Top Things to Do in Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari is a pilgrimage and tourist destination on the southernmost tip of mainland India. Sitting on the edge of the southern coast of Tamil Nadu, it is often called The Land’s End. The town was earlier known as Cape Comorin, during colonial rule.

Travel Guide Kanyakumari
Thiruvalluvar Statue

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Things/ Activities to do in Kanyakumari

  • Take a dip at the Triveni Sangam – the confluence of the Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean, and the Bay of Bengal.
  • Time yourself for a parallel sunset and moonrise view. For the most stunning views of the sunset, visit on a full moon night. The best time to view sunsets is between mid-October and mid-March, but the peak times are from December to February. You can also book a sea-facing hotel/resort to enjoy the sight.
  • Visit the Masoor Aqueduct and walk along the trough. The 1KM long bridge is the largest and highest trough bridge in the entire subcontinent.
  • Shop at the local markets on Sannathi Street for painted shells or shell-made handicrafts, and other local goods and souvenirs.

Places to visit in Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari sightseeing isn’t complete without taking a tour of the popular places of historical, religious, and natural wonders. Check out some of these best tourist places here for your trip –

1. Kumari Amman temple

  • How to Reach – The legendary temple is located only 1KM from the city railway station. You can take the local bus or auto, or book a taxi to reach. You can even walk to the temple.
  • Timings– 4.30AM-12.30PM, 4PM-8.30PM
  • Entry Fee- Free
  • Time Required– Less than 1 hour
  • Tips: Visit during the Vaisakhi festival in May or Float festival or Sandal festival to experience celebrations at the temple.

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2. Vivekananda rock

  • How to Reach – The memorial sits on a rocky shore, at a walking distance from the city railway station. You can easily walk or take the bus or auto to reach.
  • Timings– 7AM-5PM
  • Entry Fee– INR 10, Still Camera: INR 10, Video Camera: INR 50
  • Time Required– 1-2 Hours
  • Tips: You can visit during the three-day Cape Festival in October to experience the cultural extravaganza.

3. Thiruvalluvar statue

Kanyakumari Thiruvalluvar statue
  • How to Reach – The memorial sits on a rocky shore, at a walking distance (900M) from the city railway station. You can easily walk or take the bus or auto to reach.
  • Timings– 9AM-4PM
  • Entry Fee– Free. A ferry ride from shore to statue site: INR 20
  • Time Required– 2-3 Hours
  • Tips: You can walk up to the sunset viewpoint for evening views.

4. Vattakottai Fort

  • How to Reach – The fort area is located at 6KM from the city railway station. You can take the local bus or auto or book a cab to reach.
  • Timings– 8AM-5PM
  • Entry Fee– Free
  • Time Required– 1-2 Hours
  • Tips: You visit early morning to see the sunrise and then visit the fort.

Places to visit nearby

Apart from the famous places in here, you can also visit other scenic locales nearby. Explore these tourist places near Kanyakumari for a wholesome trip.

1. Thirparappu Falls

  • How to Reach – The waterfalls are located at 55.4KM from Kanyakumari city. You can book a cab or rent a car to reach.
  • Timings– 7 AM-6 PM
  • Entry Fee– INR 2, for the camera: INR 5
  • Time Required– 2-3 Hours
  • Tips: Take a boat ride at the catchment area or visit the nearby Mahadevar Temple.

2. Padmanabhapuram Palace

  • How to Reach – The ancient palace sits at 35KM from Kanyakumari. You can take a Nagercoil-bound bus and then hire an auto or book a cab from Kanyakumari to reach.
  • Timings– 9AM-5PM
  • Entry Fee– INR 10(adults), INR 2(children), INR 25 (camera)
  • Time Required– 1-2 Hours
  • Tips: You can also visit the neighbouring city of Nagercoil on this trip.

3. Chitharal Jain Monuments

Chitharal Jain Monuments
  • How to Reach – The rock-cut temple and monuments sit at 48.4KM from Kanyakumari. You can book a cab or rent a car to travel and return.
  • Timings– 5AM-9PM
  • Entry Fee– Free
  • Time Required – 2-3 hours
  • Tips: You can trek from the base of the hills to the top of the rock temple for the best views.


