#60DaysOfSummer – Jungle Safari of Bandipur

For a lot of travellers, escape into the wilderness is the best vacation possible. If you’re exploring Mysore this summer, we recommend adding Bandipur National Park to your vacation. Go on a jeep safari to see tigers, elephants and other wildlife native to the region.

Since March to May is a dry season, visitors can often spot animals coming out of their habitats to  look for watering holes. You can go to the Bandipur Tiger Reserve or go on a Elephant spotting safari during designated time slots in the mornings and evenings. As a primer for first timers, forest officers in the area have strict rules so as to not disturb the wildlife there. When you’re on your safari, please remember to take the instructions your guide gives you very, very seriously. It’ll go a long way in ensuring your safety, and the safety of the animals in the reserve.

If, at the end of a long safari, you feel like you should stay and soak in the quiet of the forest, you’ll find a few resorts like Jungle Lodges and The Serai Bandipur. These resorts also organise safaris and nature walks.


You can book a cab from Bangalore to Bandipur or take a Mysore to Bandipur taxi.

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