Things to do in Palakkad – A Complete Travel Guide

Undertake a journey to Palakkad, a serene tapestry of paddy fields and palm trees in the heart of Kerala. This guide unveils the myriad things to do in Palakkad, a land where history and nature converge. Explore the ancient Palakkad Fort, wander through the timeless charm of traditional villages, and embrace the tranquil beauty of the Western Ghats. Palakkad, with its rich cultural heritage and scenic landscapes, offers a glimpse into Kerala’s untouched and enduring beauty. A reliable chauffeur-driven car rental service in Palakkad is the best way to explore this town.

Things to do in Pallakad

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Things to do in Palakkad

Whether you are a love a nature-lover, seeking to just unwind in a tranquil place, or go wild with outdoor adventures, Palakkad has everything in store for you.

Offbeat things to do in Palakkad

  • Enjoy an isolated stay on the Veettikunnu island in the Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, and experience the ultimate tryst with nature. 
  • Explore the lesser-known village of Kava, sitting on the catchment area of the Malampuzha Dam, for a rustic experience.
  • Visit the Siruvani Dam, hidden amidst the wilderness on the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, and has been shy of tourism until very recently.

Things to do with family

  • Visit the Pothundy Dam at the foothills of Neliampathy Hills, and enjoy a boat ride.
  • Enjoy a Jeep safari and explore the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary. 
  • Drive through the grasslands and rainforests of the Silent Valley National Park.

Things to do in Palakkad with friends

  • Go for a day trek and picnic at the Meenvallam Waterfalls, boasting frothy waters on rugged terrain. This protected zone is nestled amongst towering hills, deep inside the forest 8KM outside the town. 
  • Plan a trek to the Neliampathy Hills or Dhoni Hills. 
  • Explore the expansive tribal settlements on Attappadi. 

Places to visit in Palakkad

Check out these popular tourist places for a wholesome trip –

  • Palakkad Fort – The most popular tourist spot and significant historical site of Palakkad, this ancient fort features a moat, landscaped gardens, stone arches, gates, and ramparts.  
    • Entry Fee- Free, INR 20 for camera, INR 50 for videography
  • Malamphuza Dam and Garden – The largest reservoir and dam in Kerala, this is the best place for a picnic or a day out with family and friends. Also, visit the landscaped gardens adjacent to the dam.
    • Entry Fee- Free
  • Viswanatha Swamy Temple – Designed in traditional Canara-style architecture, this ancient temple is an important pilgrimage site as well as a tourist hotspot. Visit during evenings for aarti.
    • Entry Fee- Free
  • Kollengode Palace – Designed in authentic Kerala and European architectural styles, this historical site serves as a temple and museum complex that showcases murals, shrines, artefacts, sculptures, and more. 
    • Entry Fee- Free
  • Meenvallam Waterfalls – This magnificent 5-step waterfall falls from 100-125 feet and is one of the top 10 sites to visit here. Visit after the monsoon or during winter for the best views.
    • Entry Fee- Free
  • Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary – Considered to be one of the best wildlife sanctuaries in South India, Parambikulam boasts numerous rare varieties of orchids, medicinal plants, endangered animals, reptiles, and other fauna. 
    • Entry Fee- INR 150 (heavy vehicles), INR 50 (light vehicles)

Places to visit near Palakkad

Silent Valley National Park - Palakkad
Silent Valley National Park

Apart from the popular tourist spots, you can also visit other places nearby. Check out these equally scenic locales near Palakkad –

  • Silent Valley National Park – The last remaining rainforests of Kerala, this protected area comprises rolling grasslands of the Palakkad plains, wooded ravines, shola forests, and thick mountain bluffs. There are stay and safari options available on-site.
    • Entry Fee- INR 50, Still Camera: INR 25, Video Camera: INR 200
  • Ottapalam – This scenic town lying on the banks of the Bharatpuzha River, is dotted with sparkling lakes, palm-lined roads, and a pollution-free environment, and is perfect for a tranquil getaway.
    • Entry Fee- NA
  • Seethargundu View Point – This is a famous viewpoint on a cliff, a short drive from town, offering stunning views of the grasslands, paddy fields, and villages below. Visit during sunrise/sunset for the best views. 
    • Entry Fee- Free
  • Attappadi Reserve Forest – A protected zone on the edges of the Silent Valley, this densely forested area houses a gigantic mountain peak in the center, and is good for safaris, jungle treks, camping, etc. It is one of the best tourist places in Palakkad for one day trip. 
    • Entry Fee- (as per Silent Valley entrance charges)

