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Dear traveller,

When we think of leisurely vacations with family and friends, we think about taking a road trip to hill stations, beaches, glorious monuments, small hamlets hidden away from the public and even our home towns. Travelling is a lot more fun when you can listen to your favourite tracks on loop, carry your own snacks and stop anywhere you feel like on the highway. There’s something warm and romantic about hitting the road with your best friends or cousins, parents or colleagues all squeezed into one car.

What we love about travelling by cab is that you’re free to stop to breathe in clean air, learn about cultures, taste local food and soak in the views. You can quickly stop to admire a small stream or find out how to make jaggery from dates, or even pick up some homemade pickle at a local grocery store. We love that these wholesome experiences on our journey make travelling better and enrich our lives. We live for the surprises we find on road trips.

To us, a road trip is one of the most exhilarating ways to travel the length and breadth of India. There’s always something to look at, always something to explore and always something to experience. Because we love travelling by road so much, we’ve been striving to make sure you get to experience it too. We, at Savaari, started off with intercity cab services in 27 cities – but that wasn’t enough for us. We wanted more of you to go on a road trip, and more of you to experience the same joys of travel that we do.

We are now in 65 cities in India – 65 cities where we help more and more of our fellow travellers to take the weekend off and explore what’s around them. No city is too big or too small. We know travellers and wanderers like us are everywhere. You live near Khajuraho, you live near Alleppey, you live near Alibag and near Tranquebar. We want you to visit them all. Pack your bags every weekend and explore everything there is to see around you.

We’re partners in your journey, you and us. Trust us to make your next road trip memorable. To celebrate our journey and to share our love for travel with you, we’re giving you the chance to win a vacation! Over the next few days, we’ll tell you how you can win a quick getaway. And this time, your vacation is on us! Stay tuned and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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