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Drivers are the heart and soul of a great road trip and we often don’t realise how instrumental they are in making our vacations successful. A driver isn’t just a driver; he is also a chauffeur, a guide, a planner, a mechanic, a problem solver and a friend. His self-effacement, attention to detail, hard-work, tenacity and endurance make him larger than life. We truly believe in giving our drivers their due and we feel that it is important to celebrate these unsung heroes so that you can hear their story too.

My name is Ganesh and I am a resident of Bangalore. I live with my wife, daughter and parents. I have been driving for Savaari since 2014. My story is a rather unusual one- I hold an M.Com degree and was working at an MNC. The work hours were irregular and I would often be asked to log in on weekends. One fine day, I decided enough was enough and quit my job. I happened to see a Savaari ad in the newspaper the very next day and the terms of the offer seemed too good to be true. On a whim, I decided to give it a shot and ever since then, there has been no turning back.

As a kid I always dreamt of being a driver. I remember whenever my family would visit my hometown, I would fight to sit next to the bus driver. The motion of changing gears, the music of the honk, the shiny dials on the dashboard and the hum of the engine stirred something deep within me. I am 36 years old now, but I still feel like a kid when I get behind the wheel.

Of all the places that I have been to in my 4+ years with Savaari, my favourite is Ooty. I have travelled everywhere in South India covering almost all of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. I have seen so many beautiful places and I am lucky to have met many wonderful people from different parts of India and the world. Being a seasoned driver, I am able to take my customers to places that are obscure and off the beaten path. I am able to show them local cuisine and culture and act as their expert guide. This is definitely the biggest part of the experience of riding with me. I truly believe that once the customer has made the booking, the car becomes their second home and I endeavour to give them the best possible service. I become really close to my customers and most of them are friends with me on Facebook and have stayed in touch with me.

Savaari guarantees drivers like me, who are otherwise at the mercy of tour operators and vendors, regular work throughout the year. I no longer need to worry about not getting duties or paying bills or my daughters school fees. I even have enough time to play different sports, especially cricket, which I am extremely fond of. But most importantly, I get time to spend quality time with my family- for which, I am truly grateful.

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