Places to eat in Palakkad

Places to eat in Palakkad - Puttu Kadalai Curry

Check out these popular eateries to sample the local flavors –

  • Noorjehan
  • Open Grill Restaurant 
  • Sultan of Flavors 
  • Hasi’s Kitchen 
  • Burger Tree 
  • Nalanda
  • London Bakes N’ Grills 
  • Meen Chatti

How to Plan a trip to Palakkad

You can also plan your personalized trip by selecting the mode of transport, the route, and more. Let us help you with the travel options to Palakkad for a better idea –

How to reach

By Train

Palakkad is served by Palakkad Railway Junction, located at 5KM from the main city center. There are frequent trains to Palakkad from other parts of Kerala and other major cities and towns across India.

By Road

Palakkad is well-connected to the rest of the state and major cities across South India via NH 544, NH 966, and NH 66. There are regular state-run buses from Kochi, Thrissur, Calicut, Coimbatore, and more. However, the best way to travel is to book a Kochi to Palakkad cab with Savaari or an outstation cab and do a road trip through the countryside of Kerala.

By Flight

There is no flight service in Palakkad. The nearest airport is Coimbatore International Airport, about 68KM away. Other nearby airports are Calicut, about 104KM away, and Kochi, about 110KM away. You can book an airport taxi from Coimbatore and reach Palakkad by road.

Best time to visit

Being hot and humid, the best time to visit Palakkad is in the colder months, i.e., between November and February, when the temperatures are most comfortable to travel around. You can also visit during the rainy season when the monsoon winds make the region cooler.

About Palakkad

Palakkad, also known as Palghat, is a quaint town in central Kerala, and the administrative headquarters of the this district. The entire district, including the city, boasts a picturesque landscape, with clear backwaters, palm groves, and paddy fields, creating a tranquil environment. Owing to its extensive rice cultivation, the district serves as the chief granary of the state and is often called the Rice Bowl of Kerala.

With our Palakkad travel guide, you can discover interesting Palakkad places to visit and make the most of this exotic holiday destination –


Palakkad is located in the South Malabar region, on the junction of Salem-Kochi Highway and Kozhikode-Malappuram-Palakkad Highway. The town lies 50KM from Coimbatore, 66KM from Thrissur, 127KM from Calicut, and 146KM from Kochi.


The weather is typical of tropical plains and is mostly wet and hot. Summers are very hot and humid, with high temperatures. March and April are the hottest months, while July is the wettest month. The district receives heavy rainfall from the southwest monsoon winds. Winters, on the other hand, is very pleasant and cool with mild temperatures.


During the Sangam period, the region around Coimbatore was ruled by the Cheras. The city, though a part of the dominion was ruled by the Palakkad Rajas. The name Palakkad is a fusion of two Malayalam words – Pala and Katu, which translates to blackboard tree and forest, owing to the dense forests of blackboard trees found here. In the 1790s, Tipu Sultan transferred the ownership of the Malabar Coast and South Canara to the British East India Company, which remained a part of the presidencies until India’s independence in 1947. 


The town falls in the Palakkad Gap in the Western Ghats on the eastern border of Kerala. The wide and low mountain pass served as an important route for travelers and traders in ancient days and is hence called the Gateway to Kerala. The city sits on the northern banks of the Bharathappuzha River. The district’s landscape is interspersed with numerous rivers and tributaries of the Bharathappuzha River. Rice and palmyra are major crops grown here, along with other tropical vegetation.  

Interesting Facts

The modern municipality was formed in 1866 under the Madras Act of 1865, and became one of the first municipalities of Kerala and the district is the largest in the state. 

Hotels and Resorts in Palakkad

Here are some of the best-rated places to stay–

  • Au Revoir Wellness Resort 
  • Kandath Tharavad 
  • Mango Country Resort 
  • Hotel Indraprastha
  • KTDC Garden House 
  • Hotel Govardhana Samos 
  • Srichakra International 

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Palakkad, also known as Palghat, is a quaint town in central Kerala, and the administrative headquarters of the Palakkad district. Owing to its extensive rice cultivation, the district serves as the chief granary of the state and is often called the Rice Bowl of Kerala.
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