Why travel when there is Netflix and Chi-ps

The coronavirus uproar has had the entire world locked up in their houses. Several videos from Italy have surfaced on Facebook showing how people are surviving the lockdown. And while most of us are struggling to keep our wanderlust at bay and looking for excuses to step out, we strongly advise you to stay indoors for your own good. Sure, your holiday plans are canceled and you do not know when you could take that trip. Sure, things are quite scary with the lockdowns becoming the new “normal”, and while there is a lot of disappointment and boredom in air, why not Netflix and chill! I mean not the chill you want, but chill that aching heart of yours. And here’s how- 

  1. Push back your dreams of exploring the French Cafes in Pondicherry for a little while and watch Julie & Julia instead on Netflix. That’s the closest you should come to anything French (quite literally!)

2. It’s okay if your Manali trip got canceled. You still have Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani to remind you what a jerk Bunny was and how stupid Naina was, to make you feel better about this lockdown. 


3. Why go to Goa when you can watch Dexter on Amazon prime and admire Miami! Oh, and there’s lots of murder too. P.S – do not try this in your vicinity.


4. Avoid eating at restaurants and watch Masterchef Australia instead. The show has the magical power of inspiring even the laziest bums to make a sandwich with a smiley ketchup face. Of course, take it to Instagram. Otherwise, how would people know “YOU MADE A SANDWICH!”


5. Lastly, if none of this helps you kill time, why not play Jenga with your better half and remember all the dark stuff you said each other years ago and start an argument just for fun. It really helps to kill time! Tried and tested. Disclaimer: Do not try this at home. You may have to do the dishes if the maid refuses to show up. 

Mic Drop

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