  6. How to Reach Kolhapur By Train? 
  7. How to Reach Kolhapur By Flight?
  8. Popular sightseeing attractions in Kolhapur 
  9. Popular places to eat in Kolhapur
  10. Hotels and Resorts in Kolhapur

Why travel from Pune to Kolhapur?

A former princely state of Marathas, Kolhapur still boasts the remains of the powerful rulers in the form of its majestic palaces and forts sprinkling this city. Famous for its jewellery, cuisine and footwear, Kolhapur is a fascinating city adorned with stunning attractions that never fail to catch the attention of sightseers. Over the years, Kolhapur has appeared as a major holiday destination, given its vibrant treasure of sightseeing attractions. 

And not only domestic tourists but global sightseers also pay frequent visits to the captivating city of Kolhapur. Furthermore, when you embark on a road trip from Pune to Kolhapur, you can always get an unforgettable experience by glimpsing various sightseeing attractions along the way. And with the Savaari cab booking app, you can better enhance your travelling experience by getting a customised trip per your travel time and budget. 


Travelling from Pune to Kolhapur by car 

A road trip from Pune to Kolhapur has always fascinated travellers. The route from Pune to Kolhapur remains filled with countless sightseeing attractions with panoramic vistas that would make your trip more enjoyable. Given this stunning scenic natural beauty all around, a road trip from Pune to Kolhapur via car is a leisure drive for every sightseer. In addition, the Pune to Kolhapur distance is approximately 233.6 km which you can cover comfortably in 6 to 7 hours. 

This road trip from Pune to Kolhapur further gets better with numerous short detours that delightfully fill your senses, making your travel more memorable. Also, if you are travelling on this route with your family, reaching your destination by car is the most suitable option. And with Savaari’s customizable travel options, you can take a halt at numerous sightseeing attractions en route.

Important Highway Information about Pune To Kolhapur

Highway Name Pune to Kolhapur Highway
Alternate Name National Highway 48
Highway Number NH – 48
Distance 233.5 Km
Starting Point Pune
End Point Kolhapur 
Highway Quality Excellent

Best time to visit Kolhapur from Pune 

The climatic conditions prevailing over Kolhapur remain subtropical, where summer is excessively humid and hot, and the winter season is quite agreeable. In addition, Monsoon is also an excellent time to visit Kolhapur as, during Monsoon, the weather remains quite pleasant. Below is a quick overview of the year-long climate in Kolhapur. 

  • Summers in Kolhapur (April-June): Kolhapur experiences excessively humid and hot summer months. The maximum temperature in the area moves up to nearly 35 degrees Celsius, whereas the minimum temperature is approximately 26 Celsius. In addition, the month of May is the most humid of the year, and it is advisable not to visit Kolhapur during these days.
  • Monsoon in Kolhapur (June-September): Rainfall is generally less in Kolhapur, and the city welcomes its maximum rainfall from June to September. During this drizzling season, the temperature plunges between 23 and 30 degrees Celsius. Given this cool and pleasant temperature, the monsoon season also witnesses a lot of sightseers visiting Kolhapur.
  • Winter in Kolhapur (November-February): The winter season in Kolhapur begins in October and prevails till February. In addition, the weather around the city remains at its best during the chilly winter months when the temperature stays between 14 and 30 degrees Celsius. Hence it might not be wrong to say that wintertime is the best time to visit Kolhapur and explore the vibrant city, and it is an excellent time for tourism. 

Quick facts about Pune To Kolhapur  

Road Distance from Pune To Kolhapur  233.5 Km
Aerial Distance from Pune To Kolhapur 206 kms
Travel Time for Pune To Kolhapur 4 hours and 20 minutes
Travel Time for Pune To Kolhapur by Train 7 hours
Best Routes Pune To Kolhapur Via NH48
Best time to visit November and February

Popular Routes from Pune to Kolhapur 

Kolhapur, located south of Maharashtra, a perfect blend of cultural and historical heritage, holds plenty on offer for sightseers looking to explore the well-known Konkan region. Also, given the excellent road connectivity, you can seamlessly travel to Kolhapur from Pune by road. The distance between Pune to Kolhapur is roughly 233.6 km, and you can access the Pune to Kolhapur best route that runs via NH48. 

