Why go for Ganga Aarti in Varanasi when you have an Indian mom at home?

Ganga Aarti at the Dashashwamedh Ghat in Banaras is a shining symbol of sanctity and bliss. It is said to evoke spirituality even in the soulless! That being said, 6 million tourists travel to Banaras every year to witness this routine ritual – at least 80% of them being Indians. Wait, what!!! Why though? Simply let your mom know you’re interested, and she’ll orchestrate one for you every evening! Plus, you’ll have a couple of other perks. 

Wondering what? Here you go:

1. Free food:

Free food

When an Indian mom hosts an aarti for you, she wants all your friends to participate as well – because sanskar. And when friends come over, your Indian mom ensures they are 4 pounds heavier by the time they leave. So no more dirty looks from pandits when you ask for a second helping of prasad, and when you’re done with the aarti, finger-licking food on the house! Mom: 1, Banaras: 0

2. You live to see another day:

Stampede at Dasashwamedh Ghat

Unlike the Ganga aarti at Banaras, the one at home will not be attended by a gazillion crazy enthusiasts. At best, you’ll have a dozen uninterested friends and family members. Consequently, you won’t die of suffocation or stampede. Wow, you get to live another day! Mom: 2, Banaras: 0

3. There’s more to the world than cows and their poop:

Cows on the street of Banaras

Not a big fan of cow dung or urine? Well, neither are we. You’ll find more poop on the streets of Banaras, than in all the cities of Karnataka combined. Well, unless your mom believes otherwise, you might spare yourself the fear of stamping on one amidst the aarti at home. Disclaimer: When in Banaras, you may want to set up your ‘gobar’ business on Amazon, the demand is soaring with dung being sold for Rs 1000 per kg. Mom:3, Banaras: 0

Kashi ki shaan, Banarasi Paan, on your kaftan?

Banarasi paan

Unless your dad’s a fan, odds are your attire won’t be paan-stained by the closing of aarti at home. Mom: FTW

We have a clear winner, don’t we? All hail the queen!

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