10 Indian Food Items That You Must Try Once In A Lifetime

Imagine yourself walking through the unknown streets of a new city. You are in awe of the beauty of the place until your deep admiration is interrupted by a sizzling sound coming from nearby. The enchanting aroma draws you to itself and you discover a hidden food stall. You find the owner of the stall deep frying a certain something you are completely unaware of. You weigh in your odds of it being healthy and count the calories. But your taste buds have given the verdict. The next thing you know, you are relishing that piece of snack.

Ever been in the same situation? If you call yourself a foodie, travel is just another excuse to get to know about the hidden delicacies of the country. And you leave no stone unturned to fulfil your senses. 

This is a call for foodies from across the country! If you like to experience the essence of the cultural diversity of India through your taste buds, then we have the checklist you have been looking for. Here are the ten Indian food items that you have to try once in your lifetime!

1. Handvo 

Gujaratis are known for their delicious snacks and for all the right reasons! Handvo is one such dish. Made by fermenting pulses, sautéed in oil and crisp vegetables, Handvo is no less than a surprise to your taste buds. Do not forget to try it with a tangy chutney to make it taste even better! 

2. Khar

A famous dish from the land of Assam, Khar is famous for the uniqueness it brings to the table. The main ingredient of this dish is Banana skin. Yes, you read that right! Banana skin is peeled and dried in sunlight. It is then burnt in ashes and gravy is prepared on the side which is run through the ashes of the banana skin. This enhanced gravy is then prepared with lentils, vegetables or even meat to transform the Khar into a delicious meal!

3. Kulkuls


We have said it before and will say it again – Goa is more than just the parties! Apart from exploring the hidden gems of Goa, you should definitely go on a food trail in the city. One such must-have food item from the happening yet simple land of Goa is Kulkuls. Mostly made during the Christmas celebrations, Kulkuls are cookies with a twist. These mouthwatering snack items are deep-fried instead of being baked and are then rolled into sugar to add that extra flavour. Be prepared for these tiny pieces to melt into your mouth giving your senses a treat!

4. Pukhlein


Pukhlein is a common dessert in Meghalaya. Made from jaggery, rice flour, salt and sugar, Pukhlein are little pancakes served in desi style. It is the fluffy texture and lightness of the dish that wins the hearts! Pair these with your favourite cup of tea to go on a scrumptious journey. 

5. Chaman Kaliya

Expect to be yum-struck by this dish from the city known as “Paradise on Earth”. This vegetarian curry is best enjoyed with Khamiri Rotis. Chaman Kaliya is made with cottage cheese or paneer and is cooked with cream and other spices to bring out the finer taste. This fulfilling meal is for the ones looking to feed not just their stomach but also their soul!  

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6. Golichina Mamsam


Next on the list is a dish from Telangana for all non-vegetarian lovers. Known for its spicy flavour, Golichina Mamsam is a mutton curry blended with local spices to bring out the exquisite taste of the meat and the gravy. Make sure to pair this with rice, parathas or dosas on your next visit to the state. 

7. Patrode

From the western coast of India comes another lip-smacking dish. Prepared from colocasia leaves, also known as Aaluki leaves, this snack has a tangy twist. It is filled with a spicy mix of rice and jaggery. This mix and match of two different flavours make Patrode one of a kind. They are cooked by deep frying the prepared ingredients. 

8. Bhey

A mouth-watering dish from the quaint valleys of Himachal Pradesh, Bhey is prepared using lotus leaves. The stems of these flowers are sliced carefully to be then boiled and stir-fried with onion, garlic, ginger and some local spices giving it a crunchy texture and a savoury flavour. So, the next time you are in the mountains, don’t forget to try this dish!

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 9. Achappam


Our next recommendation is the ideal item for you to snack on all the time you spend in God’s Own Country, Kerala. Made from the heavenly combination of coconut milk, eggs, sugar and rice flour, these sweet munchies will be perfect for your mid-travel cravings.

10. Dhuska

A deep-fried snack relished all over Jharkhand, Dhuska is made with powdered rice, chana dal and boiled potatoes. A spicier version of the famous street food, kachori – Dhuska is best served with tomato chutney. A traditional recipe passed on from generations, some versions of Dhuska are filled with minced green peas and chillies.

How many of these delicacies have you tried? Did you know about all of them? Let us know in the comments!

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