Route: Pune – Panchgani – Satara – Ichalkaranji – Kolhapur via the NH48 

Popular sightseeing attractions between Pune to Kolhapur via NH48 

  • Relish authentic Kolhapuri cuisine at Manas, Satara

On your way to Kolhapur from Pune, take a quick halt roughly 5 km before Satara at Manas Dhaba and relish some delectable and juicy mutton/chicken or some traditional and delicious pithla-bhakri at unexpectedly low rates! Furthermore, the satisfying meal here will set the tone right for all the delicious and authentic Kolhapuri meals coming your way.

  • Witness lush sugarcane farms near Solapur 

Solapur in Satara is renowned as the largest sugar-producing region of Maharashtra. And if you are lucky enough, there are farms loaded with sugarcane the entire route. Just stop your car and grab up some canes for munching en route. 

  • Trek at the Sajjangarh Fort 

Sajjangad (literally meaning the fort of noble people) is a mere 5km detour from the Pune-Kolhapur expressway. This ancient fort, now a well-known trekking spot, has an influential place in the history of Marathi literature and is believed to be the resting spot of Saint Ramdas Swami.

Kaas Plateau

Other means of travelling from Pune to Kolhapur 

By Train 

Shri Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Railway Station in Kolhapur links the city by superfast trains like Koyna Express, Sahyadri Express and the Mahalaxmi Express to Pune, Mumbai and other major cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Solapur, Thirupathi, Ahmedabad, Dhanbad, New Delhi and Nagpur. 

In addition, frequent passenger trains run between Pune and Kolhapur and DEMU trains run between Kolhapur and Sangli, Miraj and Satara. Many auto rickshaws stand near the railway station, and the Kolhapur ISBT is merely a short walk away. You can also hire private car from the railway station to your desired destination.

Train Name Departure Arrival Duration
17411 –MAHALAXMI EXP 12:15 AM 07:15 AM 07 hours
11029 –KOYNA EXPRESS 12:40 PM 08:05 PM 07 hours and 25 minutes
11040 – MAHARASHTRA EXP 04:20 AM 12:25 PM 08 hours and 05 minutes
12148 –NZM KOP EXP 06:40 AM 01:30 PM 06 hours and 50 minutes

By Flight

Kolhapur Airport, situated in Ujalaiwadi, approximately 9 km southeast of Kolhapur city, operates domestic flights to and from Tirupati, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Belgaum and Bengaluru. After landing at the airport, you can hire a cab from the airport to reach your destination. Direct bus services are also available from the airport to your desired location in the city for a quick commute.

Popular sightseeing attractions in Kolhapur 

Walking around the town, chatting with the locals, catching the beauty of all the mesmerising architectural beauty, Kolhapur holds something for everyone. And from temples to lakes, from forts to sanctuaries, there are plenty of sightseeing spots in Kolhapur. Here are some well-known sightseeing attractions in Kolhapur. 

  • New Palace Museum

Famously known as Maharaja’s Palace, the New Palace Museum is unquestionably an architectural marvel adorning various styles, including Rajasthani, Rajwada, and Gujarati. This magnificent palace, constructed in the 18th century with shining black polished stone, was earlier the home of Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj. 

Also, situated on the ground floor of the Maharaja’s palace, the museum presents a peek into the lavish life of the royals of Kolhapur through its outstanding collection, which includes attire, jewellery, coins, spears, portraits and even stuffed animals like lion, tiger, deer, etc. Along with the gallery and exhibitory articles, the museum and darbar hall, with lobed angles, sculpted columns, and an extended throne, oozes grandeur.

  • Kopeshwar Temple

Constructed on the banks of the magnificent Krishna River, Kopeshwar Temple is a well-known temple with a conical-shaped shrine devoted to Lord Shiva. Furthermore, built by Shilahara King Gandaraditya, this temple is undoubtedly an architectural splendour, given its stunning sculptures and intricate carvings making it a sight to behold. 