Beaches in Kanyakumari
  • Kanyakumari beach – The namesake beach of the town and the most popular one, this beach overlooks the meeting point of the seas and oceans. The colours of the three water bodies are clearly defined in turquoise blue, deep blue, and sea green, which changes with the season or the day’s weather.
  • Sanguthurai Beach – This is the calmest and cleanest beach of Kanyakumari. The water on these shores remains lukewarm all year round and perfect for swimming.
  • Sunset Point – Located near the Vivekananda Memorial, this beach is a famous viewing point where you can view sunrise and sunset at the same spot.
  • Sothavilai Beach – A lesser-known and visited beach in Kanyakumari, this is the most scenic part of the coastline, with white sands and coconut palms. This beach is perfect for relaxing, swimming, or staying at one of the beach-side cottages.

Places to eat in Kanyakumari

Traditional dishes like Kothu, Appam, Pazha Sarbath, and Maravazhi Kilangu are some of the most famous foods of Kanyakumari. Sample the Kanyakumari special food at these top-rated restaurants –

  • Meat And Eat Kanyakumari
  • Arabian Nitz Restaurant
  • Sea View Restaurant
  • Regis Pizza KK
  • Scoops and Spices
  • Wine & Dine Restaurant
  • Beatroute Food Truck

About Kanyakumari

It is located 744KM from the state capital of Chennai, 90KM from Trivandrum, and 70KM from Nagercoil. The small locale spans for only 26 seq. km. with a population of around 30,000. Kanyakumari has stretches along a coastline of 71.5KM on three sides, jutting out on the Laccadive Sea.

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Kanyakumari Travel Guide

Kanyakumari has been a city since the Sangam Era of Dravidian history, around the 6th century BC. There are mentions of the Land’s End in the records of Marco Polo and Ptolemy. The city was named after the goddess Kanya Devi/Kanyakumari or the Virgin Goddess in local mythology. According to legends, Kanya Devi was supposed to get married to Shiva but was left stranded on the shores of this land, when Shiva failed to show up on the wedding day. She waited there for eternity, turning everything into stone. It is also said that the pebbles on the shores are the rice and uncooked grains that were supposed to be served at the wedding. The place eventually turned into a sacred site where pilgrims flock to worship the goddess and seek her blessings for a happy married life.

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What is Kanyakumari Famous for?

Kanyakumari tourism evolved out of its mythological and religious significance, as well as its geographical charm. Overlooking the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea, and the Bay of Bengal, the location offers incredible views of sunrise, sunset, and moonrise on the ocean, among other natural wonders like waterfalls and scenic beaches. It is this seascape and the touching stories of the land.

How to Plan a Trip to Kanyakumari

How to reach Kanyakumari

By Train

Kanyakumari railway station is well-connected to all major cities and towns in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and other states in India. The city is also the end terminal to the largest train route in the country – from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. The second nearest railway station is in Trivandrum.

By Road

Kanyakumari is well-networked with all major cities and towns in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, and other neighbouring states via NH 44, the longest national highway in the country. There are also frequent state-run and private buses from Chennai, Trivandrum, Nagercoil, Madurai, or Rameshwaram to Kanyakumari. The best way to travel to Kanyakumari by road is to book a cab or a private car from any of these cities and reach there.

By Flight

Kanyakumari is served by Trivandrum International Airport, about 100KM away. There are regular flights from all metro cities and major towns in India to Trivandrum. From here, you can book a rental car or an airport taxi to reach Kanyakumari. Other airports near Kanyakumari are in Chennai and Madurai.

Best time to visit Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari weather is classic of a coastal region. Summers are hot and humid and winters are cool and sometimes chilly. The monsoon period receives very heavy rainfalls and thunderstorms. The best time to visit would be in the colder months of autumn when the temperature is comfortable to travel. Also, starting November, the town hosts many local festivals and makes for a good time to experience the place.

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Kanyakumari Hotels and Resorts

Most hotels and resorts are located around the shoreline. You can find everything from budget hotels to beach resorts. Check out some of these beach resorts and other best places to stay here –

  • Hotel Ocean Heritage
  • The Gopinivas Grand
  • The Seashore Hotel
  • Sparsa
  • Hotel Viswa Grand  
  • Ferdin Cottage
  • Annai Resorts & Spa

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