#60DaysOfSummer – Jungle Safari at Jim Corbett

If the great outdoors call out to you often, a visit to Jim Corbett National Park may just be what you need this summer. The sense of adventure at the park is unparalleled.

Everything from fishing, river crossing, nature trek to mountain biking, bridge slithering and river rafting is on offer. One of the best experiences at the national park, though, is the Corbett safari you can go on in the morning and evening. You can choose between the Elephant Safari, Canter Safari and Jeep Safari. Each safari has a designated assembly zone, so make sure you find out which one you’ve signed up for.

Apart from the safaris, the sheer number of outdoor activities at Jim Corbett are enough to keep you occupied through the duration of your holiday.

If you’re looking for some great budget stays near the park, you can head to Corbett Comfortable Resort, The Den Corbett or Corbett – Treetop Riverview.


Book a taxi from Delhi to Nainital district, and get to Jim Corbett National Park by road.

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