#60DaysOfSummer – Day Trip to Guhantara

Day trip to Guhantara Resort

If you’re looking for a unique resort experience on your staycation, how does spending a day or two underground sound? We’re not kidding. Guhantara is an underground resort outside Bangalore where you can participate in a host of activities, go for a swim and even stay the night!

While you’re at the resort, you can play indoor games, do a rain dance, go zorbing or even cycle at your leisure. There are plenty of things that will help you relax here, including a spa. The day package at the resort includes breakfast, lunch and tea along with access to all the resort’s amenities.

The resort is also very close to Bannerghatta National Park, so you can club going to the park on your way to Guhantara.


Book a cab from Bangalore to Bannerghatta National Park and then drive ahead to Guhantara.


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