#60DaysOfSummer – Day Trip to Ramoji Film City

Everyone who has had to keep young children engaged in activity during summer vacations knows that it’s a mammoth task. Thankfully, there are a number of amusement and theme parks where kids can have a blast.

If you’re in or near Hyderabad this summer, a visit to Ramoji Film City is a must-do if you’re travelling with children. The park has some great summer packages aimed at entertaining visitors of all age groups. From incredible movie sets to live shows and performances to small theme parks for children, Ramoji Film City has a lot to offer for those planning to spend the day with their families.

With themed sections in the film city, several parks, playing areas for kids, quirky sculptures and luxury hotels in the premises, Ramoji Film City definitely qualifies as a fun, convenient getaway from the bustle of the city.


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