  • Binkhambi Ganesh Temple

Listed amongst the best sightseeing locations in Kolhapur, Binkhambi Ganesh temple is an important religious site in the city. As the name implies, the temple remains devoted to Lord Ganesha and has a remarkable architectural structure. None of this temple’s pillars or columns reinforces its roof, making it a mesmerising site. Both locals and tourists flock to this religious site to pay their homage to Lord Ganesh and take his blessings. Furthermore, the temple is located right in the centre of the marketplace and presents excellent eating and shopping options.

  • Vishalgad

Also known as Khilna or Khelna, Vishalgad is a famous heritage spot at an altitude of around 3500 feet above sea level. This fort was originally constructed by Shilahara King Marsinh in the 10th century and was known as Khilgil. Over the years, the fort came under the reign of different kings before being captured from Adil Shah of Bijapur by Shivaji Maharaja in the 16th century. 

After its annexation, the fort was renamed Vishalgad, which implies the luxury fort in Marathi. Apart from its main entry, it is almost unimaginable to reach the fort as it is encompassed by mountainous topography and cliffs of the Sahyadri Range. Therefore, it might not be wrong to say that conquering this fort was a remarkable thing accomplished by Shivaji. Even in ruins, this ancient site of immense historical importance is worth visiting to get a sneak peek of ancient Maratha history.

  • Panhala Fort

Enveloped by the lush Sahyadri Range, Panhala Fort was strategically constructed at an elevation of 3177 feet above sea level. The 7-kilometre secured monument was constructed between the 11th and 12 centuries by Raja Bhoja with changes made by Bahamanis, Marathas, Mughals and others who reigned here, including Tarabai and Shivaji. 

Also, according to ancient folklore, during the invasion of the fort by Bijapur General Siddi Johar, Shivaji fled while Shiva Kashid battled disguised as Shivaji. Furthermore, this Indo-Islamic style fort fascinates you at first peek with its three giant gateways – Teen Darwaza – that reflect elaborate craftsmanship and magnificence.

Popular places to eat in Kolhapur

Kolhapur never fails to welcome tourists with its delectable cuisines and snacks. In addition, Kolhapur’s royal significance is aptly reflected in the city being a Maratha princely state of British-ruled India to its connection with Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and its lip-smacking cuisine, especially its red meat preparations. 

While Kolhapuri cuisine is generally considered to be excessively spicy, it is not as spicy as say. However, the cuisine here does have tangy and intense flavours due to the special Kolhapuri masala (spice mix), and home-grown lavangi Mirchi used. Here are some well-known eating joints in Kolhapur serving some mouthwatering delicacies. 

  • Hotel Opal: Famous for mutton pandhra rassa (white gravy) and mutton tambda rassa (red gravy). 
  • Shyam Vada Pav: Famous for delicious Vada Pav with piping hot chai
  • Dehati: Famous for mutton loncha and egg curry 
  • Phadtare Misal: Famous for Kolhapuri Misal Pav, Sol Kadhi and crunchy Farsan

Hotels and Resorts in Kolhapur

Hotel Name Address
Nisarg Resort R S NO 112, A/P Sadale, Tal Karvir| Phone No.  095523 30066
Sayaji Hotel Kolhapur 2104/15, E Ward, Kawala Naka, Old Pune – Bangalore Highway | Phone No. 0231 255 5999
Hotel Classic MidTown 1837 KH/IA Ward Behind Rankala Stand, Kolhapur | Phone No. 095527 03333
Serenity Resort Panhala Budhwar Peth Panhala near panhala toll Naka, Budhwar peth| Phone No. 091581 02334
Veksar The Fern C.S. No 462 B/23, E- Ward, Opp Shahu Market Yard Kolhapur | Phone No. 0231 268 7779

Be it capturing the magnificence of the ancient palaces, wandering around the forts, or just soaking in the allure of nature, there is no shortage of sightseeing attractions in Kolhapur. So why wait? Plan a road trip from Pune to Kolhapur now! 

Nearby road trips from Kolhapur 

Destination  Distance  Duration
Kolhapur to Mahabaleshwar 179 Kms 3 hrs 36 mins
Kolhapur to Satara 121.5 Kms 2 hrs 8 mins
Kolhapur to Panchgani 169.2 Kms 3 hrs 10 mins 

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